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½ Price Maharajah's Choice Calico Basmati Rice 5KG $8.75 @ Coles


Better than ½ Price Maharajah's Choice Calico Basmati Rice 5KG $8.75 @ Coles (was $19.25)

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    Ozbargain pro-tip, save the bag and use it for groceries.

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      I use the bags for storing onions, potatoes, etc. They allow the vegies to breath and you can throw them in the wash to clean the bags when they are dirty.

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      Comes with free pesticides as well.

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    This is the poorest Basmati I've ever tried ( grabbed 3 years ago)

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      grabbed 3 years ago

      JV: Have you tried it fresh?

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        Basmati is meant to be aged - most basmati (decent quality) available in the supermarkets will be at least aged for a year.

        That aside, I agree with kamban that this is crap quality. I purchased it once, and will never again, even if it's sold for 1/4th of the price (simply not worth it).

        • Oh well, too late. I've just got a bag. Never tried Basmati before.

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          It's not that bad.

        • Thanks for saving me the pain having to eat bad basmati for months

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          Yeah it's not bad for regular use. If the water to rice ratio is kept just right they taste fine.

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          @Scab: Yes, it is. That bad.

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          It doesn't taste like Basmati at all. The distinct Basmati aroma just isn't there.

          However, if you just want generic low-starch long-grain rice, then it's OK. A similar standard to generic home-brand "long grain rice". Just don't try to use it to make a biryani.

        • @xiangtan: Make no mistake - Basmati is the king of rice grains. I only meant that this particular brand is not a good quality basmati. I hope you are able to find good use to it because it still is a decent quality rice albeit not authentic basmati.

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        Holy crap, I thought you were jv. That impression is spot on!

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      Agreed. Pay the $4 extra and get the India gate brand aged basmati when on special. Well worth it.

      A few places have it around and I also see it in Aldi every couple months for $12 for 5kg.

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        True that. Dawat and Kohinoor are other good brands apart from India Gate - many of these brands are available in Indian grocery stores too.

    • These rice are contaminated with high dose of pesticides. If it was Australian grown I would have bought it

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        How much should we be worried about this? I also heard the same thing (e.g.

        • Don't take sbs "news" too seriously.

        • @CocaKoala:

          The news is unlikely to be fake. But they're overblowing the issue.

          Any sane person rinses the rice thoroughly first, and that gets rid of most of the contaminants.

          If you don't, well then it could be a problem worth worrying about.

        • Yeah, I meant they overblow it out of proportion, scaremongering the sheeple about "foreign stuff".

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    Seems to be at this price almost every second week.

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    nice price

  • I don't think I could eat this much rice in 10 years. :-P

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      I eat brown rice, i eat about 2kg a week.

      • I eat around 2kg of brown rice per week.


    • 5kg? That's a month's supply.

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    As someone who eats rice every day, I recommend you NOT to buy this. Buy Kohinoor rozana, Daawat, or even India Gate rozana. That might probably be a couple of dollars more, but is so much better than this.

    PS: Nothing against the OP for posting the deal though.

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      Except for the pesticides found in those

      • SBS is known to have an anti India bias, so just treat the news story with as it should be. A bit of allegations.

        • Uhh, they had an independent laboratory company verify the finding. The Government also had the rice tested following the publication of the data and came to the same result… I understand you don't like the fact that SBS presented the historical context of Kashmir, but that doesn't suddenly make their scientific evidence invalid.

          Next we will be stating that SBS shouldn't be trusted because they published a documentary which mentioned that Taiwan wasn't always part of China… It must be nice to be able to selectively ignore science because of your nationalism and geopolitical beliefs.

        • -1

          If the government got it tested and found pesticides, why haven't they banned it? Is it because mostly people from subcontinent eat it, so it doesn't matter much.

          Regarding Kashmir, historically it has been part of India. The name Kashmir even comes from the name of an Indian sage, so not sure what historical context can SBS put on it.

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          @homersimpson: Wow, surprised at the negative votes. I guess this is probably how people would "vote" on issues they've no clue about. This is also probably how people like Turnbull and Trump get elected.

        • @CocaKoala:
          Yeah, I think people don't like someone's opinion if it is against their own views.

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    This rice gets sticky after cooking. No basmati qualities at all.

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      do you rinse the rice before cooking?

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      Not sticky, rinse the starch out and cook.

      Comes out fine.

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    It's not Basmati but a low-quality worst rice that I ever saw in my life. Complained to Coles in person and by facebook where they said that they will remove the product. But they started selling again.

  • for the fat ozbargainer, just be careful of the carbs

    you might have to upsize your clothes from xl to xxl

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      Carbophobe, rice is not fattening.

      • It is if you have the typical Australian diet where the basis of the diet is grains and overeating occurs regularly.

        Or carbohydrates as grains are sometimes called.

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          The basis of the Australian diet is not grains, it is meat, fats and oils and pastry goods and everything very processed. Whole grains cause weight loss, they don't cause it. Foods high in fat is the cause of obesity.

        • @freemoneyhunter:

          ^This is the real deal^.

          Love McDougall and his work. My weight (fat) dropped like it was on freefall, and I have become the healthiest I've ever been, and I've never looked back in 3 years now (will never look back).

          It certainly was difficult to start with, but then in about a week everything settled in. I've tried all kinds of other fake diets like atkins, keto diet, "Mediterranean" etc. and it's all nonsense.

    • Basmati is fine. It's a long-grain low-starch rice.

      Don't over-worry about the carbs in rice. But do worry about the starch in fluffy short-grain rice. It converts to sugar in the body very quickly.

      Go for medium-grain or long-grain rice and you're fine.

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    I'm no rice expert and maybe ignorance is bliss but this rice tastes ok to me.

    • Usually the taste people taste isn't actually the taste, it's taste effected by pre concieved notions that affect their subjective experience to the point of tasting different even if eating the same thing.

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      I agree with you. Its ok for regular use. Not biryani quality rice but worth the price that's paid.

    • It's the taste as well as the texture.

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    not bad a deal, used this rice in the past

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    Lots of good quality basmati rice sold at Indian groceries stores. The only other reasonable options I found are the Crown basmati at Coles and the Aldi basmati.

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    Just cooked some. It tastes OK. It's fluffy but sticky, not as flavoursome as Sunrice Jasmine rice I prefer.

  • Quality is okay.

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    I have found the Aldi brand Basmati to be light years better than this crap

  • Are these what thai restaurants use?

    • No, Thai restaurants may be using rice that's supposed to be stickier (more glutinous), but this one is supposed to be non-sticky but unfortunately is sticky and poor quality. But as is evident from the comments, some people may be OK with it given the price point.

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    Imported rice from underdeveloped countries have high pesticide content.

    • As we have gotten accustomed to seeing many Chinese travellers caught with food in the TV program "Border Security", do you think Australian government will allow pesticide laden food to be imported in Australia?

      BTW, SBS sucks.

      • Doh! Did you ever wonder how those cases of Hep A from imported frozen fruit escaped government detection homer? Your faith in the extremely limited amount of testing done by "the govt" is heartwarming but quite scary. We have food standards but generally speaking they are not monitored regularly for compliance, despite your faith and hopes.

  • Just gonna say, i totally found one on the highway.

    I win this ozb sale.

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