Which Wristwatch Is Bargainer's Favourite?

Which wristwatch (brand or specific model) is your favourite?

Hopefully you can tell me 'why' as well - price, features, brand, etc.


    • That's a very very cool watch.

    • Very cool watch. Only if I didn't have too many already, I'd buy that.

  • +2

    Mi band 2. Surprised to see no one mentioning before me, given its popularity here.

  • +4

    My daily ! Seagull 1963 not a watch you see every day. Wait till you see the see-through case back

    • +1


  • Casio AQS810W-1A Tough Solar - AUD $57 here on eBay but have seen as low as USD $35 on special at Amazon.

    It’s been my ultimate knock about practical day to day watch for last 3 years:

    • 100m water resistant so wear in pool and surf
    • Solar powered so you’ll never have to worry about batteries (to me solar is huge, I’ve wasted days/weeks remembering to buy and replace watch batteries by which time I’m out of the habit of wearing watch again)
    • Super light weight. Sometimes forget it's on and wear to bed
    • Cheap enough that I’ve got no fear of damaging or losing it (the best watch is one you’ll actually wear).
    • Analogue and digital display
    • Alarms, stopwatch, worldtime etc
    • Not too ugly IMO, it’s kind of like a g-shock lite.
  • +1

    Casio AE-1200WH - https://www.casio.com/products/watches/classic/ae1200wh-1a

    10 year battery and Illuminator, yo!! Did I mention - World Time as well. Quite the world traveller, I am.

    • The graphical world map indicator actually makes this probably the best world time watch available.

      Love the styling – it just screams 1980’s movie military command and control tech – Dr Evil would definitely use this watch to destroy the world.

  • A citizen Ecodrive for me. Always accurate for when I have to time my runs to the train station, and I never have to change a battery.

  • apple warch

  • +6

    Xiaomi Mi Band 2. A quick way to tell the time and date but mostly for notifications when my phone isn't on me.

    • As long as you're not outdoors in daylight.

      And you can check notifications on that thing?

      • If I need to and at a moment's notice, my other hand can create a shadow allowing me to view the watch.

        With notifications, you just see them as they come in, can't browse through them at all. If my phone is charging out of sight, I'll know if I get a text from someone important or a phone call.

        • If I need to and at a moment's notice, my other hand can create a shadow allowing me to view the watch.

          I've tried that, and it doesn't work for me. Still too bright to read the screen. This is a design flaw.

          With notifications, you just see them as they come in, can't browse through them at all. If my phone is charging out of sight, I'll know if I get a text from someone important or a phone call.

          That doesn't happen for me. But if you can't even read the message, it's no better than hearing the notification chime on your phone.

        • @lostn: Well the Mi Band 2 is all I need from a watch and that's all that matters.

        • @ZachBlasphemy:

          And I'm saying a watch you can't read in daylight is useless. Covering it with your hand is of limited help. I'm using it as a watch myself, I know. I have to pull out the phone to see the time.

        • @lostn: You are right, a watch you can't read in daylight is useless. I don't have this issue so the watch isn't useless. I don't work for Xiaomi so whether or not other people like the watch is no matter of mine. I am not trying to convince you to like this watch, I assure you.

      • I've never had that problem with it. Huh.

  • +2

    Another +1 for Citizen eco drive - they're the only watches I use on a regular basis. I have 3 - 2 metal ones (white background + black background), plus a more casual one with canvas strap.

    All are eco drives, the metal ones are titanium and have sapphire glass faces.

  • +1

    I use tissot le locle automatic, seems to be a good value, swiss made, sapphire glass for around $600

  • +1

    Xiamoi Amazfit is great.

    • +2

      Mi band 2

  • You should start a bit of a poll, at least to add the categories (ie smart watch, fitness band, other digital watch etc etc)

    Personally, i have a Longiness Legend Diver for nice occasions, used to wear an Emporio Armani AR4629 as my daily watch, but i switched to an apple watch recently, because i like to close the rings… It's like a fitness game to me, and it promotes activity!

  • +3

    Apple Watch, it works with my iPhone and generic bands are cheap.

  • +2

    Jaeger LeCoultre

    • lol JLC is definitely not beginner level

  • +3

    Omega speedmaster professional model 3572.50. Grandson to the first watch worn on the moon. Manual mechanical. It’s got the plastic front crystal and a mineral crystal display back. With a black leather strap it’s invisible to non watch people.

    • How do you find the plastic front crystal - does it scratch all the time in day to day use? Seems opinion is divided on hesalite vs sapphire.

      • It gets dull with usage, but goes back to 100% with a quick polish with “polywatch”.

        I do this once a month or so, or whenever it looks dull. Takes about 5 minutes while I’m watching YouTube.

        Worst case, the hesalite is very cheap if it needed to be replaced. Omega replaced mine inclusive of the standard service (which is not cheap!)

        I think the bezel is nicer on the hesalite version and the fact the hesalite was space flown is another bonus. :)

  • Whatever cheap thow away watch that floats your boat at the time or a smart watch if you have a specific fitness tracking use in mind.

  • Requested one of these as an engagement present from my now ex-wife. Has outlived the marriage and still going strong. Also the only upscale watch that didn’t look oversized on my painfully skinny (Mr Burns skinny) wrist:

  • +1

    any jaeger lecoultre, habring, zenith or universal geneve watch. coz for the craftsmanship they cheap.

  • Samsung gear s

    Big display for notifications and can even take a sim card

  • This one is my one and only watch.
    The gold has lost it's shine and is much more subdued now. And it puts up with a lot of crap in the workshop. (Weld splatter doesn't mark the Sapphire face.)
    Basically I look for: Analogue face, stainless steel band, two tone Gold and silver, Kinetic or solar, water resistant to 100M or more and below $300.

  • Omega Aqua Terra - excellent accuracy & power reserve and I love the sporty look. Would not recommend unless you have an interest in mechanicals
    More affordable: Citizen Nighthawk - ecodrive is so dependable and the lume is excellent for the night. ($300ish?)

    • Yep love the latest AT models =)

      • Me too! I have an older model but the new ones are very nice.

    • I know it's personal choice, but spending $2500 on a watch makes me want to puke.

      • They cost significantly more than that new but I can see where you're coming from. I'm frugal in most aspects of life so don't mind spending a lot on something that'll stick with me for decades.

        • i spend big on watches and cheap out on phones ….. can’t say i have a phone that i would use after 10 years but i do have watches that i would use after 10 years.

          i find some of the new smart watches interesting as it you have the right case you can change the face as it’s just software option selection to suit taste on the day, put off is charging every night.

        • +1

          The current ATs retail around 7.25k now
          Love the look

          I'm guessing blergmonkeys would need to puke thrice 😂

      • I agree. IMHO proper watches start from 10 Grand.

  • First up, I wear my watch 24/7 and can't think of the last time I took it off. I used to work at a brick plant (lots of dirt, dust, mud, oil and grease) and now a farmer.

    Used to swear by my GShock DW9052 (~$45), but had issues around every 2 years with dirt ingress wrecking the buttons.

    After two DW9052 died, I downgraded to Casio A158W (~$10?), much cheaper and haven't killed my first one yet. At the same time I also bought a F91W (also $10ish), thinking the metal clasp of A158W might be problematic, punchy, or catch on things but haven't had any problems. Is currently 3 years old and working flawlessly.

    Go the Casio A158W!

    • A158W rocks. You got an excellent price $10!

  • Casio

  • +1

    Citizen with solar charging as minimum standard for me. Battery last 10 years and worth it in my opinion.

  • +2

    GS SBGA011 'Snowflake', ~$6500, finish is superb and can't get enough of that snowflake dial. Use it as my daily these days

    • Wish I could afford this - dream watch

      • +1

        Well it's affordable with no kids. That and the Rolex datejust 10 point

    • Fantastic piece, the finishing on GS is something else for the price

  • +6


    • Yes had this one before I got the GS. The cost/value proposition is hard to argue with

  • +4

    How has no one mentioned the SKX007/SKX009?

  • +1

    I am surprised no one posted this: https://www.rosegal.com/men-s-accessories/naviforce-9044-wat...

    It's been OzBargain's fav.

    • +4

      Because everyone is yet to receive theirs. 😁

      • +1

        Received mine, its ugly.

        • +1

          I haven't received mine yet but you are the only one to say this in the whole forum. All others say it's a good looking watch.

        • @virhlpool: Took it out to have another look, nah, its ugly.

        • @laser: i don’t own one but with failing eye sight in my vintage it would be a nuisance to tell the time without wearing my glasses …

        • @garage sale: yes the dial is too busy

  • +2

    I wear Folex.

    Only one hand works

  • Features and brand and cost don't matter at all. You just need someone that is dope A.F.


  • Seiko Pepsi skx009 is my go to choice.

  • My daily. Looks good and gives me a subtle hint of confidence.


  • My daily use to be a Tissot PRC200 automatic chronograph.

    But for the past 3 years I've been using a smartwatch, the Huawei Watch 1.

    Nothing is compelling me to upgrade, HW1 still has the best design for a smartwatch.

  • +1

    Timex Weekender because the straps are easily interchangeable and you can wear it with virtually anything, dress it up or down, looks good in any situation.


  • https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-ab&biw=1920&b...
    I bought this probably 4 years ago under $200 and still seem to do the work every(time). Thats the only watch I own and I love it/so say my favourite too.
    When I bought it, I got the leather strap instead, not sure why.

  • I like Irish Wristwatches, and to say this many times in a row really quickly

  • I like my grape Rolex oyster perpetual

  • Apple Watch Cellular and change the watch face almost every day.

  • Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanium with Sapphire glass. Any model.

    • do you find the titanium scratches?

      • +1

        No, while it is known for scratching, I haven't found it to be any worse than my Stainless Steel watch cases/bracelets. I also prefer the satin lustre of the titanium to brushed stainless.

  • Orient seem to have a good reputation here with a few deals over the years, featuring great value for money automatic watches. I believe they are part of the Seiko group as well.

    Personally have an Orient Mako, Symphony and Bambino; all great value for money featuring some classy features without breaking the bank.

  • I like wearing my Zeno watch often:


  • Lg watch Urbane 2nd edition from Ebay for $275
    Has 4g, GPS, NFC, Speaker for calls. No longer carry phone when going with kid.

  • Pebble Time Steel. ~10 day battery life, always on screen. Will miss it when it finally dies. RIP Pebble.

  • Bulova Accuswiss, have two automatic chronographs, and one automatic military watch. All from Ozb posts.

  • I'm a big fan of Maurice La Croix or Bulova or Frederique constant

    • FC is a good brand, but I'd steer clear of MLC. Have you looked at Nomos?

  • Only true bargainers can appreciate free to operate, non restrictive and 100% waterproof https://nationalmortgageprofessional.com/sites/default/files...

  • Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is the one - https://www.omegawatches.com/watches/speedmaster/moonwatch/m...

  • I still use my wrist watches. I prefer to wear one, though phone also shows time.
    I mostly wear my Seiko, and while casual wear my Casio. Also use Casio when I go on my runs, swimming, or while mowing lawn.

  • +1

    Samsung Gear S3, combining style with the latest technology

  • +2

    Depends on what reason you want the watch and the situations you want to wear it.

    Super Casual - Timex Weekender ($50-60) or the chronograph.
    Dressy - Orient Bambino ($150-200)
    Seiko 5 series for everything inbetween ($100~)

  • I'm a bit brand agnostic, as there are a lot of interesting brands out there.

    Default favourite: Zenith Captain Winsor - most famous watch movement in the world, annual calendar by Oechslin (former MIH curator), dual tone dial… pretty much a piece I can use for almost anything.

    Most recent favourite: Seiko Cocktail Time (SSA361) - limited edition, interesting dial ( I've always wanted to buy a GS Snowflake but never wanted to spend the money), power reserve, relatively affordable?

    Grail favourite: A particular JLC in blue… might be brand agnostic but definitely have a fondness for blue dials.

    Favourite outdoor: G-Shock Rangeman GW9400-1

    Least favourite: Tag 1887 v2 (limited, but not really? First in-house, but not really?)

  • +1


    • Be curious to know how you go. Are you eligible for the discount?

  • I love my daily wear

    Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 16


    Wear it to work, knock it on racking etc and the face hasn't even the tiniest mark.
    Band is well overdue for a cut and polished though, but will never give this one up (until I hand it to my son when he's old enough to appreciate it).

  • Rotate between a 1st gen Orange Monster, a Seiko 7002-700a, pebble steel and a frederique constant FC303MC4P6, but my fave has got to be this


    Idk but those colours and that plane is just the bees knees

  • +1

    My daily is a Seiko SARB033
    Japanese made, Sappphire glass and overall solid build quality, reliable 6R15 automatic/hand-winding capable movement, Seiko's world famous lume, looks beautiful and is overall a great all-rounder.


    I feel like whether or not you need a watch really depends on what your occupation is.
    Sure, most people can just look at their phones, but for people who work a lot with their hands and can't keep taking the phone out of the pocket to check the time, it's very convenient.
    It also makes you look more professional if you need to check the time when it isn't appropriate to check your phone, ie. meetings and what not.
    So I can't say that watches are absolutely futile even as of now.
    + there's the bonus points for completing your fashion

  • I usually don't like watches because they are too much, heavy, or ugly. I bought the Nokia Steel and I am happy with that. It looks like a normal watch, and monitors my sleep and activities. That's also light. I bought this additional wristband but I usually keep the original (silicon, black).


  • TAG Carerra Calibre 1887, with a black face and rose gold offset - https://www.tagheuer.com/en-au/watches/tag-heuer-carrera-cal...

    I mostly use it daily as I work a desk job

    • This is such a handsome watch. Did they do a version without the two tone?

      I’m also a big fan of the original Monaco.

  • Wear these on a weekly round robin basis. https://imgur.com/O9IGFoE

    Started with Casio G-Shock G9100 Gulfman , wore it for 5 years straight. Still do during outdoors. Have had it worn always when i worked, slept, shat or showered.

    Past two years have progressed to the rest in order.
    Diesel DZ1295
    Fossil Flynn Mechanical BQ2220P
    TIMEX Chronograph TW000Y400

    And yet to get a OzBargained one. But have created a wish list here thanks WatchNerd


  • Seiko Samurai at $329 is cheap at the moment. Automatic movement is what i will go after, nothing beat an old style mechanical movement device.



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