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Woolworths Rewards 5x Points On Every* Shop In Store And Online


May be targeted?
Received email this morning.

Earn points 5x faster!

Every time you shop in store or online at Woolworths you’ll earn 5x points from Monday, 23rd April until Sunday, 29th April*.

Activate now and scan your Rewards card in store, or link your card to your online account to receive points with your online shop.

Happy Shopping!

Terms and Conditions
*Promotion runs from 23/04/18 to 29/04/18 and is available at Woolworths supermarkets, Woolworths Metro and Woolworths online. Offer is not available in Tasmania. This offer is personal to you and will be available only on your Woolworths Rewards card. Registered Woolworths Rewards members must activate their offer to participate in the promotion. To ensure your offer has been added to your Woolworths Rewards card, you must activate your offer at least 2 hours before shopping in store or online. Any transactions you have made at a Woolworths supermarket in the promotional week before activating your offer will not be counted towards the qualifying amount. 5x points equals 1 (one) standard Woolworths point and 4 (four) additional Woolworths points. Offer can be redeemed multiple times. If eligible for multiple bonus points offers, only 1 (one) standard Woolworths point can be earned once for all eligible offers. To redeem your offer online at woolworths.com.au you will need to ensure your registered Woolworths Rewards card number is linked to your online account at checkout. See woolworths.com.au for full terms and conditions and delivery areas. Visit woolworths.com.au/shop/storelocator for you local store trading hours. No points will be earned on purchases of smoking/tobacco products and accessories, gift cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, liquors, travel cards and tickets, delivery charges, delivery saver, internet cafes, www.woolworthsflowers.com.au, Carpet Care, lottery products, Donations, Pre-order Kiosks, Auto-order products and purchases using Caltex StarCard.

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Referee and referrer get 1500 points after referee's first paid month of subscription.

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  • +2

    Targeted - I got two cards in the household. Only one got the offer in an email this morning.

  • +3

    Annoying when you get these emails the day after you have done your big shop. Maybe I should go back to store and get refund on everything then re-buy.

    • Of course they give you minimal notice so you do what you’ve done and then hope you’ll buy more.

  • +4

    5 times sh*thouse is still lousy. How much do you normally have to spend to get $10 off? $2000 isn't? So now it's $400 spend for $10 off- celebrate good times, come on!

    • I bin these offers. Collecting points per $ just is too slow, even at 5X.

    • Yep it's not much of an offer. I got spend $50 get 1000 points from Coles which is x20, so I know who'll be getting my money this weekend.

      • 5X, 20X try 60X…
        Get 3000pts for single $50 shop most weeks at Woolies. Haven't shopped Coles in long time😀 (see below)

        • Lucky you. I have two Woolies cards, one which gets used frequently and another one which is used rarely, got the 5x offer on each. I've never had a 3000 for $50 offer, maybe due to only buying stuff on special.

        • +1

          Luck - a long time trying different spending until got best offers.
          Almost all my shopping is at sale prices, except for basics. Just give each card a good break between uses & only use card on good bonus offers.

  • +2

    For best return, just use card for good bonus point offers. If there's no offer, don't use card - to encourage Woolies to send more attractive offers.

    Received $15/3000pts for single $50 spend - every week except 1, for months & 2 next week. (Set up a few cards for whole family when Woolies offered $10-25 on opening new account.)

    Most common offer: 1000pt for $30/ 2000 for $40 / & the best 3000 for $50 - which can be used by itself, so mainly use those each week.

    Have been getting this type of discount most of year for a few years.

    There are other (targetted) codes occasionally, which may stack with those targeted offers. Bought a few $50 meat & got $25 in points on each a month ago (3000pt for $50 & 2000pt for $50 meat code).

    Of course pay by 5% discounted eGift Cards.

    CashRewards offer $20 back on $100+ order for people who haven't ordered online before or $1 for $50+ shop for others. (Better rates a few days ago.) May not work for targeted codes.

    Currently 3000pts for $50 spend x 2 weeks by entering card number - worth a try.

    Should be OzBargain basic knowledge for shopping at Woolies.

    • Regarding these offers
      Most common offer: 1000pt for $30/ 2000 for $40 / & the best 3000 for $50 - which can be used by itself, so mainly use those each week
      I always do every week as I don't know if week 3 works on its own. Can I just do week 3?

      • +2

        That's one of the tricks - just select the week you like. I like the best return - Week3.

        And with that offer arriving on different card(s) weekly - almost every week is Week 3🎉

        How I found out - rang Rewards when points for Week1 offer didn't appear once. They added the points & explained each week was a separate offer, so dont worry - I wouldn't miss out on Week2 & 3😀

        • I can never work woolworths out. The offers I get are fine, but it skips me so often. I've had like 2 offers this year. Coles offers I get every week

        • @grasstown:
          Coles seem to have given up on me, as I rarely shop there😞

          With 2 x 3000pts on $50 tomorrow, I'm finding specials I like at Coles work out cheaper by making up larger Woolies orders.

          Wait a week and sales price swaps to other chain. Just cancelled Coles shop tomorrow as found same product on sale at Woolies at same price (before points offer & discounts).

          And Coles don't accept my (5% discounted) Coles eGift card for online orders - losing $2.50 on $50.

          If price changes, Coles charge the new price whereas Woolies don't.

          Woolies often oversupply weighed meat & deli items which can be a 10% saving. So on recent $50 meat order (in tips above), received $55 meat & 5000pts🎉

        • @Infidel: Coles are great to me. I am on 10000 for $50x4. But I've also had bonus 1000 each week. So effective 3500 for $50 past 2 weeks

        • +1

          A tip for more points for less $ (only works with Woolies & only online) is to order out of stock items (to collect).

          For example had a 2000pt for $40 spend I wasn't going to use recently, padded out order with 2 $10 items that were out of stock at that store. Received $20 refund (as code - paid by discounted eGift Cards). So 2000pts for $20 spend😀

          I don't like to waste good offers just because I don't need to buy so much that week.

          Lots of tricks to save money💰

        • @Infidel: thanks I always thought they'd reverse the points

        • @grasstown:
          They consider you placed an order that qualified for points, the stock showed for sale at store at time of order, so you receive an apology, refund, & full points.

        • @grasstown:

          Same here
          Last offer was at Easter for 15000 (4 weeks @ $200) didn't bother activating and haven't had one since

        • +4

          It's like any relationship - you've got to show some interest & not take them for granted😀

          I tease by occasional interest until they send a good offer.

          They're not really interested in you if you are too easy (& certainly not if you are desperate!) & accept the first offer. Rejection is hard to take, so be gentle. But keep them guessing!

          Then go away to keep them wanting more. That's when the best offers come in.

          If you show too much interest, they want you to spend much more money on them. That's the time to say no. The relationship is over. They may come back…

          Did that with Coles after 4 X $50 for 10000pts raised to 4 X $80. They like to train you to get what they want! No more offers after I rejected their advance. Now we're not communicating😞

          But Woolies & I are going steady - as long as they put out (good offers)😀

          To supermarket loyalty schemes - I'm just that bad boy they were warned about. Coles gave me the cold shoulder. Woolies (so far) can't get enough😉

          I love you Woolies - honest… Maybe. We'll see.

  • Out of curiosity how come TAS misses out?

    • +1

      It is because Woolworths in Tasmania already had a loyalty programme before Woolworths Rewards was introduced in 2007.

      If you are wondering how this is possible, it stems from the fact that the Woolworths management in Tasmania retained some levels of freedom from the mainland after the Purity and Roelf Vos supermarkets were bought out by Woolworths in 1982. One of their initiatives was to introduce the FSC (Frequent Shopper Card) programme in the early 1990s (back when they were still called Purity and Roelf Vos). Apparently it's the oldest loyalty programme in Australia, so it makes me wonder why it took so long for Woolworths in the mainland to introduce their own loyalty programme…

      Also, you cannot use Woolworths Rewards anywhere in Tasmania except at Caltex Woolworths petrol stations, but you only show (not scan) your card to get 6c off per litre (and also get no points). Apparently you can actually use Woolworths Rewards at BWS in Tassie too, but I'm not sure whether that is true.

      Yeah, Tassie is a little weird.

      • I remember the days of the loyalty discount card at Roelf Vos supermarket in Hobart & wished Woolies had it on the big island. How things have changed.

        So Tassie has a separate loyalty program, with twice the benefit of Rewards per $1 just not the attractive bonus points.
        1pt for every dollar you spend
        2000pts = $20 voucher

        I like Tassie a bit weird😀

  • -1

    Didn’t get an email :(

    • Yeah I'm not getting these emails either, last "Woolworths Rewards" email was August last year? Just checked my Communications settings and every notifications box is checked; email phone txt.

      Ordered a replacement card and the email this time from "Woolworths Everyday Rewards" went to spam.

      What is the go with WooliesX which I think covers all this stuff? Has been talked about since the middle of last year and https://wooliesx.com.au/ has been "Coming Soon" for months..

  • I got a secret points email (eg. 150 points for buying a juice I usually buy) for a number of products which can be used multiple times. I also got this email. Wonder if it would stack.

  • 10 times the normal rate would be a 5% rebate- woohoo

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