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Adidas UltraBoost 4.0 Core Black/WHITE $165 @ Wiggle AU


UltraBoosts for only $165 at Wiggles. RRP is $260. Plenty of sizes available. You can also use 'GETTHERE20' for $20 off spend off for new users. Cheapest it has ever been for popular colours?

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    Id say the $98 for the red is a better deal. But red…

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      I'd say red is better than boring sad darkness evil black

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      $98 ?How ? I see $165 ?? even with the $20off (that I don't qualify for) that's $145

    • I miss* when the Ultraboost was only $220 RRP and there were Core Blacks and Black Purple 1.0's for $100 on Wiggle.

    • I thought the same. But red…

  • Wow 13.5 not included in sale

  • UK sizes?

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      Yes shoes on Wiggle are UK sizes

  • No size for me. Need a size 9. I got the NMDs for $89 from another deal though.

    • which NMD deal is it?

      • End Clothing deal. Just received my pair today in the brown I liked. Great bargain.

  • Would also like to know sizes before I pull the trigger.

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      UK sizing. Have bought from them few times before

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    UK sizing, I've bought from there before.

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    My mistake, I was not properly logged onto my account. New customers only

  • Hi Anthony, what about Alphabounce deals?

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      I don't think he works for Wiggle…

      • oh my bad

    • Hey Mate,

      I own a pair of alphabounce, I think they are more responsive, but i generally prefer the UBs as they are super comfortable. Also the durability of alphabounce isn't great.

      Edit: Word

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    I always get my hopes up when i see "plenty of sizes"… but alas no size 15 for me, sigh.

    • I don't think you'll easily find that size online. That is bigfoot size.

    • 15 is not a size

  • glad i picked up the noble reds for $98

    • It was $99.98. So close that it might as well been $100 then. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/377694

      Wherever you got $98 from i don't know.

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        “GETTHERE19” makes it $98.94 as discovered by HelloWorld1225

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        Well yea kinda $98ish and $2 tracked from Cashrewards.

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    Nice deal mate!

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      Others are saying that $99.98 noble red deal was better. But personally i thought the shoe colour looked awful. Each to their own.

      • I knew about it but didnt get them, the red didnt look good to me. For comparison, Adidas at DFO south wharf sells the ultraboost uncaged for $180, lots of sizes.

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          Uncaged version looks terrible on feet in my opinion.

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          @touchmylemon: Do they look better on hands?

        • @eug: instructions unclear. Ended up with a pair hanging on the powerlines.

      • the 4.0 noble red not my cup of tea, but not as bad as the 3.0 ‘minced meat’ http://i63.tinypic.com/1j6o3a.jpg

      • Its a better deal because its cheaper. This site afterall is ozbargain not ozfashionadvice. You been here long enough to know the lengths ozbargain members go to save money.

        Unless there is something inherently wrong with the red ultraboost in terms of say durability then you can't argue that this is a better deal than the red one.

        • Even if you don't care about colourways and styles odds are it does matter to some others.
          I'd argue this is just as good a deal as the noble reds for just under $100. Considering the noble reds are a colour that would be likely to go on sale anyway (although not as low as $100) whereas the core blacks are a lot more in demand and harder to find even at retail prices.
          If you want a steal as a runner who just wants a good shoe go for the noble reds, but if you want something that can be worn on more occassions as a running shoe and a casual shoe you would get more use out of the core blacks as well.

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    Might have to get a pair of these, I'm still using my Core Black 1.0's and the soles are worn flat basically, no grip at all!

    • very good price and the 4.0's are the best UB out of the 4 in terms of comfort and quality

  • Grabbed a pair. Thnx OP cheapest I’ve seen

  • Was looking to get a pair for awhile now in black, at this price couldn’t resist, thx OP

  • Wiggle are part of ClickyFrenzyThingy. So maybe there'll be another discount tonight?

  • Bought, thanks.

  • Damm, i grabbed the noble red from the last deal and was looking to grab the core black but size 7 sold out already :(

  • -1

    Seriously, what muppet pays $250 for a pair of runners made in a Chinese sweat shop?

    • +1

      Which countries sweat shop produces the best pair of runners?

  • Got the whites - Use code GETTHERE20 for extra $20 AUD off

  • luv the shoes, but hate the sock design…

  • just a heads up, women ultraboosts are also available for $165 ($143.94 after using code GETTHERE19).
    4 different colourways and all sizes in stock at time of post.

  • well that's annoying. Just settled for the reds yesterday. GG.

  • Does anyone know if the shoe size on wiggles is US or UK sizes?

  • Can someone help me out quickly! Is the final price displayed in US or AU? The final price comes to $123 for the whites for me, so what would it be?

    • Scap that. On my phone it wasn't displaying the right price. Now it is. $145

  • Should you go down a size (or half a size) for these?

    Heard they run a tad large.

    • True to size apparently.


      I can tell you definitely tomorrow since im getting mine tomorrow.

    • +1

      Just got my ultraboost and feels true to size. Taking a little getting used to the bouncy feel of the sole but overall its so comfy.

      • Did you buy the red ones? I have yet to receive mine, how long did they take to ship if i may ask.

        • Bought the red friday. Got it yesterday.

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