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Harmony 600 $34.95 - M950 $59.95 - Logitech M305 $19.95 - UE700 $109 - UE600 $69.95 Delivered


Extended ——- Extended wow - the specials start now
during the next 48 hours big specials will keep hitting the specials section of logitechshop. starting now with the super deal
Latest —
Massive combo Logitech g13 + Logitech g500 mouse $109 Delivered
Logitech ps3 guitar controller $70
Logitech Ultimate ears 600 (NEW) $69.95
Logitech Ultimate ears ue700 $109 delivered
Logitech k750 Wireless Solar keyboard $79.95 Cheapest is $110Aprox in any place
Logitech Ultimate ears 220 $24.95 delivered
Logitech M305 Silver Wireless Mouse $19.95 Delivered
Logitech M950 $59.95 delivered
Harmony 600 remote $34.95 delivered
Harmony 600 + ps3 adapter $64.95 delivered
Logitech G510 gaming keyboard $99 delivered

Mod: Added:
Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard $124.95

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  • beats everything on static ice by a large margin so a plus from me.

  • Bargaincrypt, I had a problem with my order. How can I get into contact with you guys apart from email?

  • girly scream
    Keyboards! Finally!
    The G19?? Please? :D
    If not, please say so as the G510 will have to do.

  • +4 votes

    more coming up . even ultimate ears . wowow

  • bargaincrypt, keep em coming man, will buy if I see something yummy :)

  • Great deal! Waiting for G9X/G19 though :)

  • Is Harmony 600 better than Harmony 510?

    • +2 votes

      G510 is a keyboard :(

    • Harmony 600 seems to have same spec as 515 (controls up to 5 devices), just more curvy appearance. Personally I prefer the look of the old 515 I bought for $30 delivered from Bing Lee a few weeks back.

      • Same here, I picked one up from BL for $29. But I found that you can hear and feel the buttons clicking when you press on them, similar to other cheap electronics. I wonder if they have improved on the 600 model.

  • +3 votes

    Ultimate ears sheduled for around 6:00pm to be added . :)

  • Logitech z-5500 @ $295 back in at that price . Popular demand .

  • BC put us a special for Logitech Illuminated Keyboard or wireless version. thx

  • DEFINITELY Logitech Illuminated Wireless Keyboard special! :) DO WANT a Keyboard/Mouse special :)

    Also; maybe some High-Teir Ultimate Ears? Yummm :)

  • Just grabbed a Harmony 600 + PS3 adaptor. Have wanted the adaptor for a while and I'm sure I'll find some use for the extra Harmony. :) Thanks for the great deals! Will be watching this for the rest of the day now. haha

  • Is the G10 good for that price? Should i wait for a better deal? I have some crappy Dell wireless keyboard right now. :(

  • any ipod docks in line ?

    • YES!!! I'm trying to buy a good alarm clock iphone 4 compatible dock… all signs point to ihome products if im to pay full price, but i like the logitech ones, and if a high quality one comes available i will be throwing my credit card on the keyboard!

    • i bought an anywhere 2 for $85 from their ebay store. arrived the next day and loving it =D

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't NEED a sound system but EVERYONE says the Z-5500s are awesome.

    Control man, control.

    • Give in man, give in.

    • They are AWESOME, I would own one if I didn't live in a unit, the epic bass would annoy my neighbor :(

      • I'm about to move down to uni and board with a family, I actually got some Turtle Beach headphones to AVOID getting a sound system…. auasdahjsadkjs

    • +6 votes

      lol, it is a common symptom and/or dilemma on OzBargain.
      Good luck fighting it ;-) I give in many times.

    • Bought one a few weeks ago. Brilliant. If you love action movies you cant go past these for the price.
      You cant build a 5.1 system for under 1500 bucks that will be as good as this IMO

      • I'm thinking about getting these for the lounge room - is this the best buy for it? I reeeally don't want to be running computer speakers as my main sound system if they are not up for it.

        • They are computer speakers, but they are very high end computer speakers. They won't sound as good as a proper home theatre system, but you get what you pay for. And an enormous subwoofer.

          You would probably want stands or to wall mount the rears. For a lounge room, the 4 satellite speakers are quite small. And the speakers are wired, so keep that under consideration.

          All that being said I love mine.

        • They are not perfect clarity of audio, and the mounts really only allow them to be sat on a shelf.
          The sub is beefy.
          Its great in my lounge as it suits it, but may not suit all lounges.

          I find they look great, and for <$300 bucks the bang for buck is awesome, fills your lounge with sound!

          My advice, go to a HN computer section most have them on display and have a crank of it, and check out what it does and how it looks.

          Read reviews, plenty of people have them as their surround in the lounge, google is your friend.

          Optical in & DTS on bluray rips = most excellent sound ;)

        • Thanks for the help, i might do a bit more homework.

        • greydaniel, your comment got truncated because you didn't leave a space after the < symbol so its trying to interpret it as HTML

          I bought some speaker stands and made some mounting brackets for them, works well. But my study is pretty small, maybe 6 square metres, so I can't comment on how well they fill a big room. Sure irritates my brother at the other end of the house though.

  • Another good deals. Thank you very much!

  • Any Chance of an MX518 mouse crypt???!!! /beg

    • or…if the G9x came down to the price of the MX518 currently =)

      • Be wary… Those two mice require a completely different grip, palm fo the MX518 and claw for the G9X.

        Most people prefer one or the other, finding the other very uncomfortable. So make sure you know what you actually want before buying. The claw grip mice are generally quite small.

        • what would you say this is? http://img258.imageshack.us/img258/8308/imag0302a.jpg

          PM me or reply above as this is 4th thread.

        • Palm grip.

          To see what I mean, i.imgur.com/FYgkI.jpg

        • I'm using palm on my G9…… extremely comfortable. But then again I use a heavy mouse and clawing heavy mice isnt exactly an easy thing to do (well at least not for me.)

          edit: turns out I'm sort of a both? I palm it but my fingers are curled up like a claw grip….
          or am i just being all delusional again and dont know what kind of grip i use lol

        • hmm. I do tend to use the tips of my fingers over the front bit thought if that makes sense. I think it's probably in between. hmm how can I test this!
          edit: Yes exactly like Trance'n'Dance

        • It was hard going from the G5 to G9x… I prefer the comfort of the G5 way more.. After few months on the G9x, still not that used to it…

  • How about the Harmony 900? Any deals on this coming up?

  • any one still looking for BOOM?

  • G19 for $99 = me buy.

  • will the harmony 600 remote be able to control the volume of my z5500's?

  • any ultimate ears for iPhone??

  • Harmony 600 + ps3 adapter $64.95 delivered

    Any chance of a deal on just the PS3 adapter? I already have a 525 from you last year.

    • simply buy the 600+ps3 adapter, and then ebay off the 600. i did this last year with their 525+ps3 adapter making the adapter cheap as chips :)

  • logitech g25 or g27 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Why the big price difference between the logitech 600 & 650??
    Can I purchase in store? (leaving for oversees next week)

  • Am hoping there are some specials on a harmony one and PS3 adapter coming … fingers crossed

    • i'd love a deal on a harmony 900, i have the One and i don't have line of sight to my receiver from the dining table :(

  • Do you need to buy a separate ir receiver if you want to use it with your pc?


    I wonder if the 600 is better than the 525 that I already own…

  • Do you need an adaptor for 600 to run xbox?

  • +1 vote

    Logitech m305 silver $19.95 delivered — go for it

    • headphones next? :)

      oo and the G25/G27 while you are at it ;) I am sure you have some G25 sitting in the corner collecting dust to be cleared out!

    • That I did…thanks. ;)

    • Good mouse, just got one.
      As a reward for my continued loyalty, can you do something special with the 10.2" netbook sleeve? :)

  • Waiting for a better keyboard offer.

  • Double post whoops.

  • booyeah got a mouse for my netbook…

  • Ultimate ears 220 Just got released $24.95 delivered and more to come