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Swann SWDVK-445804 Full HD Security System with 1TB HDD & 4x 1080p Thermal Sensing Cameras - Harvey Norman - $324.98


Have been contemplating a security camera system for some time now, and had short listed the SWDVK-445804 model.

Was previously $549, and looks like Harvey Norman have it on sale for $324.98.
Also on sale at JB for $384.30, so may be able to get them to beat HN's price.

  • UPDATE * sale looks to now have ended at JB. Price back to $549. Still "on sale" at HN, but price has increased to $383.60 *

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Harvey Norman

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    price in the title please




    4x 18m BNC Cables. So not PoE



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      noobish question but what does that mean?

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        POE Power over Ethernet meaning only needing one cable to cameras.Power and data together.

        BNC means two cables, one for data and one for power to each camera.

        I think that is correct.


          Also BNC is analog where Ethernet is digital, so in theory the quality should be better.


    Noob question, what format does this record as? ie. can you play back on window media? Or is it some special format?

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    I would not recommend.

    I have the SWANN NVRx-7400 with the "above HD" POE cameras.
    Camera's are great during the day, terrible at night.
    Swann Software is buggy as, motion detection is useless.

    Next time, I will stick with the Hikvision or similar so I can use the much better third party products with AI, to detect cars and people ect.

    ie: Show me all cars on day x, show any NEW faces.
    Swann cameras a a bit of a bitch to get working outside their ecosystem.

    To see faces properly, really require 4k. Try and view a demo with the cams installed outside at night.


    Anyone have experience with swann? I've heard from alot of installers that they're complete rubbish lol. POE should be the standard nowdays, especially if your replacing a faulty camera with most likely a new poe camera.

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      As above I wouldn't recommend, but wouldn't say they are rubbish. I have the "above HD" POE system, and the quality during the day is good and the hardware seems reliable. Unit is annoyingly loud, but it's locked away.

      Biggest downside I find is the cameras are not ONVIF or RTSP compatable so stuck with their under powered NVR and Terrible software.
      eg: You can not use pre-record with email alerts, as they email the first frame before motion. Motion even low, detects insects, wind, but misses people.

      You can get lucky and find port 8000 works as ONVIF depending on model and F\W.

      Such as shame, when most NAS have great NVR software built-in. I have done some streaming to AWS and GOOGLE using their image recognition and that is bounds ahead of what SWANN offer.

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        Lol, no idea what you mean with all those techy terms. But it sounds right


    I have not used this set but have had problems with Swann cameras in the past. I thought the camera image quality was quite poor compared to other generic cameras I have used. I also found using some over the 18m cables that they would only run in Black and White rather than color presumably because they were not getting enough power. I have also had issues with IP cameras from them.

    I have used other Chinese cameras on the same leads and no problem getting color. I know, not entirely relevant to this set but just a general comment on brand quality over time.


    UPDATE * sale looks to now have ended at JB. Price back to $549. Still "on sale" at HN, but price has increased to $383.60 *