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Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 10,000mAh $19.95 (Or 2 for $34.10) Delivered @ Ausphone eBay


Decent price for local stock. Not the newest QC 3.0 version, but this should still be a great option for people at this price. The store also has a further 10% discount if you're purchasing 2 or more, which makes this $35.90 when you add this to your cart. Combine this with the PULL5 5% discount (min spend $30) and you can get 2 for $34.10 ($17.05 each).

Update 7/5: Initially went out of stock, the seller has now added more in stock with an increased price. At least over 150+ sold, so they may not be able to provide this price anymore. Have marked the post as expired.

Original PULL5 5% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post

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    Yea, great price considering now you can't really get these from Chinese sellers. Lowest for single units from them were around the $18 mark..

  • Wow… never seen a seller with that many negative feedback before..hope they will deliver this on time.

  • Does this do quick charge ?

    • Yes, QuickCharge 2.0 though, which all QC3+ phones are backwards compatible with, and isn't vastly different as far as charging times go.

  • Great product

  • Great product. Great price

  • Have about 6, bought more anyway.

  • Looks like Powerbanks are bank on the menu boysssss

    RIP QC35

  • They list it as "Unbranded" instead of Xiaomi.

    Anyone bought from Ausphone and got legit Xiaomi?

    • Means they missed that field. Everything else is advertising Xiaomi.

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      Yeah I had the same concern as yours. Went through their feedback to see if there are any complaints regarding the authenticity, however I couldn't find any. They do point out in the thumbnail that it is genuine which can be checked with the scratch code (at least to my interpretation). To me, it seems more like an issue of the seller being lazy in updating the description, but it's good you've brought this up. Have purchased one too so I'll give an update soon :)

  • Recommend for Nintendo Switch?

  • Can anyone recommend a good USB-A to USB-C cable? I ordered one previously from ebay but the quality turned out to be rubbish. With these new phones all in USB-C this would be great.

      • Mine arrived the other day. I may need to get some more. The main thing holding me back is if it fries my phone.

        • Ugreen is pretty good. Ordered them out of the blue directly from their aliexpress store once and was surprised by their quality.

          I now use their analogue audio cables, hdmi cables, Displayport cables, toslink, card readers and adapters. Everything has really good build quality and I highly recommend them.

          I own a OP3 so I have a bunch of charging cables for it (Aliexpress sellers appear to be selling genuine cables, can't even find knock off's for sale) but they have an issue with the cable having a wire or two break internally at the connector after a few months, so I'll grab a couple of the Ugreen cables since their build quality on everything else I've ordered from them is excellent.

          I probably sound like a shill, but I'm just a satisfied customer. Compare the price of their HDMI 2.0 cables to what's sold locally, and their USB 3 card readers to those sold locally or on eBay (eBay ones tend to only reach 2.0 speeds in my case as well) and look up reviews for their audio cables and you'll see their price is good and they're often compared with the best most expensive audio cables.

  • How do I recharge these once they are empty?

    • slowly, as it’s only qc2 …… the demand for qc 3 isn’t just to charge the phone, it’s to charge the bank which takes a long time on qc2.

      the other xiaomi powerbanks costs $10 more but can be charged via qc3 and also charge at qc3 speed.

    • Its just like your phone… Plug in and it'll charge

  • Thanks to OP for the powerbank post and R3XNebular for the cable tip.

  • Trying to pay at checkout and says this" A seller made some changes to an item listing" help

  • Good price!
    Do we know how long the warranty is (assuming this is local warranty)?
    Bought mine from geekbuying and has been running well for 1.5years and was suddenly just not working anymore (not accepting charged; perhaps connector issue).
    Expect to get less than 2 years lifetime for this model?

  • oath 2-fa

  • Bought one - decent enough for powering a raspberry pi project, right?

    Thinking a wireless streaming camera using PiCam

  • 0 available / 7,056 sold wow.was wait for 200+ upvotes then ill get one

  • Just got an email that they're out of stock and can choose to either have it on backorder (5 weeks) or get a refund.

  • Is it worth waiting 5 weeks ?

    Clearly this Seller revised the price, he doesn't have stock to service our order then why did he enter the amount of pieces.


    • I ordered a Xiaomi powerbank end of last year from Banggood or one of those other chinese retailers.

      Just so happened to be the time when barely any got delivered, contacted customer service for a refund, 2 weeks later, no response. Ended up having to open a dispute with paypal and won because of no response during the dispute.

      I'm willing to wait because this is a good price even from china, and if it isn't delivered, I can open a dispute with either ebay or paypal, so I have twice the protection if something does go wrong.

      As for negative feedback, that's up to you. They appear to be able to deliver the product, but they've turned local orders into backorders from China with no compensation.

  • I bought mine with ebay voucher if I get a refund does it go back on the voucher balance.


    Received mine today. Delivery was quite fast considering a later delivery estimation on the listing. First thing I checked was whether this was a genuine product as I haven’t purchased anything from this seller before. There should be a 20-digit code on the back (scratch code) which you can verify here. Can confirm my one was recognised as authentic.

    It’s a shame to hear that a few people had their orders cancelled, not sure why they would allow to take so many orders when they didn’t have sufficient stock :( Will try to find another deal from a more reliable seller in the future, sorry to those who missed out and had their orders cancelled.

    • No worries, it's cheap and now they're giving a newer model to people who chose to wait.

      Looks like it might be the 2i.

      Here's the comparison pics they gave 1 2

  • Received today

    Dear customer,

    Our new stock is available now but the old model which you bought has been discontinued.
    The new model has same capacity with one extra USB port.
    Please reply us if you want to refund or send the new model item to you.
    Please check the pictures as below for the difference between two models:

    Sounds fine to me so accepted.

  • Received today

    Looks to be a Xiaomi PLM09ZM not a "2i" just a 2(QC 2.0). See here


    All's well that ends well really. At a novice's glance a bit less capacity but larger, offset by having dual outputs.

  • I see that some people have already received it. I'm still waiting on mine - they told me that they sent it on 26/5/18. It's meant to be an Australian stock, so it should have arrived by now. Very disappointed.