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Buy a $50 WISH eGift Card, Get a Bonus $5 | Buy a $50 Prezzee eGift Card, Get a Bonus $20 Event Cinemas eGift Card at Prezzee


Mother's Day offers from Prezzee - purchase a $50 Woolworths WISH eGift Card and get another $5 bonus gift card. $55 value for $50 (~9.1% off).

Promotion valid on Prezzee only when you purchase a $50 Woolworths WISH eGift Card. Only available while stocks last. Maximum of 1 bonus offer per account. Bonus $5 Gift Card will be emailed separately. Offer ends 11:59pm 14.5.18. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Only whilst stock lasts.

You can also purchase a general $50 Prezzee eGift card (to swap for any other gift card on the site) to get a bonus $20 Event Cinemas eGift card.

Promotion valid on Prezzee only when you purchase a $50 Prezzee eGift Card. Only available while stocks last and a maximum of 2 bonus offers per account are permitted. Bonus $20 Gift Card will be emailed separately Offer ends 11:59pm 14.5.18. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Only whilst stock lasts. Event Cinema bonus eGift Card valid until 30.9.18 and cannot be used in VIC/TAS.

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2018.

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  • Awesome, thanks!

  • Can a swap gift card be used to swap to a wish?

    • +2

      from my past experience, yes

  • +2

    May also be worth mentioning that the Prezzee gift card is valid for 3 years (as per the law amendment, in NSW at least). Nice deal!

  • Thanks OP does this mean I can buy 1 wish gift card and 2 prezzee swap gift cards to access 3 bonus offers?

    Edit: can confirm this works

  • Thank you OP

  • Done, thanks.

  • +1

    If I buy one WW Wish card and one Prezzee card, am I eligible for both bonus gifts?

    • i did and worked fine, both bonus cards came through

  • cheers

  • Thanks OP. Brought a Prezee Swap card for myself and one for my partner and got 2 Event gift cards. Cheers!

  • +4
    • Bought 1 x $50 WW Wish Card + 2 x 50 Prezzee eGift Card
    • Received 1 x $5 WW Wish Card + 2 x $20 Event Cinemas eGift card instantly.
    • Are you planning to use the 2 x Prezzee egift card to swap to WW Wish?

    • Assuming all from one account ?

  • I bought 2 Swap cards, but only got 1 bonus EVENT card…?

    • -3

      Multiple accounts son

      • +1

        Nevermind, both came eventually (same account)

    • Was there a banner on prezzee when you purchased ?

  • Thank you! 2 x Event Cinemas gift cards came instantly :)

    • Same account?

      • Yes

    • +2

      Strange, I literally just bought 2 x 50 Prezzee SWAP eGift Card and was sent 2 x $20 Event Cinemas eGift card instantly.

      • yes how strange indeed

  • Website being hammered. DAmm

  • Has anyone who's previously received a $5 bonus Wish card from their previous promo successfully ordered and received another $50+$5 Wish card on this campaign using the same account?

    • +1

      I received $5 bonus Wish card in Nov and just received another one from this offer today.

      • Great thanks!

        • I had purchased in the previous promo and my order has gone in review :-(

        • @Tems: Oh really? I just purchased mine on my previous account and got both cards instantly

        • @GreenGuava: yes… I bought from 2 accounts. Both went to review one just came through finally… still waiting for the sewcond one :-(

  • +1

    Bought two $50 Prezzee swap cards (separate transactions) but only received one $20 Event gift card. First $20 Event card came immediately.

    I'll give it a bit more time for it to come through before contacting Prezzee.

    • Did you get the second $20 giftcard?

      • No. Just sent them an email and I can just now see the post has been updated to say the cards have sold out. I'll be requesting a refund on that card (I havent swapped that one yet).

        • Hey man, I just received mine. same story as yours, two $50 Prezzee swap cards (separate transactions), second one came in just then.

        • @tidie:

          Yep I got my second one too. Credit to Prezzee for honoring their offer.

  • I bought a swap card but no event card received after 4-5 mins - stock might have already run out?

  • Bought 2x $50 prezzee and received 2 x gift cards, and also bought 1x WISH gift card and got the extra $5 too - all on same account. Thanks, OP!

  • Can you use the swap card to buy the wish e-gift card to trigger the extra $5?

    • no

    • Nope you'll need to actually buy the $50 WISH card.

  • Only available for the first 1000 purchases.

    I think I missed out hmm


    Only available for the first 150 purchases

    For the Prezzie one

    • +1

      Bought 2 swap cards - havent received anything yet. Bonus offer is still clearly advertised on site and the swap card listing… how difficult can it be to code a limited offer ?

      • Update: bought 2 when the offer was still advertised and have not received any Event Cinema gcards.
        I see the listing is no longer available now.
        Will have to contact Prezzee..

  • +2

    Yup bought the Prezzie swap, didn't receive any Event gift card.

    Missed out (:

    • Looks like there’s no banner now

    • Yep, earnt $5 on woolies and lost $2.5 in the prezzee. Break even day at Ozbargain for me.

    • Check again.

      I just received mine, 2 hrs after buying.

      • Thanks. I just received mine, few minutes ago.

  • +1

    I got a $5 wish card as of 2 mins ago. So the WW promo still works. Unsure about the event cinema one

  • $50 Prezzee eGift card out of stock now

  • Prezzee Swap gift card no longer available?

  • prezzie one ozbargained

  • Confirmed, Wish card still has the promo but the Prezzee Swap deal is over. Just got my $5 Wish card.

  • +1

    Missed out :(

  • Still waiting on my event gift card

    • how many locations event cinema has in Melbourne, I could only find one. is that right?

  • My $5 WISH eGift card actually arrived before my $50 one did. That's insanely fast!

  • Still waiting on my event gift cards. I bought 2. I think it is likely that I have missed out. After I bought them, the comments starts flowing on here saying the cards are sold out. A bit unhappy that there was no mention of the limited number in the post. I wouldn't have bought the cards otherwise.

    • May be worthwhile getting in touch with them about it. The page with those specific vouchers has now been taken down, so if they can see that you bought the correct vouchers with the expired offer attached to them I'd be surprised if they didn't send some vouchers to you.

      • I emailed them. Fingers crossed.

        • Can you pm me the screen shot please

        • @easternculture: sorry I didn’t think to take a screenshot at the time. I’m hoping they match up when I purchased the voucher with when they removed the offer.

          However if anyone else has a screenshot, could you please share with the rest of us who just missed out?

      • Got it after emailing them!

        • Got it as well. Upvote from me.

        • got mine too

    • you can take a screenshot and email them as the promotion still shows on their app. Happened with me once and i told them they should have stopped displaying the promo if the card was sold out. And they cribbed but eventually gave me my bonus card. Worth a try…

      • Yup - this is what I'm going to do.. dont advertise limited offers somewhere in the t&cs
        Will update if I get a response

  • $5 WISH eGift card still being given as of a couple of minutes ago.

  • Just tried a $50 wish card. no $5 yet…

    • Got it. Goes straight to email, doesn't show in wallet straight away.

  • I signed up and bought the $50 WISH giftcard after validating my email about 10 mins ago. But still no email for the extra $5 giftcard yet.

    Edit: Just received the $5 egiftcard now after about 30mins. All good.

    • I just bought it and got the $5 email before the tax invoice for the $50..

  • +1

    Only whilst stock lasts —> how do we know the stocks are still available?

    • Wish giftcard still works. Got the $5 card 1 min ago right after paid for $50 card.

  • Tried 2 times with Amex, didn't work. The third time with Mastercard and said the offer is no longer available !

  • ww giftcards all gone now :(

  • Anyone buying during the promo page but thought they are not getting it you might still have it. I received mine 2 hours after I bought it at 10.21 am.

    But just realised it’s not valid in tassie or vic :( and can’t be used at village.

  • Wish card sold out .
    Priceline pharmacy $100 card $15 bonus is still available. Might be worth getting, if your usual pharmacy is a priceline, and if it can be used for essential needs such as prescriptions that you will need anyway.

  • +1

    Just bought on the app still no $20 gift card yet. There still wollies cards available on the app.

  • zz never got my $5 card and I was well within the promo period with others getting it after me..

    • Same! >.<

    • Same. I purchased the Woolworth $50 gift card via the app last night. Still did not get the $5.

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