expired Lenovo P8 (8" Tablet) Blue and White US $139 (~AUD $182) Delivered @ Joybuy


It's back for those who wanted to buy this but missed out previous deals on GearBest. Great tablet at this price and at the time of posting both blue and white are at the same price and are in stock.

Lenovo P8 Tablet 8-inch WIFI version (Octa Core Snapdragon 625 3GB / 16GB 1920X1200)

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    Aud150 please


    What's the battery life?

    I heard it's about 6 hours, whereas the local non-plus version (tab4 8) gets 10 hours.
    But from different sources, and not clear if they were measured under the same usage.

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      P8 is the Tab3 8 Plus, not Tab 4 8 Plus.

      Battery life on the P8 will be lower because it's using a more powerful processor (Snapdragon 625 vs the Tab 4's 425) and a smaller battery. I haven't read reviews, but on paper 6 hours seems on the very low end given that standard phones with the 625 and 3000mAh can get 6 hours screen-on time.

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        Tab 4 8 Plus also uses 625, only Tab 4 8 (non plus) uses 425

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          Question was about the base Tab 4 8, so that's what I compared it to.

          local non-plus version (tab4 8)


        Display is a big drain of power, so that and a bigger battery may offset each other.

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          Displays are the same size and resolution (1920x1200), so it shouldn't have an influence. It would largely be down to the processor as there's not a whole lot of difference between the Tab3+ and Tab4 (and even less between the Tab3+ and Tab4+).

          Only differences I can spot in gsmarena's comparison are:

          • body size and weight (but same screen size)
          • base installed OS (6.0.1 vs 7.0 on the 4s); may be a factor as Nougat brought some improved sleep mode settings over Marshmallow
          • Snapdragon 425 on the base Tab 4; 625 on the Pluses
          • battery size (+600mAh on the 4s)
          • QoL differences and improvements that shouldn't factor into battery time (storage, RAM, camera, USB C, fingerprint)


          Oh, the 3/4 and plus/non are confusing for sure, but I meant the last part of your comment (I now realize I was quite ambiguous). Here are your comment part and my reply:

          … standard phones with the 625 and 3000mAh can get 6 hours screen-on time.

          Display is a big drain of power, so that and a bigger battery may offset each other.

          Also, the local non-plus tab 4 8 is only 800x1280 - hence the much less powerful GPU: Adreno 506, 130GF vs Adreno 306, 21GF. BTW officeworks claims a slightly better GPU, Adreno 308, 27GF.

          But getting back to the original plus/non comparison, apart from intensive games, I wouldn't expect the res and GPU to have much impact on battery life. I believe that the physical size of the dizplay is the main drain (because of backlighting). I'll probably have to read a bunch of reviews.

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      6 hours sounds about right for watching movies


      Auto brightness still has it very bright. I think that helps drains the batteries a bit more than usual.


        Installed Lux and brightness control is better now. Forgot I had that from me Nexus 5 days and the need to manage the battery on that phone.

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    Usual cost would be nice please.

    Techtablets review (positive at this price range) indicates 3 hours bat life gaming to 7 hours if you try to cut back (eg screen brightness 40%)


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    Still use android 6.0? :(

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      And riddled with software bugs if you check the Lenovo forums.


        None that I have encountered in using it as a browser and movie watcher.


          Me either, this tablet has been rock solid for me…. Browsing and watching movies, with good battery life as well.

          Also, for the price the screen is sensational.


    The white version is down to about to AU$169. Just purchased.


    I bought this tablet, got it in the mail today, set it up and all thay, but it didn't come with play store installed? What do I do to get play store installed?


      Tried google? You may need to flash it by connecting it to a pc


        So sorry, I am new to all this stuff. This is the first phone/tablet I have purchased from a chinese market. Should i follow this guide?



          I haven't done it either so I will avoid giving you the wrong advice

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          This was my problem as well (didn't think to ask "does it have a global/international ROM" even though I knew didn't want a Chinese ROM…a giant DOH.

          Almost complete novice so that's how the following is written, though I do have some PC knowledge, IMHO any probs with terms Google is your friend….if searching do NOT install any alleged help programs, the advice is all you are looking for-

          Why don't I want a Chinese ROM - usually no Google Play store is installed…follwing is a MAYBE - it thinks we are behind the "Great Firewall of China"???…I got a Play Store install done (a) seems to be the Chinese Play Store - all text in Chinese and wouldn't run anyway (immediate crash on open). Also could not install an "independent" (western?) browser as could not access anything western.

          From reading knew very basically I did not want to "root" device (eg some things detect done that and won't install…there is a benefit(s) to rooting but this was a gift to a non-tech person so wanted it to be "normal") so instead of looking for "custom ROM" looked for "stock ROM" on Google.

          WARNING the following is for this device only…any ROM install MUST be tailored for the EXACT device you are installing it on (brand AND esp EXACT model - get that from device settings menu eg this is a P8 TB-8703F NOT a TB-8703X.

          ANY rooting/flashing has a danger of destroying a device if you are not careful to follow instructions exactly OR you are simply unlucky…there are ways (I think) to backup a device so as you can recover it but I have no real knowledge there.

          Back to the task -

          A Google search and forum trawl got me to this


          well written, comprehensive and, as far as I can now tell, it worked.

          NOTES for novices LOL

          starts by saying if devices stalls on boot or is bricked…I wasn't in that situation, just wanted to "flash" so used these instructions anyway as, in my ignorance, I felt replacing the Chinese ROM would be much the same situation.

          You need a PC (mine is WIN 7 (mentions 10) ) and you need to install various addons before flashing - all the links are on page - handy this - with multiple storages in case any disappear.
          You need a USB cable - the one that comes with the Lenovo is fine.
          You need an unzipping program on the PC as all(?) downloads will be compressed files.
          You (may?) need a good antivirus/malware prog - I did get warnings while downloading some of these about site blockings - I presume they related to popup sites that were "tied" to the actual download links. There were no warnings re any of the addon prog installs themselves

          There are screenshots (at bottom - note they MAY be for older instances of a program so MAY not be exactly what you will see eg my QFIL did not show exactly what screenshot did).

          After the addons there are links to the Lenovo stock ROM…note unzipping may bring up a password prompt. Passwords are in the instructions.

          Ignored this para "For anyone who wants to use the Lenovo Downloader Tool…"

          THIS was vital to me "IMPORTANT ! : Solution to the known problem (sometimes) : " Download Fail:Sahara Fail:QSaharaServer Fail:Process fail " "……….the terms will be encountered while trying to flash, though "Sahara" was not a problem to me initial attempts failed due to "firehose fail", this alternate solved that. Also note it says "qfil included"…it was but I had to search to find the .exe to start it for THIS fileset, it was not obvious like the initial and separate QFIL mentioned earlier as an addon in the instructions. Final additional…I had to plug device to the PC multiple times while stumbling through all this (due to install fails and errors), first time was fine but then I would always get "USB device not recognised" error. I found fully starting the device then turning it off and plugging in (in the instructed manner) resulted in the device being recognised correctly.

          When connecting the device (as mentioned) you must hold down the volume button to get the device recognised…once it is recognised you can release that button ie it is not required to be depressed while flashing itself.

          Give the device restart a bit of time, it will be slower than a "normal" start as the ROM needs to initialise the device (I ASSUME) - it should start pause (2 mins?)then a tiny (updating style) bar should appear and take 5 mins(?) to gradually run across. After it does you then get the standard "Welcome" splash screen.