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Voss Water 375mL $2 (Was $3.58) - Sparkling Lemon Cucumber, Artesian Sparkling, Tangerin Lemongrass, Still Spring @ Coles

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    All those flavours is making me crazyyyyyyy

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      No need to TOSS when you can refill it with TAPP.

      • Yep, TAPP 'n' Go …..

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        i guess @franco missed 2 more letters at the end… "er"?

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    Thanks OP, my old Voss water bottle was getting a dirty, needed a new one.

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      My wife makes some weird concoction out of soap and water that gets things clean again. I’ll see whether she’ll share the recipe.

      • Sounds like a douche.

    • I'd definitely recommend investing in one of these type of brushes, you can easily get sick if you don't clean glass bottles well when re-using them.

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        I'm glad you decided to invest in brushes since the returns are sky high but I don't think you easily get sick if all you use is water.

        • but I don't think you easily get sick if all you use is water.

          Unless you only drink sterilised water, you'll need to do something about the bacteria accumulating on the surfaces.

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          @jv: Not sure why this is getting down voted. Tap water is not sterile. Even with glass bottles, microorganisms will eventually adhere to the glass and form biofilms. That's why bottles get cloudy smudges on the inside after a while, even if you rinse them.

          You need to scrub the surfaces to actually prevent/remove the biofilms from forming on the glass

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          @jv: if people are worried about surface bacteria on a water bottle not sure how they handle the process of oral sex and hygiene.

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          I don't think that cloudiness is bacteria….could you link some evidence with that? Not denying it but is the first I have heard.

          Mostly that cloudiness is calcium, limescale or just general gunk…which of course has bacteria just like every surface including your own skin.

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          @GreenGuava: we need the Bacteria to build our immunity 😀

        • @garage sale: OMG the sheer thought of it!

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        I just chuck it into the dishwasher

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          I’d suggest you place it in the dishwasher rather than throw it in there. You might miss and it’ll smash

      • How sick can you get? I only fill my bottle up with water and I rinse mine everyday, however I'm starting to see some smudges and stuff at the bottom of the bottle.

        • Those smudges and build up is called bacterial biofilms and is likely to become a health hazard if not already.

          I would suggest you get rid of the bottle or clean it out properly with a brush to remove all the biofilm buildup.

        • Generally, at most nausea or stomach discomfort.

        • I'd be more worried about bacteria in the so called washed lettuce that people pick up with tongs in the supermarket and serve to guests … you need a salad spinner and wash when you get home BUT how many people have salad spinners.

          the sealed bags are even worse , heck moisture for days on end , more bacteria in that than in tap water or a bottle used only for water yet people put it straight into a bowl and eat it ….. maybe French dressing acts as an bacterial agent ?

          Hygiene is only as good as the lowest common denominator.

        • @GreenGuava: oh god……

      • You can get a brush like that at Kmart for $2. I have one just to clean my Voss bottles

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        I've been using the same 1 litre glass bottle for 10 years on my bed table at least, without washing it out.
        I just refill it time and time again.

        • Glad to see that you can get OzBargain through the hospital wifi.

  • Ahh, was hoping for the 800ml variants, but I guess I'll have to do with 375ml as mine were getting dirty.

  • +1 makes you look rich

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      But you didn't actually +1.

    • Harvey Specter drinks Voss water and gets 2 bottles delivered on his desk everyday.

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    I guess re-using glass is better than burning our waste to produce energy, I'll have to re-think my stance on a fairly expensive bottle of water.

    • i watched a “thingy” on netflix a whiles back and it said the energy it takes to make one glass bottle is the same energy used to make couple hundred plastic bottles so unless u plan on using that same glass bottle a couple hundred times. FOOGEDABOUTIT!

      • same with one time shopping bags vs re-useable and carbon footprint, re-useable bags have much larger carbon footprint over their life but hey, they phase out the one time use ones and people feel good about it, supermarkets save on no longer providing free bags, and make money now selling bags …

        Toilet paper will be next, all those tree cut down, bleach in water ways to make the paper and carbon to transport it … not sure how they will tackle that one time use and find an alternative, wash your butt with your hand like in some cultures I guess.

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        Same energy. But the waste created from one glass bottle versus 200 plastic bottles is vastly different. Also glass biodegrades and less damaging to oceans but plastic takes forever and fish end up eating the microplastics.

        • I'd love to hear some genuine estimates on glass biodegradability

        • @shmahoo:
          Glass is made out of sand

        • @Sweetnsour: … and plastic is made of petroleum. Glass is not biodegradable as it cannot be broken down by microorganisms (hence the 'bio' bit).

        • @blablabla23:
          No need to get too technical, but glass can be broken down physically with time. Plastic just floats indefinitely in oceans and can't be unscrambled back into petroleum due to its polymer strands. Glass gets thrown around in natural due to waves and in due course into tiny grains again.

    • It's a good bottle. I need another one because I left my last one Adelaide

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    Post Title should be changed to "Deal for glass bottle with bonus water".

  • this always seems like this was an OzB running gag or meme. but we all just forgot it was…

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    well, different labels on the different flavours might now make it collectibe …. limited edition flavours.

  • Thanks OP $2 for a nice bottle :)

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      I've had mine in the office for 2 years and refill as needed, great bottles, and it's nicer to drink from glass than plastic, enjoy.

      • same bottle for 2yrs? You clean it often?

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          just a rinse if it had water left in it over the weekend … else just empty and refill if water was left overnight.

          heck they fill water tanks and transport and give to communities during droughts and people don't get sick.

          water tanks …. birds poop on the roof, washed into the tank and people drink it, also how often do people clean the bottom of a water tank if they are on tank water ……

          Your need to be doing something REALLY wrong to get sick from our tap water and a bit of common sense based on science.

          As I said people do oral sex without too many issues (maybe no kissing until a rinse afterwards) , any issues with tap water and bottles pales in comparison.

          There is solid science about bacteria types, environments, rate of growth, etc and what will make you sick and what doesn't.

          Heck they even now transplant peoples "intestinal floral" hmm sterilise my water bottle but give me an enema with stuff from someone's gut ? Suppose you make you better not sicker.

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          @garage sale: …..ok thanks

  • This + https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/375340 = i can finally wash the car.

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    My 2 cents..the flavoured water bottles comes with removable labels so you can peel them off for a clear look.

    • I tried using scissors to scrape off the label and it comes off easily.

    • well that kills the collectible factor if the labels come off….

  • Waiting for sparkling coconut water

  • Just returned from Coles… the price is back to $3.58. :(

  • At Coles Central West: $3.10
    no more deal!

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