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[NSW] KFC $5 Hot Honey Box (until 4PM Daily) Selected Stores (Newcastle/Hunter)


Similar to the recent deal, The Hot Honey pieces are Hot n Spicy with Honey on top. It was not on the App for the store. Maybe they are trialling this, as I could not see any mention of Hot n Spicy Nuggets.This offer has been seen at a number of stores, which are listed below:-

Contents Include

  • 1 piece of Hot Honey Chicken
  • 1 Wicked Wing
  • Regular Chips
  • Regular Potato and Gravy
  • 250ml Solo

They also had chicken pieces available in the usual packs but with the option to Mix n Match pieces.

  • Original
  • Hot n Spicy
  • Hot Honey

Stores involved:-

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  • +1

    Looked like I picked the wrong day to go on a diet…

    • Me too. I had a 2 piece combo, as there was a lineup. I was lucky I was able to request changing the pieces, when I saw the girl picking my order. 2 serviettes help. ;-)

    • These $5 boxes are usually not that bad in the calorie department.

  • Trying to imagine the taste of hot honey……

  • +1

    After all the BUZZ about honey lately I wouldn't try it

    • +1

      Do you really need to bee like this?

    • Wasp are you talking about? They are the bees knees.

    • For those scratching their BEEhinds… Google 'Chinese honey and Capilano' :)

  • Am I the only one with a perverted mind here? I was expecting humour in the comments.

    • Well, everyone has a dirty mind when you bring enough attention to it..

      • +2

        Interestingly, even with SafeSearch disabled, Google images is surprisngly family-friendly
        Bing image search is…dirty :D

  • I thought hot and spicy had been been discontinued? I am happy to hear that it is still being sold!

    • Discontinued in most stores now.

  • I cannot order the box in SA. Is that Hot honey going to be national?

    • I don't know. They were quite busy, so I didn't ask (sorry). It may just be a trial amongst a few stores. They also had a huge banner out the front of the store so they obviously want to promote it. I couldn't imagine them only printing 10 posters, and 1 banner (not to mention it being up on the menu screen) as it would make it costly exercise. Maybe some KFC fans from the Newcastle/Hunter area could confirm?

      • No problem Thanks anyway

      • +1

        I can confirm that they were advertising this at Singleton KFC when I went past today.

        I have heard that the Hunter is a bit of a trial location for the fast food chains. A couple of years ago when I was traveling up the Valley through Singleton to the mines KFC had breakfast. It wasn't too bad either.

        I'm back to mining 3 years later and obviously it didn't catch on as that store isn't even open of a morning now.

  • Not on at George st Sydney city store :(

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