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[Mac, Windows] Free: AnyTrans File Manager for iPhone and iPad (Full Version) Via Maclife Magazine


Enjoy Full Version.. its free now by Maclife Magazine :)
An alternative to iTunes.. (App is in German but looks like there is a way to change language as per imobie site OR try downloading from their website and see if that works out for you)

Update : Try this method to change the language to english (Thanks to cnn888) : https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/375964#comment-5907436

Giveaway FULL Versions : (German Language)

From imobie site :
To let our global customers have a better user experience, AnyTrans currently supports 7 languages (English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Arabic and Simplified Chinese). Please simply follow the guide below to switch your preferred language.

Some FAQ from imobie to use this application like changing language

Used Google Translator ( German ->English ) :

Presumably you manage your iPhone or iPad via iTunes on a Mac or PC. However, the software from Apple is not the most intuitive and usually only makes the choice between "everything" or "nothing" anyway. Synchronizing photos, videos or other media selectively with the Apple smartphone or tablet is not equally possible for all types of media and if, as with the example of e-books, very cumbersome. There is an alternative such as the file manager AnyTrans. From Mac Life you get now a full version of the software for free download.

As a Mac Life reader, download the free giveaway version of AnyTrans for free. You can download the app for both macOS and the version for Windows .

  • Slide photos, contacts, and messages back and forth
  • Make backups in the Wi-Fi network
  • Songs without iTunes
  • Convert videos, load directly to the device
  • Extract files from iTunes backups
  • Move files from Android to iOS

Source: mydealz

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  • Mac Life yo.

  • lol

    this is german !!

    • yeah.. this offer is from German Magazine ..
      I am searching to change the language to English :D or will learn some German.. ;-)

      Edit : Use this method to change it to English Language

  • +13 votes
    1. download the free version Anytransfer from imobile.de
    2. install it
    3. copy the english folder from language folder in the installation folder to you download folder
    4. uninstall it
    5. install the giveaway version
    6. delete the deutch folder from language folder
    7. copy the english folder into it
    8. english version is yours

    thanks op!

  • Any idea if this is the one that can backup text messages from iPhone?

  • Definitely keen to give this a go, as to put things mildly, I passionately hate almost everything iTunes stands for. After a quick test, the english language fix posted above by cnn888 seems to work for the most part (asides from a couple of icons etc as mentioned). Not bad at all.

  • For what it’s worth I’ve also installed this on a Windows 7 machine with no problems.

    Thanks again.


    Stated installing the IOS free bit, Comodo anti-virus triggered multiple times (Malwarebytes didn't). Revo uninstall couldn't detect installed program (though that may be as a result of quarantining bits).

    Not confident now, any others seeing this on install?

    There are a number of conflicting hits on the net when I search "anytrans virus malware"…though there a number of hosting sites and awards given for the prog such that you'd think it should be OK.

    Ignoring Comodo allows the freebies to install and Revo to detect & uninstall.

    Anytrans Uninstall does leave a couple of folders with little content on PC (used REVO moderate setting)

  • OK, I have a Mac. Every time I replace resources, Mac says the program is corrupted and should be deleted. It won't even open with "Control" click.
    I have the latest High Sierra security updates so I suspect this is the cause.

    Therefore, as someone else suggested, install the free copy, look at package contents by right clicking the app, delete the "de.lproj" file and relabel the "en.lproj" as de.l[roj.

    It comes up in English but as someone else noted it may still have some German.

    And thanks to "Being Askhole" for his/her ongoing contributions to OzBargain.

    • Thanks, worked a treat!

      Just to clarify, where oraserat says "install the free copy", she/he means the giveaway FULL version from maclife, not the free trial version from imobile.de .

      Also note that if you translate the maclife page http://www.maclife.de/jetzt-gratis-dateimanager-anytrans-iph... about this giveaway, you need to install it by 10 May 2018 or it won't activate:

      "As a reader of Mac Life, you benefit now. Because you can now download the latest version of AnyTrans for free. It is fully functional and not restricted. The only requirement: You must have downloaded and also installed the app until May 10th. Because after the deadline expires the license, it was not previously activated." Hope this helps.

    • same, this method worked for me on High Sierra

  • Thanks OP and cnn888. Very handy software. iTunes annoys me.

  • Thanks OP

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