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Toshiba X300 6TB Desktop 3.5" SATA Hard Drive $125.52 USD (~$168 AUD) Delivered @ Amazon US


Back on Sale at an even better price..

6TBs for only $168 AUD Delivered

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  • Does Amazon have a $10 referral signup credit?

  • No way….. Feelsbadman :(

  • Dayum this price is good. Must. Resist. Buying.

  • I bought one to use with a 512GB NVME and FuzeDrive.. Sick of running out of room on my main PC

  • Wow… Ozbargained already… or maybe low stock

  • Shows as in stock for me 113usd

  • Must have restocked… It was unavailable just before

  • Would have to go back to Amazon US for warranty if it died, right?

  • I'm getting $173.70aus :(.

  • I have a HP N40L microserver. I noticed that there is a NAS version of this drive (N300) but will this be OK in the N40L? The server is mainly used for storing photos and home videos.

    • I've got the same system and I use WD Greens in it. NAS really is designed for being in a work-horse system that's serving data all the time and really isn't worth the extra in my opinion. A standard desktop drive in a server like yours that's essentially for storing and backup isn't crunching data 24/7. You're better off having SSD for the operating system and two of these in RAID for data security.

      Think Ozito power tools (home use) versus Dewalt and Makita (commercial/industrial use).

      • Thanks. Now to work out how to break the mirror and get these 2 in.
        Edit: I'm thinking that there's not much point in having a mirror in the server. I could get 3 of these, have the 2nd one as backup and the 3rd one as offsite backup. Is there an automated backup software that can do this?

        • I'd be looking at putting something like unRAID on the N40L and getting some parity in there to protect the data. And you could also have dockers, VMs etc.

        • raid 1 with freefilesync and a usb3 caddy.

      • You might want to look at the SMART stats on your Greens. If you haven't increased the timeout for parking the drive heads using WDIDLE, your going to have excessive parks which will shorten the life of those drives.

    • I also have N40L HP Microserver and a N36L and use FreeNAS. My primary machine has all Seagate NAS drives and the other one WD Green. Had only one WD Green fail in 3 years. Using a 7200RPM drive in a NAS is a kind of waste as it can't deliver it's full performance. However, considering the low price (much lower than other 6TB drives on staticice), they would make a great NAS. Make sure you get at least two for redundancy purposes. If you wan't some better performance, get 1 in each N40L drive bay. FreeNAS is a great match for HP Microservers.

  • Reload $100 gift card and you get First reload bonus $5 free!!!!!

  • Just checked newegg and see 22% fail rate (DOA or shortly after). Is that normal? Seems a tad high?

    • I wouldnt trust those metrics to be honest. Im not sure where they get the data from. From personal experience, I have 3 of the 5tb (previous model) in my NAS for the last 3 years without any issues.

    • Does sound unusually high, especially for DOA.

      Haven't used the X300s but I've been running 3x Toshiba DT01ACA300 in my NAS 24/7 for more than 3 years with no probs.

    • Tbf only people with issues will report of such issues imo. Unless they have a different way of attaining such data.

    • If they really had a 22% fail rate, then nobody would still be selling them - too much hassle. I'd expect the real number to have a decimal point in there.

  • 128MB Cache instead of 256.

  • Warning: Toshiba Australia don't honour warranties for drive models they don't sell in Australia. Screwed me once on this, never trusting Toshiba again

    also, Toshiba US don't have an option to select a non-US address for warranty ticket, so you're kinda screwed if it fails outside of Amazon's return window or have to beg a US pal

    • At this price, probably worth the risk :)

    • "You're kinda screwed".

      Of course Toshiba don't warrant products they don't sell in the local market. Bit different to an external drive, or a portable product that can be taken anywhere with you. Don't think they expect an internal hard drive to be taken everywhere in the world.

      Amazon US (and French and German), however are usually A+ when it comes to dealing with problems you encounter.

      They wouldn't sell to overseas customers if they weren't willing to support us. Amazon is a bit different to a small company that couldn't give a hoot about you once it leaves their hands at the post office.

    • does seagate warranty those external drives from these similar amazon deals?

  • How noisy are these big boiz? Suitable for a htpc?

    • Noisy, not for HTPC.
      I have 6 in a NAS and they are great performers, but definitely not quiet!

  • Bought another one.
    I already have 3 of them running happily in my Synology DS 1515+

  • Out of stock.

  • Can they be used as an external hard drive with an enclosure case?

  • Not sure how many people have bought from this and have the same issue as me (spent countless hours running quick and indepth surface scan, then a normal format, copy data across, shutting PC off overnight, the next day the drive became un-initialized), stuff around with AMAZON replacement process, only to have the replacement drive do exactly the same thing. Wasted too much time, off to post office to send the drive back, get a refund and on the hunt for a good deal on equivalent or larger capacity WD or Seagate drive. If you get the issue I got, do yourself a favor, just ask for a refund send the drive back and move on.