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Coles Deli Fresh Pacific Oysters 12 Pack $8 (Was $19) @ Coles


Never tried them before but for a Friday night entree seems ok

Retail Limit:20

Promotional Limit:12

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  • Just some oysters and frangers today. Nothin suss.

  • maybe they are going off and they need to clear fast

  • Probably from Mornington Pensinsula…

    • Rosebud?

      • rosebud got scallops, oysters too?

        • If the oysters are stuck up they most likely come from Portsea then.

        • @chumlee:

          Was referring to that "Flesh eating disease", apparently more prominent around there.

  • they were rather small last time I saw some couple of weeks ago at coles southland VIC, on clearance at $8, size of a match box, left them alone. hope they got better ones for the promotion.

  • My local at QLD Cannon Hill were out of stock of all oysters, might be a bit hard to get :(

  • Doesn't seem to be on sale in TAS. $15 here.

    • +1

      There are lots of heads to feed in Tassie too.

  • couldnt see them in store :/

  • I'm afraid of discount oysters - wonder how old these are… And how to tell?

    • +1

      Says Fresh.

      Would a large corporation focussed on shareholder value lie to customers?

      • +1

        Hmm, can't think of a single example. Therefore, this is legit.

  • Tried to get these in Geelong. I was denied and they told me that they didnt sell these and when i asked what the difference was they told me that the product code differs but couldnt show me :(

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