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Starhub Internet Data-Only SIM 2GB/Day for 15 Days Valid in 17 Countries @ SGD $32 (Purchase in Singapore)


Hello everyone,

Came across this wonderful (or should I say rather revolutionary) travel data SIM while transiting through Singapore on my way to Japan. The lady behind UOB counter mentioned that it's a new data plan by StarHub.

Basically for $32 you get 2GB per day at 4G speed and valid in 18 17 countries (current Happy Roam countries) for 15 days.
It's absolute treat for travellers to the included countries and transiting via Singapore. SIMs can be purchased at UOB money exchange outlets in transit area.

There is a similar $18 option available as well for those visiting upto 5 days.

Have a good one..!!

(P.S. Apologies for less descriptive post as I'm typing this on my phone while heading towards my boarding gate to catch the next leg of my journey)

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    awesome deal! should clarify curency in post and title. I assume $32 SGD. ~$31.84 AUD.
    Just saw you're boarding lol. Have a good trip!

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    i've had the starhub happy SIM for quite a while. Just need to top up $10 every 4 months to keep it active. works quite well and covers most of the countries I visit on holiday. use the app to top up and keep track of when the SIM will expire.

    • same here, really good sim and prepaid plans for those travel thru Asia regularly.

    • +1

      Or you could extend validity by 90 days by deducting SG $1.40 from the balance using the USSD codes
      (no i cant remember them, but google knows)

      • Do you have detailed steps on this?

  • Perfect for my Singapore stopover Phuket trip

  • Brilliant - I was looking for a SIM to use in China which lasts mire than 7 days.

    • Have you tried using it there for tethering/hotspotting?

  • I'm heading to NZ next month, is there anywhere in Australia this can be purchased from or ordered online?

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      Nope, it can only be purchased in Singapore. They need to scan your passport when you purchase it.

      • Jetstar flights sell it too sometimes IIRC

      • Jetstar flights that pass through Singapore sell it too.

  • Its brilliant. Bought it a while in Singapore and been using it as a travel sim. I just used in Japan. Gets annoying to do the top up every few months if you want to keep the sim active

    • Sammyboy any issues with usage in Japan? Planning to do the same thing

      • +3

        Not at all. I had full coverage in Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo. It was a different roaming data plan I topped up with. This deal sounds amazing. In the starhub (Happy) app it gave me these options….3 day 30mb $2, 3 Day 200mb $4, 3 day 1gb $4, 7 day 10mb $1, 7 Day 1gb $7, 30 day 1.2gb $10, 30 day 2.4gb $15, 30 day 3.6gb $20. Im guessing this must be a new plan or promo

      • NTT DoCoMo is like the Telstra of Japan.

        You have coverage everywhere.

        I had full coverage on Mt Fuji and MT Mitake, the surrounding mountains around Fuji too.

    • Can you please tell us if you noticed which carrier this sim roam with while in Japan, NTT or Softbank or other? How is the speed like while in Japan metro and/or regional area? Thank you!

      • +3

        In Japan it'll work with either DoCoMo or AU (KDDI) networks.

        Full list of partners here:

        I haven't used it in Japan but I've used it in Australia, the UK and NZ and speeds on 4G have been around 10mbps when at the same time my local sim was getting 20-30mbps.

      • +1

        I wasn't aware of the sim changing networks over there. Over here, it uses Telstra, so I've been using up the rest of my data when Vodafone has no coverage.

      • +1

        The Starhub SIM isn't as badly speed capped as some other SIMs.

        NTT DoCoMo MVNOs like Yokoso or bMobile are limited to about 1Mbps.

        I believe Starhub is limited to 10Mbps.


        • Yeh I know how badly they're limited.

          I got a UMobile sim out of a vending machine last time I was in Japan (6 months ago).

          During the day speeds were 1mbps however one night I was awake at 3am in the morning and I was able to achieve 5mbps download.

  • +1

    This is great, heading to Japan through Singapore later this year for just under 15 days.

    • Have you had your trip yet?

  • Now I'll just have to buy an air ticket to Singapore to get this fantastic sim. Is it worth the flight there?

    • +5

      yes and no…. if your going just for the sim, id say naaa. but if you go to the desk at terminal 2, behind the koi pond to the left. there is this girl that works there that sold me mine. just WOW, she is something else. her AND the sim? its worth it trust me. book a flight..

      • I am intrigued.

      • +1

        Another excuse for a weekender in Singapore!

      • +1

        She was nice to him, she helped him buy his SIM, she's the girl, she's the girl at the mobile phone SIM stoooooore.

  • -2

    Anywhere you can get this in Australia? Not a deal once you factor in a flight to Singapore

    • No you must buy it in Singapore.

    • Realise that this is an almost 4 month old comment, but I just had to point out that not anywhere was it encouraged or implied that this was worth a flight to Singapore.

  • +2

    Going to Japan via Singapore in a couple of weeks, this is the sim we were planning on getting. Could possibly even use it for our US trip later in the year.

  • Can these be activated outside of Singapore? Know plenty of people who go there often but I assume you need to provide your details when you buy it?

    • I'd like to know as well. If just transiting through the airport for short time do we need to rush to activate?

      • +1

        Yes just go to the UOB currency desks (there's one in each terminal) and purchase it.

        You'll need cash as they only take card for purchases over $100 in some of the terminals.

        • So…just to clarify…this is in the transit area…ie not going through customs? We are flying PER - SIN - MNL with only a couple of hours in transit so wont be going past customs. Are the UOB currency desks available in that area?

      • it take the people at the desk about 2min to activate it and install the app on your phone.

    • Yes you can. I can confirm this for you.

      • So I can just get a friend to get one for me when they're in Singapore but do they have to register in their name when they buy it? I know you have to show your passport if you get a voice + data sim in Singapore as I've done that before.

        • Yes, the SIM will be registered under their name with their passport.

        • @samehada:

          Cool, thanks!

      • Are you sure? Others are saying it needs to be activated in Singapore.

        • +1

          I can confirm no need to activate in SG. I did it in China. You just download the Starhub app and activate from there. You will need to do this using WIFI. Once you select your roaming plan within the app, restart and you are good to go.

        • Ok great, thanks for clarifying.

    • Has to be activated in Singapore. No point getting someone to send the sim to u unactivated

  • Does this mean the old Starhub plan, $15 for 1 month for 2.4GB (not daily) is gone ?

  • Thanks OP!

  • Same question - heading over to Japan. Is there a way to buy this here in Aus?

    • Nope, they need to scan your passport to register the sim.

    • Last time i checked these had to be activated in Singapore

  • +1

    On an unrelated Singapore note, I was there for a week (Apr18). Stayed at the Intercontinental and my room came with a totally complimentary (while I stayed) 4g smartphone which provided free data and local/international calls. It made walking around and researching on the fly so convenient.

    That alone would make me use that hotel again (plus it was a convenient and decent place).

    • Hopefully you didin't log into anything…

      • Nar, I acknowledge no expectation of security/privacy when using provided gizmos.

    • Those Hong-Kong based "Handy smartphones" are available in many countries now (and in about 6 hotel chains in Singapore) but nearly always only in fancier hotels. It only costs the hotels 1 USD/room per day so I wondered if Handy was rejecting hotel applicants or smaller hotels simply didn't want to take the risk when vacancies are high.

      Of course for the way I currently travel spending $200 more a day on a room for a working phone isn't much of an incentive. As a budget traveller my biggest issues have always been the time between arriving and getting a local SIM, and having the patience to ignore the inflated prices at the airport and tourist centres. This is one of those issues you'd expect to be saying to the disbelief of future generations "Back in myy day you couldn't just connect your phone to the local network willy-nilly…".

    • You got to stay at Intercon?
      Wow, that is big $$$
      Most OzBargainers not so lucky

  • +1

    yep! using the sim right now (Philippines) and have had it for the past 2 weeks in 3 different countries. best sim ever! just go up to the UOB stand, act dumb and they will do everything for you. install the app. punch in codes, switch on roaming etc.

    • +1

      Should act dumber to prolong the visit with lady and the SIM.

    • +1

      Maybe your upvote can help highlight this for others buddy ;)

  • +10

    Let me share some of my tips on this SIM card:

    • I have noticed that their getting selective as to what SIM cards they stock at the airport, a lot of times they don't have the $15 cards anymore. All 7-11s and many other convenience stores across the island sell these SIM cards (just that they may run out of stock) - they should stock the $15 SIMs that come with $15 credit if you don't want to buy their internet or tourist SIM cards that cost a bit more. So they are easy to find, at any time of the day, outside the airport since many (but not all) 7-11s in SG are 24/7 (on their website there is a $8 SIM card with $10 credit - these are rare to find)

    • For China visitors - from my experience as well as other people's shared stories, roaming on an international SIM card in China gives you unfiltered internet. Facebook, gmail, youtube, google maps, google translate - it is all available!

    • The most useless looking topup option is actually the most useful one - $1 10mb/7 day. If you buy 2 data plans, Starhub adds both the data and the validity together.
      So instead of buying the $7 1GB 7 days, buy the $5 1gb 3 days as well as the $1 10mb/7D - for $6 (save $1) you get 1gb + 10mb for 10 days (extra 3 days). If you are a light data user and can make the 1gb stretch 2 weeks, just buy another $1 10mb/7D and get 17 days.
      Also helpful if you are on the road for a few weeks and can't figure out which 30 day plan you want to commit to - 1.2gb/2.gb/3.6gb. Just use the $5 1gb/3D and $1 10mb/7D options to buy data as and when you need, giving you a lot more flexibility and control over your spend.

    • If you are topping up, you often get some free data thrown in (free data is for Singapore only, no roaming) - can't remember how much data though. So if you are planning to be in Singapore and need to do a top up (either for your data plan for your other destinations, or you need to extend the expiry), you can try to time your top up to save buying a data plan.

    • sounds silly, but remember to turn off your data before putting the sim card in (not so important for new sim cards because you get free local data when you turn it on, but a must for other times)

    • when planning how much you are going to spend, give a bit of buffer - I have found that often 5 cents will get deducted here and there. Calling them to query does not help in my experience, their call guys have never been able to explain it to me. Quite annoying if say you were planning to use your $15 credit on 3x $5gb plans and then find out 5c is missing, ruining your entire plan.

    • *123# - the magic numbers you need to dial to control your sim card, remember it.

    Hope that helps, happy travels

    • Thank you.

    • great tips, I have been using your tips since the last post.

    • Wow, really excellent tips there!! Thanks so much for taking the time to write.

    • Cheers for the tips mate!

    • Wow, thanks.

      Would you know if the firewall in UAE is also unlocked? Thanks

  • Any sim for 7 days?

    • There is a $18 option valid for 5 days if that will help your cause.

  • Can you use the S$20 transit rewards towards the cost, i.e. get the $18 card for free?

  • +2

    Check out DENT - https://www.dentwireless.com/

    Once this gets fully up and running, you won't need travel sims :)

  • +1

    I bought this this SIM in Singapore not too long ago.
    Then I came back to home to Sydney two weeks later, to find that the SIM still had $32 credit on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The data had clearly expired (can see it via their App), but the $32 credit remained for some reason.

    Since I had no more travel plans, I just used that credit to buy a Roaming data pack and burnt it all up here :)

    I stuck the SIM in one of those Huawei 4G Wifi thingos.
    In order for it to work, I had to change the APN to suit, enable roaming Data, and manually select Telstra as the network.

    • +1

      I'm sure that in this particular plan i.e. 2GB/day there is no credit and it can't be used to make calls either. You are most likely talking about 'Happy Plan' $32 SIM with ~2GB data for 30 days (or something like that) and in that one you can use the balance to buy more data and extend validity.

  • +1

    Fantastic. Thanks for this. I’ve just landed in Singapore and waiting for a mate to arrive from Guangzhou. Just went to the counter you said to go to and got my sim for the 5 days I’m here. I was going to go data free this trip but this was too good a deal. And let’s face it, I can’t go without being connected to the internet for too long.

    • Glad that you read in while transiting through Singapore. Good timing. Have a good one mate :)

  • +4

    I have a Starhub sim in the second slot in my phone for quite some time now. I bought it during a transit and never let it go. It is extremely useful for travelling. A quick review

    1) Everything can be controlled using the Starhub app. How it works is that, you put money in the account (through credit card or top up cards) and select the data plan that you want. There is a whole list of roaming plans to choose from so you can find one that suits. If your phone is one of those modern phones, it will automatically set the APN for you.

    2) Activation can be done overseas using WIFI through the Starhub app.

    3) In order to maintain the sim, you will need to top up $10 every couple of months. There is a countdown timer which shows expiry. Can be topped up using credit card. If you travel once every 6 months, this wont be an issue as you will use the credit anyway.

    4) No firewall in China. FB Google Insta, everything is unlocked. Even porn sites.

    5) Roaming partners are good. I have used it in a number of Asian countries and so far 4G signal is reliable.

    • Would you know if the firewall in UAE is also unlocked (ref: your point 4)? Thanks

      • Read the T&C. This doesnt work in UAE.

    • Great write up!

      Is there a time limit for activation? So I guess the 15days starts from the activation date and everytime you top up the cycle begins again?

      • +1

        Im not sure about time limit for activation. But when you purchase the sim, the seller would register your passport details and probably "activate" the sim pack on their end. So maybe you are given 1 or 2 months to activate. Im just guessing here.

        As for the 15 days plan, interestingly my app doesnt have this plan. I have a proper mobile sim that can make calls. So maybe this is a special tablet sim plan. But how it works should be similar. You activate the SIM first via the Starhub app, then activate your plan when you are ready.

        The cycle doenst start until you manually select the plan from the list (shown in the link below). You can top up to maintain the card and activate the plan only when you need it. And there are different types of plans, so you tailor to your trip needs like 3,7,30 day plan.


        • Thanks, you are right, I did mean activate the plan rather the sim itself as it must be active from the day it's registered.

  • Since this sim can be activated outside of Singapore (via the starhub app when connected to wifi), does anyone know any entrepreneurs living in Singapore that wanna start selling this sim card to Ozbargain members?

    • I doubt anyone would be prepared to risk it as the sim would be registered in their name and they would be responsible for what you did with the data.

      Hey are we related lol!

    • I asked the seller. She said each passport or singapore identification card can only register up to 3 prepaid cards from any telco. Your passport number will be stored in a national database and the seller is required to check prior to a sale. If one sim expires, your available sim purchase quota will be freed up. I have also thought about this but there is a limit to how many sims can one person buy.

      • -1

        In other words Singapore is not savvy SIM slut friendly.

  • Can u buy it anywhr else in Sg if I’ve already left the airport?

    • You can purchase this from any 7-11 store or Starhub telco store.

  • Feel like I got scammed. Bought starhub st currency exchange counter in changi T3 terminal. Paid for 32SGD card, believing it was the 2GB/day. I'm in japan now and find the card is 3gb data with 30day expiry. There's no credit on the card either…

    • Its very unlikely you got scammed. Install the Happy Prepaid app, check any details, check the plastic card you got at the store, and ring Starhub customer service if you still cant figure it out

      I have had some problems ith mine, they have always been helpful and easy to talk too.

      • Probably bought the wrong sim. There is a $32 happy sim which includes calls + data as above.

  • So a big question for all you guys who bought this sim.

    I can't find mention of this anywhere but once you've used up the 15 days worth of data can you top up with $32 for another 2Gb daily for 15 day cycle? Does this plan appear on the app?

    • Great question! No this $32 plan is not available in the App.
      It would appear this plan is for Initial SIM card purchase only.

      so after all NOT such a great deal

      • +1

        Good deal if you are using it as a once off, but that's it. For ongoing use the top up plans for this sim are not particularly attractive compared to their normal "happy sim".

        • I would assume that it can be topped up with the usual Happy Sim roaming plans. Whilst Starhub has different names for the Prepaids Sims when you buy them, I think that ongoing they are all the same. i doubt its a throwaway after 14 days or whatever.
          Thats probably something the OP should be telling us, considering he has one!

        • @theblake:

          I believe that this isn't possible as there are separate top up plans for happy sims and prepaid internet sims (this is from a mate who I asked to go into a starhub store to enquire).

  • I got this Starhub Happy Sim on route to Tokyo, and it's working great! A couple of questions for the OP though-

    1) can the SIM be topped up by logging in at the Starhub website? I can't use the app.
    2) can the SIM be used in a PocketWifi? If so, what are the APN settings?

  • Whilst I am happy with the service in terms of reception and ease of use, please be aware that their data metering overseas is dodgy at best, downright misleading at worst. My experiences using their $15 2.4gb 30 day plan twice:

    1st instance Dec-Jan across Korea and Japan
    Setup is simple enough, speeds are great. HOWEVER - my android data meter showed 1.7gb used when my internet unexpectedly cut out.. I looked in the app a few times and the remaining data is always a lot lower than what my phone is reporting. It then proceeded to chew through my remaining $3 of credit as PAYG. Sent an email to their service team, no reply, no refund of credit

    2nd instance Mar-APR Singapore/Malaysia/Hong Kong

    As usual, speed is great. This time my phone showed 1.7gb used while the app said I had ~400mb left. Went into a starhub store to complain, was promised an escalation but never received a reply as well. Followup went unanswered.

    Conclusion: It is a decent service and much more convenient to roam with this sim (lives permanently inside my phone as a second sim) however be very wary of misleading data caps as well as non-existent support.

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