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Los Angeles Return from $687 MEL / $704 SYD / $708 BNE / $685 PER / $689 ADL Flying China Southern @ FS


We just scouted these China Southern sale fares to Los Angeles. Travel dates are in Oct / Nov 2018. Most flights will be via Guangzhou.

Update: China Southern have similar fares to SFO from SYD and MELB - http://www.flightscout.co/au/cheap-flights/anywhere-to-san-f...

These are some of the cheapest full service fares to Los Angeles we have seen for a while and may not last long.

China Southern are a full service airline so luggage and meals are included. All prices quoted are for return fares and include taxes. China Southern are rated as the worlds 6th largest passenger carrying airline.

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Happy Scouting :)

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  • +1

    Great prices, pity about the length of the flights.

    I've flown CZ a lot, never had any problems. Can credit flights to DL for reasonable earn rates (I find DL are the best for Chinese airlines in SkyTeam). And if you're a QF (or non DL partner) status member, you can get a DL status match and have lounge access/priority/etc at all airports.

    • +1

      I thought they only status through a Delta Challenge though.

  • Great price. China southern are excellent too

  • Do they depart from Cairns?

    • I think they do. Saw the ad last time in Cairns.

  • Great prices. Not enough days for flights.

    • +4

      The system will be searching for more … keep checking through the day :)

  • +1

    Is china southern the airline that gives free hotels in china for stopovers? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Yes, it is one of them. I've stayed in 2 different hotels in Guangzhou with this. They're not great, but not too bad. Transfers are included too.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Chinese airlines don't allow you to use your own electronic devices (phone, tablets) during flights even in flight mode?

    • +1

      they're officially not allowed. however, during the whole flight everyone had headphones in/on. I was watching Netflix on my phone. It's a bit of a don't ask/don't tell policy I think.

    • +2

      Phone - no
      Tablet - yes

    • +1

      They're since lifted the ban.

    • +2

      This used to be the case, but this ban has recently been lifted.

      • ahhh great, thanks for the info.

      • +1

        No headphones during takeoff and landing

      • +1

        I can confirm that.

  • Good deal.

    Any idea how long these prices might last for?

    • +5

      Nothing ever lasts, Andry. Existence is fleeting.

      • -1

        Wow, look what happens when you forget your socks :)

  • TARGET PRICE $799……….. S M A S H E D!!

  • Do China Southern have reclining seats? Mine didn't recline on a domestic flight from Guilin to Kunming, was like sitting in a kitchen chair the whole time.

    • Their long haul planes are much better than domestic ones.

  • Perth to LA from 1140??

  • When's the cheapest time to buy a ticket to LA from Melbourne from mid-Dec to mid-Jan?

    • +1

      I've found airfares tend to go up from about 15 December due to holiday demand, and stay high until about the 20th January. If you can get anywhere close to $1k, grab it.

      • Thanks for the advice!

  • +1

    They have a reputation for terrible customer service.

    • +3

      The service is the least of your worries. The fellow mainland passengers are of greater concern.

  • Did once, never will again. Ours was about a 40 hour trip, with the longest and most boring stopover I've ever had.
    The only time ever I've said I'd rather pay more for a better experience.

    Nothing wrong with the flights though. For people who can entertain themselves and with good endurance, it's the way to go.

    • Depends how much more decent flight and transfer times are I guess. I have long ass flights to Europe coming up but at least that's with Singapore

  • Where are the $708 Brisbane flights? I can't see them.

    • This deal was posted 4 days ago so itโ€™s likely they may not all be available. If you are interested in flight deals then in notifications for posts on ozbargain or subscribe to our daily deals alert - http://www.flightscout.co/au/email-signup

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