Hiring Personal Bodyguards in India, Specifically Bangalore

Has anybody had experience hiring unarmed bodyguards in India. I like to know how you manage to contact them.
Also cost involved in hiring for 5 day


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    Following with interest for my trip there next month

    • I only hire guards that are armed to the teeth.

      • You can but it’s for the misses and she doesn’t like guns

        • How armed, bit with non-lethal weapons. Bean bag guns, taisers , poison tipped darts (non lethal poison) and if all else fails, modded nerf weapons should stop all and any potential threat.

        • @ozzpete: The native South Americans used curare, a non-depolarising neuromuscular blocker on the tip of a blow dart to paralyse their prey. We use a derivative (rocuronium) today in anaesthesics.

    • You could just hire a few ex cricketers, they have the attitude you need

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        Smith and Warner come to mind, they are jobless too at the moment.

        • you can't protect much with a bits of sand paper, unless a 4x2 comes your way, you can sand down the splinters before it hits you.

        • Smith's a bit too reserved, but Warner will go in tooth and nail.

    • Same travel plans here. On a different note, do they have on arrival visa there. If not what is the visa timeframe in Australia?

  • Try Google and call them for quotes.

    • Yeah there’s a communication barrier which prevents me from finding the right ones

      • I have found Google Translate a very effective (and free) tool.

        • Amazing … People have issues with Google Translate. I send a number of emails a week to people who have some difficulties communicating easily in English. I find this works well for me and saves time not having to clarify things so frequently. Easy enough to use on a tablet so long as you have internet.

  • Visa concierge ?

  • Gupta bikies?

  • A possible alternative is to just appear angry all the time.
    I reckon anger is a definite deterrent.

    • Violence is not something you can fight fire with fire..

      Psychologically if you appear angry, you'll feel angry also.

      And finally, if someone is wound up the last thing you want to do is appear angry as they'll be like "whatcha lookin at?"

      Bottom line: either hire a bodyguard or blend in to the many other people.

      • Not if you have a "resting bitch face" - Over the years, I found it weird that a lot of people were asking me why I was angry when I wasn't.
        It wasn't until a few years ago, I realised I had a resting bitch face.

        But, yes, I can see how trying to look angry all the time can lead to other consequences.

        • To be honest, I highly doubt a resting bitch face is going to deter an attacker. Yes it might deter a bloke from trying to get your number, but if somebody is going to rape or bash you, they will, irrespective of how furrowed your brow is or how pursed your lips are.

        • @TheBilly: just be super ugly. Then no1 will rape you.

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      Eat a lot of weet bix and just 'hold it in', reckon thats the simplest way to appear angry all the time

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    Have you been watching Octopussy?

    • For the misses. And females are a high target there

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        Will she be the only female in India?
        Mate there are millions of females. Incidents happen in any country even developed ones. Just need to be cautious and avoid remote or dodgy areas…
        Banglore used to be pretty safe with many foreigners.

        • Not sure if you have been reading news lately. There are millions of females in India but question is - are they safe?
          You know they will target any foreigner.

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          @amsaini15: Aus is famous for one punch deaths. Should foreigners stop coming to King cross and other pubs?
          Its all about politics. People I have met are quite good and educated in South India.

        • The difference is in checking the links above. Australia doesn't have a high threat of terrorism. In most places. Yet.

          (Give the lefties a decade though, and I'm sure they'll turn us into Sweden.)

        • @GregMonarch: OP is asking about Banglore. It is silicon valley of India and safe.
          About terrorism, Most of countries suffering from it.

        • @amsaini15: Judging one billon people by once incident…..

        • @Gaggy:

          Now thats something you are making by yourself "Aus is famous for one punch deaths".
          Can you please share some link to back your claim? How many females are raped in India every day and how many people die in Aus by one punch death. I will bet you South India will still have larger number of rapes that one punch deaths in Aus.

        • @Gaggy:

          So you just read news recently only. Was that the only incident ever happened?
          I am not talking about rape of minor kids but rape of females in general.

          2016 saw 106 rapes a day -

          Govt Data Shows Women In India Are Not Safe At All -


          Since you are good at digging out the numbers, can you do the same for rapes in Australia (please include the stats of indigenous people as well) so that the comparison is fair.

        • @amsaini15: 1.4 billion population crime ratio against 24 million… There are sexual crimes in developed countries as well
          http://www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/[email protected]/allprimarymainfeatur...
          But, I am not counting on it and defending the fact that there are much higher crime rates in Asian countries. All I am saying is don't judge the whole country on few bad people's acts.

          People from Indian origin or Asians normally have done great in other countries and are one of the most qualified people.

          You are judging on news and trying to advise that no female is safe there. As per your links, I can see People are raising their voice against it and hope changes will come soon as these are acts done by bad and sick people.

          Bad people are everywhere..

        • @Gaggy:

          Its not few bad people acts but lot many. Minor changes will never deter bad people and strong changes and law will never be imposed by corrupt politician.
          Corruption, population explosion, difference between rich and poor will never go away from asian countries.
          I am not judging on news but stats say it all.
          Yes bad people arw everywhere but we should always decide based on where risks are higher. I would never recommend a white female to go to India alone.

      • Your missus will be 100% fine without a bodyguard, especially outside tourist areas. Have no fear and you'll be right.

        • Honestly, after my wife and I traveled to India for a few weeks, I would not be comfortable leaving her alone. At the very minimum she would be extremely uncomfortable.
          This was in golden triangle, not so much Goa, but South of Goa, down to Mangalore and inland to Mysore. We definitely immersed ourselves in everything (didn't stick to tourist spots really) but yeah, I think the staring is pretty disturbing at times and my wife doesn't dress skimpy or anything.

          That said, not sure a bodyguard is a great idea lol.

        • @LlamaOfDoom: Maybe because they don't see foreigners around much and was just curious? I went to some famous temples in Java (Indonesia) and felt a lot of people (Indonesian tourists) looking at me. Turns out they were just curious and wanted to take a picture with me even though I'm Asian Australian. That been said, I've never been to India so I don't know whether they think the same as Indonesians.
          Edit: Just read the warnings on Smart Traveller, seems like India was worse than I thought.

        • @garffi: Just a few temp warnings make you build a strong perception about 1-billion strong country, hey! Easy mate.. I felt much safer in India than I do in several suburbs here (I won't name them as not all people living there can be bad). Does it mean that I carry bodyguards when I plan to visit those low rung suburbs in Australia?

        • @virhlpool: Well not exactly, I just didn't expect sexual harassment to be that bad in India. It isn't exactly reassuring to read that they don't suggest females to travel alone. You may have felt safe there, but it might be different for a female (unless you are one). Warnings to do with scams or terrorism etc. don't bother me as nearly all countries have them. I (female) sometimes travel solo so if I see warnings about people targeting women, it will make me think twice before visiting there. However, I do think bodyguards are a bit of an overkill.

        • @garffi: Fair enough.. I would any day prefer crowded city areas of India (or China for that matter) over dark and scary streets (without any humans or with some druggies at the best) of our 'unsafe' suburbs here as far as safety is concerned. I personally feel that having lit areas and a reasonable number of general people around make a huge difference, no matter which country you are in. Chances of ending up in such areas most time of the day are much higher in highly populated countries like India as compared to here.

        • @virhlpool: Yep, I definitely agree with that.

        • @virhlpool: I don't think the OPs wife was planning on sticking solely to crowded city areas in India while spending all her time at home lurking around dark alleyways in Australia's most dangerous suburbs… Not really a valid comparison is it!


        Why does she must visit India?

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        I backpacked there as a lone woman about 9 years ago. There was a lot of staring (but all foreigners are stared at), some pervy comments and occasionally I was jostled. It's crowded and chaotic but nothing particularly concerning happened. I'm not sure if the situation has changed. Although, I'm 6ft and have resting bitch face, that has been a benefit when travelling.

  • The guy with a golden shirt had a professional looking company, but I can't read the emblems on their shirt

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    Why even go, sheesh!

    • agreed, don’t know why anyone would willingly pay to travel to india

      • that's the most stupid and ignorant thing I've read for a while…. and I'm not even Indian or have a great desire to go there.

        • Is indian culture, people or food unique and interesting? Yes. Is the nation of india clean, safe and well developed for tourist visits? NO.

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          Yet they get millions of tourists every year. Perhaps those tourists aren't as sophisticated as the ozbargain crowd. Only if they could throw in some dominos specials.

      • You should probably still visit India because to see how it feels when people around you don't have a narrow-mindedness and mentality like you. It may change you for ever.

  • I'll ask my mate Salman Khan. He seems to have more than anyone these days

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  • Just eat lots of garlic and you will be fine

  • Unless you're a white woman, you'll probably be fine

    • What's wrong with white women?

    • I am Indian and I completely agree. Think about it this way, all indian men watch porn, and since a lot of porn is made in the US and features white women, Indian men incorrectly make the assumption that all white women want sex all the time given that's the only way in which they 'interact' with white women. If you think about it, its pretty logical. Just make sure if you're a white woman that you travel with men.

      Not to say non-white women will be completely safe, but white women would definitely attract more attention being so different than what Indian men see everyday.

      • It's part of it, but local pop culture definitely contributes too. Loads of Bollywood movies and music videos have scantily dressed white backup dancers, vs modest Indian female lead.

        Even ignoring all the cases of tourist rape and sexual assault, people underestimate how confronting India can be as a conspicuously foreign woman. Get used to being ogled, leered at, and propositioned. It's called 'eve teasing' and it's disturbingly normalised. My partner was groped at a dinner when she visited as a teenager, the guy didn't even care that her dad was sitting at the table.

        • I would question why you'd want to go there then. "Culture" is created by it's people. If people like that can't act in a way that's welcoming to others then what kind of "culture" is that? I'm sure spiritual enlightenment can be found in other places and by other people who are more welcoming.

          To the OP, if your wife is going for work, then get them to pay for security.

        • @TheOtherLeft: It's a not for profit trip. I honestly don't like it but she likes travelling and I'm only allowing cos she's going with a group.

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          I'm only allowing cos she's going with a group.

          you're are so going to set off the feminist horde

        • @sunnyc:

          Get her to read this whole thread. There's a lot more negatives then positives when it comes to a white female interacting with the local males. I guess if she's in a decent sized group then she might be safe, but going with a not-for-profit group, I guess she'll be going into the even less affluent areas, so the risk of harm is even greater.

          There's adventure and then there's "Adventure". It reminds me of the story of a US newlywed couple who went on a honeymoon to one of the middle eastern countries - Iran/Iraq or Afghanistan(?). They got kidnapped and were released some years later. They also brought home either one or two kids, their father being one of their captors, not the husband's. Granted this is an extreme case but I guess the point is when does seeking adventure cross over into dangerous/reckless?

        • @payton:

          The feminists don't have to deal with the aftermath…

        • @payton: She can do whatever she wants. She's going to a very populated place that doesn't a single thought of gender equality.

        • @TheOtherLeft: It's an admittedly beautiful country with amazing food, and a uniquely rich culture. I've been alone as a guy and it was fine. But eve teasing is something you'll unfortunately have to consider as a foreign female tourist.

        • @Strand0410:

          Husband - "How was your holiday honey?"

          Wife - "Fantastic. The food was delicious, the sights were unreal… the sexual harassment both physical and verbal every moment I left the hotel room wasn't so much…"

        • @payton: No. I don't think so. Poster just expressing his (very real) concerns for her safety. I think best if ge accompanies her. Not because of his perceived sexism but the very real threat towards his partner.

        • @payton: Look I'm a feminist I suppose (although I prefer humanist because it's inclusive of everyone and everyone deserves equal choices) but I think sunnyc is just being practical and concerned for his partner and there's nothing wrong with that. It's the world we live in. That said I've had plenty of female friends travel to India without being assault, sure they get ogled and leered at and catcalled etc etc but you'd be hard pressed to find a woman on this planet whose not experienced that and sadly, knows when to ignore/avoid for their own personal safety and sanity. Rather than hired goons, would it not be better to find an Indian friend here who can ask a family member over there to help her out?

        • @TheOtherLeft:

          Given Australia has one of the highest rates of REPORTED sexual assault in the world (92 per 100,000 according to the UN), does that mean our culture is rotten according to your narrow vision of the world?

          You are so quick to judge an entire country, however do you have any first hand experience of travel in India or do you simply think its easier to jump on a bandwagon and discount every other positive part of a country?

          I personally think a woman travelling by herself in ANY country would do better with security or a male companion, not just India.

        • @Strand0410:

          I was sitting in Melbourne traffic in the middle of the CBD last week and witnessed two tradies winking and making comments to passing business women in broad daylight in full view of everyone.

          The sad reality is, perverts and creeps exist everywhere in the world.

        • @goodspeler: False equivalence. No one claims Australia is perfect, but use that shaky logic to posit that India is no worse in regards to sexual harrassment, is a gross oversimplification.

          The fact that Australia has amongst the highest rates of reported rape is an even worse indictment of reporting in other countries. No one, including you, seriously believes we have higher rates of sexual assault than say, Afghanistan or India. Tourists aren't getting gang raped in Australia, a student wasn't raped to death on a Sydney bus, underage girls from religious minority groups aren't getting raped and murdered in Melbourne, and our government didn't just approve the death penalty for child rapists.

          We're adults. We can admit that cat calling and eve teasing are bad, but also agree that one is worse. If 100 of those same business women walked down an Indian street or took an Indian bus, and you asked what they'd rather repeat, I'd bet my last dollar every one would pick a couple of tradies. Not 50, not 99, 100.

        • @Strand0410: I took the high incidence of "reported" rapes in our country as a good sign. Not because that there were so many, but the fact that people felt encouraged and empowered to come forward and report them.

        • @Strand0410:

          I never claimed India is no worse when it comes to sexual assault, you're putting words in my mouth.

          And yes, it happens in Australia too (at least the documented cases):


          Those are only a sample. The last one is especially disturbing given how young the girl was.
          Comparing severity of rape is ridiculous, its all abhorrent regardless. If you choose to compare, you should be comparing sexual assault cases PER CAPITA, not total cases.

          How are you to be the judge or whether a woman prefers being sexually harassed by tradies or Indian youths? Are you a female who has been sexually harassed before? If not your comments are uninformed and highly insensitive.

          I am not going to continue this train of argument with you because its highly toxic and serves no purpose.

        • @goodspeler:

          I said India is bad, that female travelers should be prepared for how prolific and public sexual harassment is travelling India. You replied with a personal anecdote about cat-calling. Why? Is it 'you can't talk because it happens here too!' because no one claimed Australia is perfect. So what are you responding to? You also unwisely brought up rape statistics just to mention Australia. Why?

          We all heard about, and were horrified at the Sydney gang rapes, but you cannot drudge up isolated cases from the last two decades and pretend it's even in the same ballpark as what happens apparently daily in India. Do you really want me to respond with news links too? Because Indian cases involving tourists from last year alone would fill this comment box, and domestic cases would need another thread. It is NOT the same. Indian tourists aren't getting gang raped every other fortnight visiting Australia, no student was raped to death with a rod on Cityrail, and our government didn't just legalise the death penalty after a spate of child rapes. To even meekly suggest 'yeah well, I see cat calling too' is at best muddying the waters, and normalising India's problem at its worst.

          How are you to be the judge or whether a woman prefers being sexually harassed by tradies or Indian youths? Are you a female who has been sexually harassed before? If not your comments are uninformed and highly insensitive.

          Here's an idea: poll all women who've been a victim of sexual harassment and assault (apparently the only people you feel have the right to an opinion on this), Australian and Indian, and ask whether they'd take a lifetime of the 'bobs and vagene' or hi-vis treatment. Because if you think this is going to be a close one, woof.

        • @goodspeler:

          Why should any woman need a male chaperone when travelling? I know lots of woman who have travelled singularly. My wife travlled through south America and Africa and was fine.

          The fact that so many responses on this thread advise against travelling to India should be a good indication.

          You yourself admit there is a significant problem. There is no way you can compare Australia to India. A jeer is one thing, being physically harassed is another.

        • @goodspeler: straya's the best country in the world mate, which means we do a good job of sweeping this stuff under the carpet. :-(