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94 Android Apps Free


Hey everyone :).
Got 94 apps that are currently going for free.
Hope you find something that you like, or just add them to your list of apps that you'll never use :P.

Some of the free app deals have expired, any app deals with a line through its name like this has expired.
Thanks to everyone for notifying me what app deals have expired :).

Name Rating Was
90s Music Radio Pro 2.9 $0.99
80s Music Radio Pro 3.4 $0.99
Name Rating Was
TypIt Pro - Watermark, Logo & Text on Phot… 3.9 $1.49
Name Rating Was
Budget Blitz Pro - money tracking and plan… 4.3 $10.99
Name Rating Was
Abi for Twitter 4.0 $1.49
Name Rating Was
Digits 4.1 $1.09
Okappy 5.0 $0.99
OnSite Checklist - Quality & Safety Inspector 4.4 $1.09
QR Code Pro 4.8 $4.39

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  • +39

    Endless Gummy Bear
    Was $549.99

    Thanks OP, glad I waited for it to go on sale.

  • +7

    Excellent effort again OP.

    • +4

      Thankyou, I love you.

      • +2

        Then stop making me jealous. Apparently you liked A Night To Remember. I think the most memorable scene is when the working class passengers are dashing through the ship and stop dead in their tracks when confronted with the extreme luxury of the immaculate 1st class dining area.

        I contend every British film ever made is about class and/or upward social mobility or its absence. There are almost no exceptions.

  • +6

    Total RAM Speed Booster

    Not Free !!

  • +1

    Absolute legend, thanks Wystri!

  • +3

    Root Checker Pro

    Not Free !!

    • Yep normal price

    • +5

      I'd expect to pay for an app that checks whether I've got a root or not.


      • +1

        I ran the rootchecker for you….

        Root checker (not so pro)
        Input username: MathNerd
        Answer: Not rooted

    • Thanks updated Post :).

  • +2

    Budget Blitz not free.

    • Thanks updated Post :).

      Darn that was one that I wanted.
      I'm yet to get a good budgeting app, and I wanted to try this one out.

  • +3

    TD: Goblin Defenders - Towers Rush PRO

    this one isn't free btw

    • Thanks updated Post :).

      • Still not updated

  • Endless Gummy Bear was $549.99? Is that one of those stupid "look at me I'm rich" apps?

  • +3

    Root Checker Pro not free.

    • Thanks updated Post :).
      Darn I wanted to get that one :(.

      • We all know why you wanted to get that Wystri ;)

        • I bet you just loved calculating that, didn't you MathNerd.

        • @Wystri Warrick: I sure did, it was a very good product of many things.

  • +1

    Applock - Fingerprint Pro not free either
    Got a few of the others. Thanks OP

  • Thanks everyone for notifying me on expired apps :), I'll update the post.

  • +1

    City Defender VR is not free.

  • +2

    last one is not free.

  • +1

    Awesome work Wystri! That must have taken a lot of time to compile.

    • +1

      Thankyou xev, I love you.

      Yes it did take a loong time :).

      • I love you long time 😉

  • +1

    Monument Valley!!!!!!!!!! so good

  • +1

    Someone's posted free Ringtone Maker Pro before you, Being Askhole or Detective Pikachu.

  • +1

    Thank you

  • -1

    Anything worth it?

  • +1

    thanks Wystri,

    Got file explorer pro.

    re-size me pro is not free. i recommend the gif me! pro too, i use it all the time

  • +1

    Most of the ones I'm looking at are not (no longer?) free :(

    These are not free:
    Resize Me Pro
    Total RAM Speed Booster
    Root Checker Pro
    Message Quest
    Gif Me! Camera Pro
    Sketch Me! Pro
    Budget Blitz Pro
    TypIt Pro

  • +1

    Charlie's Planet not free.

  • +1

    Fingerprint pro is showing full price as well

  • Just download App Sales and you can find out what is free or on sale everyday.

  • Great post.

  • +5

    I’ll just have the free ATM thanks

    • clicked in looking for this comment

    • I was going to write this if you hadn't. Don't know why people don't just write now instead of ATM.

  • +2

    FYI OZBargain pals, BlackCam Pro - B&W Camera is back to $2.09 :(

    Some of these other apps are great, thanks for posting!

    • +1

      Thanks I'll update the post :).

      +1, I'm out of upvotes :).

      • +1

        Up voted it for you

        • +1

          Thanks darl ;).
          More upvotes just came in, 1+ for you :).

  • Thanks OP

  • Endless Gummy Bear!!!!

  • +1


    Flox - Icon Pack
    Fractal Tree Live Wallpaper -Customisable & Unique
    Dinosaurs 3D Pro lwp
    Firi - Icon Pack

  • +1

    I've downloaded Endless Gummy Bear just in case it goes stratospheric again and I can say to my friends that I just had to buy it and that they should too!

  • Any bargains? i.e. apps worth the price of $0?

    • Yup, but there is a time limit and some of the deals have expired.

    • +1

      Hi JV!

  • Would've +5 if I could, that effort for the post! Truly commendable, good on ya OP!!

  • Expired:
    iBasket Pro - Street Basketball
    Stickman Legends: Shadow Wars
    GIF PartyPro - GIF Video Booth

  • I'd like to give an honorable mention to Monument Valley.
    If you enjoy playing relaxed mobile games, or even if you don't, please do yourself a favor and download this game!

    It's bloody brilliant. I picked it up the other day once another person posted it here.

    Thanks, OP for the write-up! Lovely work.

  • Yeah! Finally a Match 3 without ads and permissions: Endless Gummy Bear

  • Football Challenger - League is (no longer?) free.

    Thanks for the post though OP :)

  • Call Recorder Pro back to $3.99

  • Can't see the free ATM

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