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Only $99 to Learn How to Stunt Drive with a Two Hour Experience in Melbourne. Normally $219


Hey OzBargain hunters, I thought you might like this one.

Here is a motorsport experience package that feeds every car enthusiasts secret desire! There is nowhere else in Australia that you will experience such a huge range of adrenalin pumping automobile experiences on several tracks in one place, on the same day!

This 2 hour stunt driving course will cater for both qualified and beginner drivers, an experience that no matter what your skill level, you will have the best day of your life. Big statement? Come try it, we dare ya!

Learn precision driving techniques as seen in the movies in our specially prepared stunt cars.


  • 180 degree handbrake turn - Learn how to use your handbrake and foot brake together to complete the perfect spin
  • J Turns – 180 reverse spin at high speed - yes you’ve seen it in the movies when the bad guys are trying to get away from the good guys and they reverse at full speed then spin the car around.

  • Parallel parking - This is where you flick a car in between two other parked cars – really cool move!

Rally Drive are based in Bacchus Marsh which is a 45 minute drive from the CBD because let’s face it, we need some room to pull the kind of stunts we are looking at here!

But you better put your pedal to the metal as this deal is only up til Monday.


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  • put city on the title, please

  • Do these Hyundai excels have cannon exhausts?

    • And what about the seat, is it laid back so far that only the top of the driver's hair is visible?

      • Lol, yeah and do they have p plates displayed alread or is it byo?

        • I will only drive said Hyundai Excel if it has a full body kit, huge decals down the side and a steering wheel cover from Kmart.

  • Was about to buy this deal, then realised it's not in NSW…damn.

    Please update the title to include city/state.

  • Location Please? CBD, what CBD?

  • Hi Guys, the title has been updated, cheers for the feedback.

  • If this was in Sydney, I would have bought it ASAP… but alas…

  • Has anyone had experience with Zizzle? Haven't bought from them before, might give this a crack if no bad experiences.

    • Yeah they are fine - you'll get an email seconds later with your coupon you can print out.

  • Ahh! I so wish this was a Sydney deal! How much fun would it be?

  • Already on special:

    Multiple location in metro and country Victoria

    • Great find sacs! But this looks like a defensive driving and safety course, I definitely don't think the Zizzle stunt driving deal quite falls under that category :P

  • are the cars restricted? are the instructors up tight?

    one of my mates did the rally drive, said the cars where pretty weak, and the instructor kept yelling and wouldn't let them any fun. my mates not a bogan either works in the car industry…
    would love to do something fun like this in the right place.

    • +2 votes

      I've done this course and thought it was great. I've never done rally driving or purposely tried to make my car slide, so it was a fun experience. It took a couple of hours as there are 2 cars and my group had about 6 or so people in it so a lot of the time you are waiting for others to finish.

      I drove the Mitsubishi and while others thought the Subaru was better I don't think it impacted on the experience as you are driving on a dirt race course with strategically placed cones.

      The instructors were good. Kept trying to push you on the corners and advised you when to speed up, brake etc.

      Worth $219? No. Worth $99? Maybe. I imagine the fees for insurance, liability, and track rental is what makes the price so high.

      Some pics:

      Pic #1

      • Have they previously offered this specific course? I ask because when I look at their website, they don't seem to include this specific combination of activities as a package - http://www.rallydrive.com.au/?page=Packages

        The closest I can find is if they dropped a lot of stuff from the "Rally Drive - The Ultimate Driver" $699 experience. The suggestion on Zizzle that you can upgrade also supports this being a chopped down version of the $699 package.

        So, when you did the course, did you do this specific combination of activities or was it part of a larger package?

        • +1 vote


          This is a special stunt driving package put together just for Zizzle!

        • +2 votes

          I did the course in July of 2010. It was a 6 lap beginner course gift booked through FreemanX. So yes, this is different from what is offered by Zizzle but it's the same track, car, and people.

          Basically, you did 6 laps and gave you tips as you drove.

        • Thanks Kate and neil - much appreciated.

      • Hey neil,

        Sounds like you did the more traditional rally driving course, this one is specifically aimed at stunts and fancy moves so it's pretty different from what you experienced. Glad you had fun and love the pics!


      • I went here as well neil, got it for my birthday, but we did not use the inside of the track, only the oval on the outside, round in circles

        cost about $550, dont think i exceeded 60 km/h the whole time

        i am a drifter, i take my road car on the track occasionally, as soon as i tried to slide this car a tiny bit, i was told off.

        worth 550? no….

        just thought i would share my experience.

        • yeah thats why you need to make sure you go to the right one… noobs will love it, but anyone with a bit of passion will need to find the right place. guess for 100 bux its worth a shot… if only i hadn't just signed the mortgage papers last month!

        • yeh wish we had know before hand, but just to clarify, the one i (and neil) went to were very different to this one…

    • +1 vote

      Hey Guys,

      Just spoke to Sarah from Rally Drive and she advised me that the car is a customer built Hyundai Excel specifically made by Hyundai Motorsports for the 'One Make' championship.

      It is specifically made for stunt driving with an upgraded engine, safety cage, harness, race seats, DMS suspension, upgraded brakes and is front wheel drive.

      Also Rally Drive asks ever single driver to fill out a feedback form after their session in regards to the instructor - all instructors are professional rally drivers and passionate rev-heads!

      Hope this helps!

  • "Parallel parking - This is where you flick a car in between two other parked cars – really cool move!"
    unless your car is one of the two parked cars and the driver doesn't quite pull it off…lol! i suspect two orange traffic cones will be the 'stunt' doubles here!