expired Increased ShopBack Cashback @ Woolworths Online: Existing Customers $8 (Min Spend $50*), New Customers $20 (Min Spend $100^)


Hey guys,

We saw there hasn’t been an upsized Cashback for Woolies Existing Customers in a little while. So here’s a little treat, thanks for the support so far, and we’ll keep doing our best to give you the best deals.

*Cashback for Existing Woolworths Shoppers: $8.00 - Minimum spend $50 excluding GST

^Cashback for New Woolworths Shoppers: $20.00 - Minimum spend $100 excluding GST

Extra note
The minimum spends exclude GST — that means to qualify for the cashback, you must complete with a transaction consisting of $55 (Existing Cust.) or $110 (New Shoppers)

Not sure what’s on special in the upcoming Woolies catalogue? Make sure you check out the specials from the new catalogue here (great tabling)

Confirming the recent Woolies Online eVouchers deal can also be used in conjunction with our Cashback promo :)

Terms and conditions here

  • Upsized $8 Cashback for Existing Customers Promotion is only valid between 12:00am AEST 22 May 2018 - 11:59pm AEST 23 May 2018.
  • Upsized promotion is payable to one order per user.
  • Cashback is payable for first time Woolworths shoppers that spend a minimum $100 (excluding GST) on their first order's final basket value (after applicable discounts, if any).
  • Cashback is payable for return Woolworths shoppers that spend a minimum $50 (excluding GST) on their order's final basket value (after applicable discounts, if any).
  • Cashback is not payable on the purchase of Woolworths Gift/eGift Cards.
  • Cashback not payable when used in conjunction with payment by Groupon Woolworths vouchers or other third party promotional vouchers.
  • Creation of multiple accounts with Woolworths will void eligibility for rewards.
  • Cashback will not be applicable for fraudulent, cancelled or returned purchases
  • Disable AdBlock/uBlock and ensure ShopBack is your last click before purchase
  • Any attempt to game the system by creating or have more than one ShopBack account will result in accounts being cancelled and rewards forfeited (as per our terms)

Other useful links:
Refer a Friend and get $5 each, Refer 3 friends and get Total $50 bonus
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Referral Links

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$5 to both referrer and referee (+ Bonus $6 until 3/1/19) after $20 purchase.

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closed Comments

  • +3 votes

    Just in time with the eBay Wish card deal.

  • +2 votes

    So then I guess, should be spending about $55 or more including GST to get the $8

  • +1 vote

    Looks like this will stack nicely with Woolworths Rewards 2000 ($10) point promo for click and collect orders of $50. Thanks

    • +7 votes

      Yep, stack the following on a $55 spend:
      * 5% off Wish gift cards from Cashrewards +
      * Approximately 2.5% back by putting it on an Amex Platinum Edge credit card +
      * Woolworths' $10 (2000 points) off pick-up offer +
      * $8 cash back from ShopBack

      Total savings: 40%

    • +2 votes

      where is this promo please?


      where is the 2000 point promo for click and collect orders of $50? is there a code for this?


    OP how many times per account can this be used please

    “Upsized promotion is payable to only order per user.“

    • +1 vote

      Thanks for picking up on the typo! Only one order per user.


        So my first $55 online pickup order reported as qualifying for $8 cashback.
        It is only one order per user.
        I made a subsequent $55 order through ShopBack today - do I get any cash back on this second order at all? Or are any subsequent $55 ww online pickup orders zero cash back?

  • +1 vote

    Cashback for New Woolworths Shoppers

    what is the definition of a new shopper? new address? new phone number? new rewards card number?
    i am asking for a friend…

    • +1 vote

      I believe new online shopping account but don’t hold me to it


        Don't know if Shopback is the same as Cashrewards, but was not counted as a "new" customer on my first online purchase. I used a rewards card that had been used in store only. Probably what flagged me as return customer.


    Oh no I just did some shopping yesterday night.

  • +1 vote

    Makes you wonder what their profit margins are that you can stack so much… On going everyday it's getting to the point of ~20% off constantly is typical.

  • +1 vote

    Every time i click a shopback link, it always gave me two results.

    Sorry didn't find anything here.
    Or Facebook login page. I don't even use Facebook.


    Hi, I made purchase today, pick up tomorrow, still qualified for the cashback, right? Thanks!


      Sorry for the late reply. Yes, should be fine! As long as you made your order between 22-23 May :)


    Purchased $52 for non-GST goods, is this OK to get $8 back?


    I made the purchase to get the 8 dollars cash back. how to view the history of cash back?

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