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Xiaomi Mijia Men Zhibai Shaver US $17.36 (~AU $23.12) Delivered @ DD4


Xiaomi Mijia Men Zhibai Shaver with Coupon code: MijiaShaver = $17.36,Only 12 Days left,Limited stock.

Made of high-hardness Japanese steel, precise and durable
Powerful shaving, easy to shave the beards
USB Type-C interface, very convenient to charge it with your compact power bank
Built-in high-density battery, long lasting for 30 days using every 1 minutes every day
Low battery indicator, reminds you of remaining lower

Recommendation item:
Xiaomi Mi Home USB Rechargeable Electric Shaver with Coupon code: MiShaver = $33.95

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Please add the above items you wish to buy to your shopping cart and go to checkout,then enter the coupon code in the coupon box for application, The total discount will automatically be calculated during checkout.

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  • +16

    Will it be smell strange with this chibai saver?

    • +4

      Omg. Really xiaomi?

    • +1

      Smells fishy :p

    • +2

      Haha glad I wasn’t the only one to think it said that.

    • +5

      smells like chao chibai

  • +1

    What a name!

  • +7

    all my southeast asian friends are laughing up a storm with this! XD

  • +2

    hard to find a man with zhibai to shave tho

  • anyone got this and able to comment on performance?

    This youtube review doesn't seem very positive.

    He is moving it very fast though, so maybe that's why it performed so poorly.

    • -1

      Apparently Chinese men only need a minute. Hence why he was moving so quickly.

    • Love this video.
      'Do not buy this, it is for little boys with fluffy hair!'

  • +1

    Up voted for the jokes. Did not disappoint.

  • +1

    Shouldn’t it be Xiaomi Mijia Women Zhibai Shaver.

  • +1

    Would not buy a shaver made for the chinese market. Chinese men don't have facial hair!

    • +12

      Plot twist.. Chinese men are normally hairy as, but their shavers made you think they weren’t.

    • +1

      This is for facial hair?

      • +1

        Apparently so. But the name suggest otherwise.

    • Chinese men don't have facial hair!

      They are more evolved than Caucasians?

  • +2

    Even the descriptors sound so sexual now.

    "Type-C Interface"
    "Charge with your compact power bank"
    "long-lasting; using only 1 minute everyday"

    Fill in the blanks with your very own xiao zi bai. oops did i misspell and omit alphabets?

    I just had to relive my primary school toilet humour days in good ol' Singapore. i'll walk myself out.

  • +2

    So can my wife use this to shave her Mijia?

    • This has nothing on the "Miija Wowstick Magnetic Screw Pads" on an earlier deal…

    • +1

      or her zhibai

  • +1

    This is for the Chinese market - zhao zhibai

  • do they really think we are that stupid with the model name…..lol

  • Well, the orange spinner on the website is spinning but noones home yet

  • Website not loading properly for me, anyone else having problems?

    • +1


      the website can open normally now.Try it.thx.

  • Thanks, now the add to cart button doesn't work 😁

    • Same here

      • Its working now, got one thanks

        • all right.thank you for your understanding

  • Cantik sekali.

  • I got the Braun M30 from this deal and at this price I can't complain, might take a few passes but eventually it gets the job done

    Goes on sale quite frequently so might be worthwhile holding out for that instead

  • So I asked my Chinese workmate why you all losing your shit and she told me Chibai was slang for cock, yet you all seem pretty sure it's (profanity). Anyone able to enlighten me further?

    • afaik it's hokkien for vagina.

    • It means smelly women's genitals

      • nope .. not smelly

  • besides the name, what's the difference between the zhibai and non-zhibai shaver? considering one for my travels..

    • +4

      One used for zhibai, the other used for face (ie. non zhibai)

      • lol…

      • I lol-ed hard at this

  • Got my vagina shaver today. Honestly surprised how nice it is for the price. And it uses usb-c. Shocking.
    Very happy.

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