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Router Clearance - NetGear Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Gigabit Router $177.00 and More @ Officeworks


Was in Officeworks Dubbo and it looks like they are clearing out a bit of gear. Routers were heavily discounted some from almost $500 down to under $200. I don’t know how good they are but maybe useful for someone.

This deal has been seen at multiple Officeworks locations. Check with the stores to verify stock.

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  • Wow, that is a fantastic price for the X6.

  • Unfortunately too far away. Definitely wouldve bought one

  • what about officeworks in other location? do they price match that?

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      Every officeworks has the same prices, unless there's a display model, almost out of date food or other similar stuff.

      In this case it's a printed ticket, so every officeworks store has this price.

  • I bought the X6 for $285 2 years ago (ebay sale futu_online) Its a really good router.

    • My friend paid $350 3 years ago from MSY. covered 3 level house. excellent router.

      • My mum paid $420 for this router 4 years ago from Google. Insane router.

      • I paid more for a can’t remember what, but it was the adsl compatible version which never got updates and always dropped single band wifi unless you power cycled. Still the best router I ever owned, except the AirPort Extreme Ac which didn’t drop single band.

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    bought it two years ago from this deal:
    God, time flies

    • Good price I Gumtree'd it second hand with some other power pack for about 185 aud total plus shipping around two years ago also well maybe one and a half ah I forget.

  • Ubiquiti Unifi nanoHD or AC HD will work much better than these.

    • Better is relative. The Ubi's will have better stability and will support more wireless clients concurrently, but they will have lesser signal strength and that is by design. Many people mistaken enterprise Wi-Fi equipment for better signal and antennae, whereas the best practice calls for multiple WAPs with reduced-strength minimally-overlapping broadcast signals.

      • Is mesh good practice? I've been wondering about Asus aimesh.

        • Mesh is a type of Wi-Fi topology and it is neither good nor bad practice. How you implement a mesh Wi-Fi network determines whether it is good or bad, and the major factor for mesh is to choose the WAP locations wisely.

        • I have the X6 flashed with Tomato. WiFi is turned off, and I have a Velop mesh network running in Bridge mode off of the X6. The mesh routers don't have a lot of options for VPNs etc, but they are excellent for coverage and sustained speeds.

      • i'm running a single Ubi AC Pro and it covers two floors including the corners of the house…i still believe it has better signal strength than me ac3200 modem though~ D:

  • Nationwide. One of my locals in the CBD has it.

    Forget brodening it.. most X6's new sell for $200 on ebay. Wireless1 has sold a few at $300. Plus I read netgears, including this particular model, are more hassle than they are worth.

    FYI I'm not a brodener. I just bought a VR900 and was thinking about selling and changing

    • most X6's new sell for $200 on ebay

      Don't think so.

      Plus I read netgears, including this particular model, are more hassle than they are worth.

      I've been using this model from a couple of years now, never had any issues. Have flashed DDWRT and run most of its high-end features e.g. Torrent downloading through Transmission, Network storage (LAN/FTP/SMB) through USB, VPN Server and VPN client, DDNS etc etc. Best router IMHO.

    • only Subi in Perth metro seems to have it.

  • Anyone have the D-Link AC1900?

    • I bought one last night. It's actually ac2600 as well. Obviously haven't been using it long but huge upgrade on sagecom that was bundled with Optus cable.

      Good deal for $67

      • Where did you buy your D-Link AC1900? Im trying to find one as well :(

      • It's actually ac2600 as well

        Isn't that the DIR-882 and not the DIR-878 that's on clearance for $69?

        Ah apparently the same as the 882 except for the USB ports. Also SNB had this:

        D-Link says: "The DIR-878 and DIR-882 share the same platform, and the DIR-878 can function at AC2600 speeds."

  • Went past Officeworks yesterday Elizabeth St in Melb CBD. there was a few netgear and dlink routers/modems for sale. $100-200 mark. Less than 2 each of stock for clearance items.

  • Anybody work out the model of the $25 D-link N300 wireless on the bottom row. DWR-116?

    $38 one is most likely the Netgear R6220 AC1200 Smart Wi-Fi Router $119 MSY, $148 Harvey Norman, $149 JB HiFi

  • Out of these routers on sale at OW, what is the best one to get ?

  • Got the D-Link DIR-890. Thanks Op. $167 is cheaper than 2nd hand and will replace my Archer D5. Not sure I needed to do it… But it’s a fantastic price.

  • The X6 is brilliant once flashed with Shibbys Tomato firmware (or Advanced Tomato if you would like a slicker interface).

    • Is this easy to do?

      • It's fairly straight forward.

        Just follow the instructions in the video "Flashing Guide" from this link on Advanced Tomato (NOTE: The X6 is also referred to as the R8000).


      • Essentially you have to flash the Initial firmware file first from the Netgear interface, then flash one of the other firmwares (VPN or AIO - All In One) via the Tomato interface,

        • And does that void the warranty doing so by flashing on a third party firmware?.

          To me i reckon that it would void the product warranty. It's essentially a modification.

        • @hollykryten:

          Of course it does.

        • @hollykryten: Technically it does. However, when I bought my X6 years ago, it did have a DDWRT sticker on the side of the box indicating that it was supported. I wish I had taken a photo, because I've looked at the packaging since then and haven't seen the same sticker.

          On a side note, I tried DDWRT first, but found only two of the 3 wireless bands were configurable. I could add auth and encryption to the two bands, but could not to the third. That's when I moved to Tomato.

        • @mattyman:

          I managed to get DDWRT going on the X6. I remember seeing something about using the same Wifi AP name for both of the 5G bands. I seem to be able to see the 5G AP on my phone but cant really tell whether both bands are working or just the one. When I gave them separate AP names the second 5G band (802.11ac?) couldnt be seen is this what you were experiencing?

          Do you see 2 separate 5G bands/AP's in Tomato ?

          Is there anything else that Tomato adds that DDWRT does not have?


  • Hi, did you happen to notice if they had any Netgear Arlo Pro security cameras system marked down amongst the modems?

  • Bugger. Ferntree Gully out of stock :/

  • If we call head office, would they be able to tell which store might have them in stock?

  • Just bought this for $237 on the weekend, am I able to return it in and buy it at the cheaper price?

    • Yes you can.
      You just need the receipt and return it to the store you bought it from.

    • Define “this” please.

    • Bought this on 15th for $237. Just came back from the store with $60 refund (put through as refund of $237 then re-purchase at $177). The manager wasn't all that happy and specified on the receipt that I cannot come back and request more refund. Fair enough I suppose.

  • How do I set this up on my optus NBN internet?

    • Set the Network configuration to WAN in your router settings, that's if you have HFC Cable.
      Not sure about the others.

  • Has the Nighthawk X6 have good WiFi range?

    Can it do a average size house on full bars?

    • my friend use x6 for 3 story house. no issue at all. if you want full bar to cover whole front and back yard, you will need wifi extender

      • ATM I am using 2 x Dlinks (Not AC) Routers and I have them setup as access points at each end of the house. They are for Wifi and Ethernet Switch. They both have the same name so iPhones etc just switch to the stronger one when near it. I also have the main modem in one room that feeds these 2 routers and the rest of the house.

        Is this a good setup?

  • Nothing spesh in the Clarence Street Sydney store

  • try Carlton NSW store. only 58 bucks D-Link Clearance available for the last one.

  • Will this work with FTTP NBN? if so how will it work?

  • nothing at North ryde.

  • For those with a NBN FTTN connection which is the vast majority of us these routers won't be compatible on FTTN as there is no built in modem. We have the turnbull government to thank for that, on FTTP these will work fine that is if you were lucky enough to get FTTP.

  • Does anyone have the product codes for the following?

    Nighthawk X6
    DLink Ultra AC3200
    DLink AC1900

    OW can’t search without them apparently

    • Dlink AC1900 is DIR-878

    • Yes they can. I've given them the name of a product on multiple occasions and they've happily looked into stock levels for me.
      You might have got someone on a bad day

      • I agree I got awesome help, told me every store and quantities in the state along with the store phone numbers to confirm.

        • Yer I must have as they said I’d we don’t have the code I can’t find it

          I told them the model numbers etc but noooo

        • @Twisty:
          The code is in the photo of the deal posted, I just zoomed in :)
          The code is NGR8000

          If you cant find one happy to help still a few here in Perth, DM Me

    • Nighthawk X6 NGR8000. mention check it thru the PDT or PTD system. cant remember :P

  • Called OW Box Hill and they have none of them. Really needed a router as well.

  • Anyone know an officeworks store in Sydney that still has the D-Link AC-1900 Router in stock (The 69$ one)? Thanks

  • My local Officeworks Mona Vale only has 1 each of the following ticketed on sale on the shelf as of 4pm today.

    • D-Link AC3200 TRI wireless Router DL-DIR890L $237 Was $297 Original $456
    • Netgear Nighthawk Tri-Band Router NG-R8000 $237 Was $327 Original $437
    • D-Link AC1900 Wifi Router DIR-890L $149 Original $249
    • TP-Link N300 VDSL ADSL2+ Voip Modem Router TPT-DWG6812 $99 Original $128
    • D-Link 5 Port Gigabit Desktop Switch DL-DG5105 $25 Original $39 (2 on shelf)
    • D-Link Home Entertinment Connection Kit DL-DP501AV $97 Was $147 Original $197 (2 on shelf) [DXT-P601AV)

    Prices not as good as whats mentioned above. Not sure if they scan up cheaper at the checkout.

    • Has anyone had any experience getting a store to price-match other Officeworks stores on clearance stock?

    • I would almost guarantee they simply haven't updated their tickets, the clearance should be nationwide.

    • Their tickets are updating a few times a day and most likely old, Price comes down at checkout for the Netgear X6 to $177.00

    • D-Link AC1900 Wifi Router DIR-890L $149 Original $249

      I think you meant DIR-878*

  • Just got an X6 from Glen Waverley.
    They have one left. All of their routers are in tubs as they seem to be rearranging their shelves so just ask the staff to check or rummage through the tubs yourself.

  • Got myself a D-Link AC3200 TRI wireless Router DL-DIR890L for $167 from the Frankston store.

    There's still one X6 left at the Dandenong store, and a one DL-DIR890L still left at the Mornington store.

    Lots of D-Link AC1900 DIR-878s at the Frankston store left as well.

  • Been to the store in newcastle and they don't have anything on sale. Have pictures if anyone wants.

  • How does the TP-Link C3150 for $184.97 @ EBGames compare to these clearance models?

  • Picked up the last x6 from Traralgon VIC. All routers on clearance there for same prices as orig post. at least 2x DL-DIR890L remaining.

  • P.s., no, the d-link and nighthawk 3200 routers don't work on straight FTTN NBN (VDSL) but if you have another modem or modem/router i.e. one supplied by your internet service provider, you can easily chuck the mode/router in bridged mode and feed the connection to the new router. full guides available on whirlpool for the vast majority of common modems:

  • One D-Link DIR-878 left at castle hill.

  • Not much on sale at Bundoora or Preston stores (VIC - northern suburbs). Really wanted that X6 :(

  • anyone found anymore x6's in Melbourne?

  • Any idea where is selling
    Dlink DIR-878 in Melbourne?