This was posted 8 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Nylex 25m Automatic Hose Reel $89 @ Bunnings Warehouse


Was looking for a retractable garden hose.
Bunnings is selling Nylex 25m Automatic Hose Reel for $89, RRP was $110.
Reel has 2 years and Hose has 10 years guarantee.

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    I have two of these front and rear, pretty decent quality and the fittings are good nylex ones too. An inexpensive option (in comparison) for a decent length and brand hose reel.

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      Nylex isn't really a decent brand.


        I have been looking for one - what would you recommend as good quality and decent brand?


          Hoselink is great but double the price.

          The reel feels more solid, the hose doesn't kink as easily and their support is superb.

          Have 3 of their 20m and they've been great.

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          @Scab: I bought a $50 Nilex hose (no reel) 15 years ago, used every second day and it’s still like new never had a problem or a kink. I think the best option us to buy a good hose and and old style manual reel to hang on the wall

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    I can't vouch for the Nylex hose reel, but the two Nylex hoses along with the fittings I purchased about 10 years ago are still going strong.


    Is there a larger ID garden hose that uses the same click connectors, or is there a larger size is those to? I like pressure. Got 1" lead in and I get great flow out of that.


      @Waynes world from the sound of it, from that, more pressure is not what you will get. If you have "great flow" coming from your source pipe, from fluid statics, you're not going to get more pressure by keeping the outlet device at that higher size, it will be the same pressure, and discharge (volume/time). If you want, say, more velocity (faster rate of water shooting out, with the same volume of water) going to a smaller nozzle size will produce a small pressure loss (you cant avoid this really) but you will witness a great increase in velocity.


      I have not done the maths and I'm not going to. A larger pipe diameter has less friction and therefore less loss of energy, meaning you keep more of it at the end. A smaller pipe (and fittings) means higher pressure, higher resistance and therefore reduced flow rate, and the longer it is, the more energy you lose.

      So you get better flow, and therefore better pressure by reducing the pipe size closer to the output. If this weren't true, my old rusted and much decreased ID (after 30 years of degradation) steel lead in would have given me the same great showers I get now. It did not. Having put my shovel through it, I decided to upgrade to 1" Ag from meter to house entry, and 3/4" to the last T. This is how I got the great flow, and pressure. So over a say, 30m hose it would make quite a bit of difference. More so if I connect directly to the 1", and of course, better again if I use bigger ID fittings.

      edit: I should add, is not about getting more, it's about keeping more.


    Thanks OP


    Hmm damn I didn't see this when I was there today!

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    Just letting everyone know, I purchased this exact one recently. They are shit.

    The mechanism to stop (double pull), isn't good with Nylex. Basically its shit. You have to struggle to get it to stop.

    I purchased a second one from a different bunnings because I took the first one back being faulty, and it did the same thing. Then I went through like 3 in the store and they all have the flimsy stop mechanism that does and doesn't work, it is unreliable.

    Decided to get the Holman branded version and it has worked since the day I have bought it. 2 pulls and it stops. No fussing around. (It was more expensive, but it stops every time whether the hose is out 1 meter 10 meters or the full 30 meters with or without water in it.)

    I do not recommend this brand for a retractable hose. Do your self the favour and just get the holman one, it may be more expensive but at least it works.