This was posted 4 years 2 months 30 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free 3-24 Months of Foxtel Now (1-3 Starter Packs) @ Telstra via My Offers


Don't know if this is targeted but was looking at my offers and found this steal. I redeemed just then and it worked :)

12 Months of Foxtel Now
Foxtel Now lets you stream the latest TV, shows, documentaries, kids’ content, news and more.

Choose from 3 Starter Packs.

Enjoy Foxtel Now on up to 5 different devices, stream on 2 at the same time
Available for New and Existing Foxtel Now customers
Peace of mind, cancel anytime

By subscribing to Foxtel Now you are accepting Telstra's terms and conditions and allow for your profile information to be shared.

Foxtel Now 3 Month Offer: Redeem before 30th March 2018.
Foxtel Now 12 Month Offer: Redeem before 28th March 2018.
Foxtel Now 24 Month Offer: Redeem before 20th July 2018.

Premium packs not included. Roll onto a paid subscription after 3/12/24 months unless you cancel. Compatible device required. Data charges apply. For use in Australia.

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    got it too. It displays multiple times, a couple of them says 2 starter packs and the other says 3 starter packs.

    • -4

      Go for the two… don't be greedy… leave some packs for others…

  • NO idea if it's old. I got it yesterday too. Steal for me too.

  • I was playing around with it, could you get a Sports pack + Lifestyle? It looks like you get $40 to spend with the 3 pack.

  • Can you watch the NBA playoffs with this?

    • If you can get that sports pack added you could.

    • +1

      Actually I meant free ways to watch it. I've watched all the games via nbastreams

  • Thanks OP! Didn't even know about this.

  • -2

    Also, mine is free 24 months, not 12…

    • Would depend on the plan you have. I'm on prepaid.

      • I'm on a bundle and it includes free 24 month offer for Foxtel Now… Needs to be actived via "My Offers"… I haven't bothered…

        • +4

          I know you are jv, but I am even happy for you to redeem the offer and provide the activation code to me . Question is do you want cash or pleasure :P. PM me

  • Hmm I don't have the offer…

  • +1

    Not on my account, just a Netflix first month free offer :\

    • +1

      Netflix is free for anyone for the first month… Not just Telstra customers.

  • I just checked and I have the 12 month offer, but in the 'things you need to know' it says it just be redeemed by the 28th of March 2018? The 3 month offer must be redeemed by 30th March, only the 24 month offer can be redeemed by 20th July 2018.

    Bug somewhere?

    • +1

      I noticed that, but still managed to activate. Figured better do it now if it is a bug and picked up on.

      • +2

        Yeah just told my brother about this as we share a Foxtel Now subscription together and seems to work fine as well! Now only paying $29 for sports, doco's, pop & drama pack.

        Only use it for AFL and F1, but only comes to $14.50 each. Bargain! (Never thought I'd say that about Foxtel 😂😂)

        • +4

          @jv: Wow thanks for that jv, I had no idea 🙄🙄

          Clearly said that I split the subscription with my brother and the sports pack is $29, hence $14.50 each. Try reading next time.

  • I have a range of offers on mine:

    12 Months free - Choose from 3 Starter Packs. $480 "saving"
    12 Months free - Choose from 2 Starter Packs. $300 "saving"
    24 Months free - Choose from 1 Starter Packs. $360 "saving"

    • so do they stack?, I currently have Foxtel satellite with Telstra but have 2 available 12-month offers, would reduce my monthly Telstra bill significantly

      • I'd like to know if I can stack it too please

        • +4

          Yep they stack. I had used the 1 free starter pack initially and just added the 3. So you can basically get all the packs except Sport and Movies for free.

        • @chomper:

          Yep. Can confirm that they stack. Thanks OP!

        • Can confirm they stack - I have 2x prepaid MBB sims both with a 3x pack offer each, and stacked them together to get all 5 packs for free. System was set up to accept stacks, as it warned me I’d lose one of my packs if I didn’t sign up another account.

        • @pogiguy: Do they stack in time as well? i.e. apply 2 12 months offer and get 24 months? or is just starter pack stacking?

        • @glowstix047:

          sorry didn't check the expiry. I only stacked the packs.

        • Can someone check or confirm , if stacking same pack will extend expiry??

        • @glowstix047: I would like to know the same..!

        • @chomper: How do you orchestrate the stack? I have a 12 month with 3 (which I have used) and have a 12 month with 2 packs still in my account, how do I 'Combine' them? Thanks for your help…

        • @winfan: It will not.

        • @heathy: Just redeem the 2 pack offer, sign into your Foxtel account, select the remaining two packs and checkout. It'll update your Pack Summary.


        • +1

          @heathy: Sign out of Foxtel Now, go back to your Telstra offers and redeem the 2 pack one, then sign back into your Foxtel account from there and it will apply. Didn't work for me when I was still logged into Foxtel from signing up, only worked for me when I logged out first.

        • +1


          Just tried - got all 5 packs now thanks Dan

        • @glowstix047: Yeah, do they stack time?

  • I have multiple offers of this .. thanks

  • +1

    also wondering if Foxtel now is free to stream on Telstra Mobile broadband

  • Does watching shows on the Foxtel Now app count towards your Telstra mobile data plan included usage?

  • Great Find. I do not have mobile with them and just only home phone, still able to do that.

  • I have 2 different 12 month offers, one with 3 starter packs and the other with 2

    Doesn't look like sport is an option

    Is it unmetered on Telstra mobile?

  • -1

    Damn no longer a Telstra customer. Do you receive the offer in the form of a promo code that you enter when signing up for Foxtel Now? If so, could someone PM me their code if they dont plan on using it?

    • +3

      Do you receive the offer in the form of a promo code

      Nope, they are under 'My Offers". Click to redeem…

  • Any way to add a premium pack or is it starter packs only?

    • You get the chosen number of starter packs for free, the premium ones are charged on top of that.

  • +4

    Make sure you follow the process as shown in Telstra's YouTube video: I followed the link above and it didn't apply the discount.

    It looks like it has to be applied through the Telstra TV app for the 12 month offer to be applied. I used to be a Telstra Now customer and can confirm it works for me.

    • I wish I'd seen this. I reactivated my account and it has charged me already.

      • Same happened to me. I had to call foxtel to get the refund and they said I should create a new foxtel account.

        • Really? I messaged them on Twitter and they deleted my old account altogether so that I could use my existing details. Redeemed fine afterwards.

      This is very important.

    • I applied through the Web and it's fine. In My Account it's showing Discount (Telstra Offer) -$40
      I don't even have a Telstra TV.

  • +2

    Thanks for sharing - I had no idea about it. I logged in to my account and mine is only 3 free months with 1 starter pack but I no complain.

    • +2

      Con the fruiterer? Is that you?

      • +1

        hahahaha - no it's Marika. Actually I do complain - can't get it working. Click on the link and it tells me some oops message that I'm on a page I shouldn't be and sends me back where I started :(

  • Hey thanks OP, I had 3 packs so it actually reduced my bill to 29 dollars a month for sport, which is why I have it…

  • Didn't know about this, but seems I have the offer also. Thanks OP.

  • What if I’m currently on the free 24 month and 1 pack? Can I redeem the 3 pack 12 months?

  • +2

    No sports included? That's the mean reason people get foxtel…

    walks away

    • +2

      I'm redeeming this pretty much just for Wentworth, lol.

  • Awesome thanks OP - handy to have. Can you cancel it straight away and keep the 12 months similar to the 2 week trial or have to cancel at the end. It says it will automatically show up on your telstra bill after the 12 months and ill no doubt forget by then!

    • I set reminders on my phone's calendar for this sort of thing.

    • No idea how they're going to bill me on my prepaid account without CC details.
      Anyway how do I cancel straight away and keep the 12 months?
      Is it just the cancel membership @ ?

      • Yeah, Foxtel Now is a lot easier to cancel than Foxtel, if I remember correctly from the last time there was a deal. Only it keeps your account "deactivated" so to take advantage of future deals you'll need to either get them to fully delete your account, or sign up for a totally new account (new email address).

  • +2

    No sport :-(

  • WOOHOO I have this offer thanks OP. :)

    *update: after clicking on it and logging back into my existing Foxtel Now account it only shows 2 weeks free is available :(

  • Awesome deal. Only appeared on my mobile acc not my NBN acc with free fox

  • Anyone having luck on Telstra prepaid

    • Nope

    • I have an expired Prepaid and it still allows me to click through. My problem now is that I can't reuse my old Foxtel account since it's been disconnected.

      EDIT: just created a new account and bob's your uncle. 12 months with 3 packs.

      • Depending on your email provider, you can add another address as an alias and use that. Or for Gmail you can add "." anywhere in your username and it will still come to your inbox while Foxtel will see it as a different address. I've used that trick heaps.

        In saying that, I also had an old account that was deactivated. Couldn't redeem this offer without first reactivating my account which would charge me, so contacted them first and they purged the account altogether for me. After they did that I've now redeemed this offer on the same email address without issue.

        • Yeah thanks. I use, which allows + to create additional addresses but Foxtel rejects that as an invalid character. No fuss though since Outlook supports up to 5 aliases per account. Just used an alias instead.

    • +1

      I have an active prepaid which had two offers: 12 months with 3 packs and 12 months with 2 packs

      • Anyone tried with a new $2 sim, all my unused starter packs are at home ! Damn

        • Just tried with my $2 sim and it worked!

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