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Olympus OMD EM10 MK2 Camera + 3 Lenses $1199.95 [+ $100 Gift Card] at Ted's Cameras


I walk past ted's over the weekend and saw this deal. It comes with 3 lenses and The 3 lenes look quite great:

45 f1.8 mm

Good camera with a decent amount of lenses that come with! :)

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    OMD EM10 MKII (two) not OMD EM10 MK11 (eleven)

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    The 40-150 and 45mm are both good lenses despite the cheap construction - 45mm is great for portraits. Haven't used the 14-42.

    • Awesome to know :) I'm about to jump on this deal myself.

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        14-42: Feels like any other kit lens really.
        You'll either want to very quickly move on to a better lens or you'll be very satisfied with the kit lens, which you probably better off getting a premium compact.

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    Only thing I would warn you about is that if you have large hands this camera can be a bit difficult to grip. Def worth investing in a 3rd party extended grip/battery if possible.

    • I think that comes down to trying to hold it like a dslr.
      I actually prefer the standard way to hold the em5 and em10 to most medium sized dslrs. You can hold these with your middle finger pointed down, like you would hold a compact camera eg: https://keyassets.timeincuk.net/inspirewp/live/wp-content/up...

      With big hands i find all but the largest dslrs my fingertips hit the body of the camera before the grip actually fits in my hand. I would take a stock em10 over a grip like the nikon 7000/7100 any day.

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    If you're spending that much money then might as well go for a Canon EOS

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      Apples and oranges. This is micro four-thirds, which is more compact and mirrorless, and in my view doesn't sacrifice much in photo quality (I have both).

      • A larger sensor will always have an advantage. No small sensor will deliver the DoF of a larger sensor.

        • A narrow DOF is not always an advantage. Do we all need medium format cameras? Not really.

        • A larger sensor will also always have one disadvantage - a much larger camera. I have both a dslr and this camera, and I find myself reaching for the Olympus 9 times out of 10 when I go on trips etc. I acknowledge the photos aren't as good, but they're pretty damn close, and the convenience more than makes up for it for me - others may prioritise differently.

      • I'd go the Olympus over Canon for the in-built stabilisation and better options for lenses. DSLRs are completely dead.

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          What was the recent Olympic games shot with? What will the Fifa World Cup be shot with?

          I guarantee it is primarily DSLR.

          Canon and Nikon are set to make serious mirrorless DSLR alternatives available in the next 18 months or so to compete with the Sony cameras. We're yet to see what will happen. DSLR will die. All tech eventually moves on. To call it dead now is funny though.

        • @syousef:

          You just proved my point. They were shot with mirrorless cameras. Hence Nikon and Canon are smart and are adapting to what Olympus, Sony, Panasonic and Fuji worked out years ago.

        • @Fuchal:

          What are you on about? The recent Olympics were shot with these cameras:


          Honestly do you just think saying something makes it true?

        • -1


          Yeah, crazy that in 2018 Nikon and Canon gear is still so unreliable that they need spares on hand. Mirrorless is so good you don't need that hassle, and is weather sealed. Another reason to avoid DSLRs.

        • @Fuchal:

          Ok now I know you're trolling.

  • EM10 MK2 with 14-42mm ~ 700$
    40-150 ~ 200$
    45mm f1.8 lens ~ 300

    100$ gift card is the deal here.

    • 40-150 can be had for about $100 so….

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        Oh yeah.. eglobal is selling it for 86$. I paid about 180$ 4 years ago.

  • How does this compare to the Fujifilm XT-20, Canon M6 and Sony Alphas if I don't care about video?

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      Well the most obvious difference is the em10 is m4/3 vs the ones you mentioned are apsc.

      Just google if you are unsure of difference between m43 vs apsc.

      In general apsc sensor is better than m43 due to lowlight ability and dof.

      • The Sony a7 and a9 have a full frame sensor, which is even better for low light

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