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SwannOne SoundView Indoor Camera $19 Delivered @ JB Hi-Fi (Was $149)


The sleek SoundView Indoor Camera is the perfect wireless home security camera. With 720p high definition video and night vision it can function as a stand alone security system, or as part of your SwannOne connected home system.

  • Monitor the inside of your home & record events whenever motion or sounds-of-interest are detected
  • 720p High Definition
  • Easy Set Up
  • Remote Viewing

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Credit to Price Hipster

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  • Crazy cheap hmm

    • Pricing error?

      • Maybe .. but I'm sure the this one is the favourite https://www.gearbest.com/ip-cameras/pp_487830.html

        Reading the description tells me you might need a subscription for cloud based viewing

        • +1

          The Xiaofangs (without hacking) doesn't seem to work outside Mainland China anymore.

        • @ltwo: uh oh ! Didn't realise

        • @Gomo: Yeah mine often goes "offline". I'm still looking for a standalone camera that I can use to monitor my driveway.

        • @ltwo: foscam/amcrest cameras are pretty good.

        • @ltwo: Hmm, now that you mentioned it. My one is always "offline", even after a power reset. Any ideas how to revive it?

        • @ltwo: Anyone knows how to hack it? Got 2 staying in the drawer for a long time.

        • @cheapoguy: Google fanghacks, will never be the sane though

        • @cheapoguy: I think if you want something working reliably going forward you'll need to hack it. Or jump to a different brand. I had a look at Foscam and Amcrest as per wolfshooter's suggestion above but they're expensive.

        • @Davo1111: Is there remote viewing (and local storage on microsd) with Fanghacks?

        • @ltwo:

          Yes, I've got both working with custom mods. It was a bitch to set up though.

          Just beats owning the pointless brick

          I understand that rtsp and recording makes the camera hot though. Just be aware of that

        • @Davo1111:
          Fanghacks is also unstable on some revisions of the cameras. Unstable on three of the cameras I tried it on despite trying all the patches, auto reboots, etc.

        • @julz:

          Is it heat related?

          I've got heatsinks on both of mine, one hacked 1 unhacked.

          I'll check them both tonight. But it seems so far the unhacked fails more often

        • +2

          I have one hacked camera working in the garage. RTSP stream is forwarded to my Windows box where VLC Transcodes it into mjpeg (which plays nicely with webpages) and then HomeAssistant picks up the mjpeg stream so that it is shown on my Garage tab (along with my tilt sensor and Open/Close switch).

        • @mattyman: I'm no HA guru, but I think I do the equivalent through inbuilt ffmpeg?

            - platform: ffmpeg
              name: Garage Cam
              input: rtsp://
        • @FrontBottom:

          Are you folks talking about the hacked xiaofang on a SwannOne thread?
          Will risk confusion.

          Any hacks for the Swann? Might open mine and see if there is a serial header.

        • @mattyman: can u pls help me on the setup u have commented for streaming with home assistance

          Thanks in advance

        • @Davo1111: There is a fix so they don't get hot. I have two with RTSP streaming - no problem.

        • @manic: If SSH and Telnet are open you won't need to jtag the device to upload custom os.

        • @Davo1111:
          It could be but I applied the patch that is meant to stop the unnecessary voltage going to the ir module or something. Probably not working properly and needs heatsinks. I had mine streaming 24*7 to a spare mobile with tinycam recording. The standard firmware seems more stable but it's a pity one of my cameras is Geo blocked.

        • @manic: Sorry. Talking about the Xioafang.

        • @FrontBottom: It does work but I'm using a Pi3 and (I assume) it doesn't handle the video conversion very well. The video was horribly choppy. I tried that first, then the jpg picture mod and settled on the solution above.

        • +1

          @mattyman: That could well explain why I need to reboot the cameras regularly to get them to show up on HA!

        • @manic: Yeh sorry. As per @mattyman comment below - we were talking about hacked Xiaofang

      • +1

        Terrible reviews - Probably want to get rid of it, plus you need a Swann Hub to use it from what I've read. Happy to be wrong however …

      • Nope, it's a factory clearance item.

  • The only review seems not a good system

  • +2


    Read the review, it all kinda make sense.

  • +4

    Great price even a fake camera in Bunnings is $15.

  • +3

    Couple of reviews on eBay.

    Easy to install and using it to monitor pets remotely via Swann website and/or Iphone App. Works a treat !

    And the other person obviously didn't know what they were doing. it might be a good product but I wouldn't know.

    • +9

      other person obviously didn't know what they were doing

      It was Gerry.

  • +2
  • +2


    These are the plans.

    It's free to view the live stream but costs $34.99 for cloud storage.

    • After reading the reviews I just can't bring myself to waste $19 (+ delivery) like this…

      • It's free delivery but I know what you mean, not sure if I should pull the trigga

  • I've found a few reviews at JB Hifi, Amzon, etc and they are not favourable.

    It's a shame because that price is nuts and I'm on the market for something like this.

    • It's only 720p though

  • Have been used SwannONE system before jumping the ship to Netgear ARLO. It was terrible as a whole, their system and UI/ App were horrible like the app you can develop youself.

  • LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER shows in cart

    • Don't be greedy then!

      • +2

        Just checking for a friend😀
        Limit doesn't show until placed in cart.

        • Broden?

        • @Jake Elwood:
          headphonejack & I were joking😀
          Bought 0. Saved $19💰

          Will stick with free Android phones I've used as remote cameras.
          Successfully identified an intruder while I was in Japan. Sent message with images. I called neighbour to call police, before realising it was employee of service I use. Fortunately it was a misunderstanding by authorised person entering house to check on place. Fortunately no new intruders to test it on😊

        • @Infidel:
          What app are you using on your phones?

        • @julz:
          Just Salient Eye home security app, by Google.
          Installed free SIM on phone for a month of surveillance while overseas. Don't have a home network. Just captured series of images so little data was used.
          Used free basic Vodafone phones from deal ages ago. Networked a few through house from hotspot on phone with SIM installed. Simple basic system that worked.

  • It says indoor camera but would it be a bad idea to use this as a drive way camera?

    • +2

      Just setup a few mirrors to bounce the image back to the camera. Should be ok if it's away from rain.

      • Can't tell if serious but upviting for entertainment value lol

        • Yup, he's a Kunny Funt!

  • +1

    The picture looks like my shower head. No wonder I have never been able to take shower. It is a naked camera.

  • Delivery $9 for me

  • Got one….for $19 ill give it a go!

  • Couldn't resist, $19 bucks deleivered is a bargain. Now what to use it for…

  • Seems like it's sold out

  • Reckon I could use this with Google Home to turn on Hue lights when I walk into my room?

    • +1

      If the firmware runs busybox then maybe.

  • Ordered one. I can finally make those "home movies" in half-decent resolution!

  • Link no longer valid. Looks like it has sold out.

    • Deal marked expired 7 minutes ago.

      • Ah okay. I hadn't refreshed my page so didn't see it.

  • -1

    Ive been using the Samsung SNH-V6414BN
    SmartCam HD Plus. Costco has it for $150? Bunnings selling it to for $180. I've found it to be pretty good. Its been sending me alerts when it detects movement at the office door. As a bonus now i know when the receptionist gets to work in the morning. Video quality is very good.

    • Yeah except this thing is 10% of the price of that.

  • +3

    Looking forward to people who bought it giving us their review here. Don't leave us wondering if it's good or crap please! ;-)

    • +1

      Good image quality and good in the dark.

      Disgraceful app, video doesn't stream constantly, though that could also be my connection.

      The app is really terrible. I'd be unimpressed if it was a high school student that developed it.

  • Can anyone recommend some cheap cameras that will let someone view all four on a grid on an iPad? I know a few kitchens that could use some cameras everywhere because the manager can't see behind any of the big machines. If they could see all the stations at a glance while still facing towards the front door to deal with customers then that'd be mint.

  • +3

    Delivered. Quickstart guide is missing (and stickers!). Sloppy.
    Swann demands to know my personal details including address.
    Worse, they have disabled paste on the password and email fields, indicating they are rather incompetent with computer security.
    (only really stupid admins do this, trying to look clever)

    OMG, it just got worse:
    " Flash Player not found or not enabled. Please install the latest version from the Adobe website or enable Flash within the browser settings."

    Flash!? Morons.

    And now a compulsory firmware update on activation.

    I can see this being flipped on ebay real soon. Will review when it works.

    Inside is a USB header, an rs232 header, and a micro-SD socket.
    Based on an Ambarella A5s SoC (2010 vintage).

    • Mine just got delivered and everything was in the box.
      Picture quality isn't great, equivalent to iPhone 3gs camera.
      Currently doing some pen-testing on the device and working on a way to store video onto the SD card.
      Live view is delayed by 30 sec.

      Safe so far. Most unsecured ports are closed. The only way now to mess with firmware is via jtag.
      Has an HTTP server that leads to nowhere (Still testing) [Edit http server running on port 85]
      Possibly made by Hikvision according to scans.
      Running Linux OS which means it could be possibly running busybox alongside with it.

      [Open ports]
      554/tcp open rtsp Hikvision 7513 POE IP camera rtspd
      7001/tcp open afs3-callback
      8000/tcp open http-alt
      8200/tcp open trivnet1

      • model is SWO-SVC01K.
        One web page reports rtsp://…/Streaming/Channels/1, but we still need a username and password.

        nmap reports these ports:

        21/tcp filtered ftp
        23/tcp filtered telnet
        85/tcp open mit-ml-dev
        443/tcp open https
        554/tcp open rtsp
        7001/tcp open afs3-callback
        8000/tcp open http-alt
        8200/tcp open trivnet1

        The only way now to mess with firmware is via jtag.

        Did you try the serial port?
        Another possibility that works on some other cameras is an autoexec file on an SD card.

        • Tried all common CCTV password didn't get through. We can extract the password either using Hikvision password reset tool or extract it from the firmware. Jtag also refers to the serial port, doesn't it? Or is that more for CPU code injection?

          Also on your camera, does your side of the camera glow red?

        • @No Username:
          I thought jtag referred to low-level protocols. Was hoping the serial port here is a Unix console.
          It is labelled RS232, but will be TTL-level.

          As I understand it: If the device is bricked so does not boot, and no login prompt on the serial port, then you need JTAG.


          does your side of the camera glow red?

          yes, there is a small surface-mount LED.

        • @manic: Just ordered a TTL converter for the RS232 connection. Hopefully, the login is default. Thought that if it was the same as Jtag then I could use my dev board to read it.

        • +3

          @No Username:

          I managed to access the web console for the camera using Hikvision SADP tool:
          (Please be aware this will most likely break the default Swann configuration meaning you wont be able to access the camera through the rubbish Swann app)

          I'm not sure if all these step are necessary
          - Download and install Hikvision SADP Tool
          - Allow the tool to detect your camera and serial number details
          - Select 'forgot password'
          - Go to http://www.hillbillyhobbies.com/camera/ to generate the unlock code
          - Type in the unlock code in the SADP Tool
          - The camera should now be accessible via
          - Username: Admin Password 12345

          It looks like the Hikvision console allows you to do local recording and recording to a NAS.

          Let me know if anyone else discovers any other hidden features of the camera.

        • I used the Hikvison reset tool as well but the current aim is to telnet into the device and mess around with the firmware to see if we can access the sdcard.

          If you open the camera their are some pads that you can solder a battey to make it portable.

        • @stoopid85: Thanks for the guide! I got it to connect to my home NVR and thats a thousand times better than that shitty Swann app.

      • Hey mate, what app do you use to link to the camera and view the live stream? I can't find right one… Cheers

    • +1

      Mines missing the stickers and screws for the mount. Looks like a return. Tried to register it and says already registered. brilliant!

  • +1

    Hey OP this deal is back up, but its now $13.30 + shipping.

  • +1
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