This was posted 2 years 9 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$10 off Video Ezy Kiosk Movie Rental Code


Received this email with a $10 off code for Video Ezy kiosks.

Maximum 1 code per member.

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  • Good find, love these offers, especially with black panther coming out on the 30th, thanks!

  • OMG !!!

  • Thanks OP!

  • These are usually pretty local to the place that originally went out of action - so don't be surprised if it doesn't work.

  • Okay, for some strange reason this code didn't work…but an old expired one from March of this year worked for $10 voucher. I'm thinking there is some code recycling going on.

  • Wow, surprised at their lack of blurays, guess they think they know their main consumer base (but they're missing a big potential one imo)

    • Yeah it's always frustrating. They seem to have no idea that many of us are renting from them because it's the only rental option for blu-ray (and we know how much better quality blu-ray is over streaming).

      I guess all we can do is spend more money, not only ever use the codes that make it entirely free, haha.

    • My local always got a Blu-ray version… just they it is more popular and get rented first, so you don’t see it.

      • My local (western sydney) often has no blu-ray of new releases at all (you can scroll and see that it's not that always that they are simply all out on hire). Sometimes they appear a few weeks late, sometime not at all.

  • I’m surprised there is a market for these.

    • Nah, blu-ray is still worth renting because the quality is so much higher than streaming, plus all the old people and technophobes using DVD still…

    • These DVDs and Blu-ray are great for the extra contents options at the main menu and commentary by director/ actors, unused scenes, etc

  • Last time i checked my local kiosk, the Blu-rays selections are at least 3 months old and a couple of recently released on DVD (yes, apparently some people out there still watching DVDs!).

    • That because the recent releases Blu-ray are rented … I experienced the same thing.

      • Nah, if you keep hitting next you can see what's unavailable because it's been rented out, and while sometimes the new release blu-rays are there, sometimes they are not in the machine at all.

        Bizarre, but true; they often don't have blu-rays of the top new releases, even when they have the DVDs. Occasionally they put them in a few weeks late, but often they just never do.

        Maybe we're just not giving them enough business (wouldn't surprise me if us blu-ray renters tend to be free-rental-code users and not incurring a lot of late fees, which is where they make their real profits, probably).

        • You're lucky you have to press next, the blu rays in my local machine only reach to one screen.

          I think the issue is they can closely analyse what disks are rented, where, and how much they make. They therefore tailor what they buy and put in the machines to maximise returns. And at least from what I've seen it's often the people who want LCD DVDs that spend the money - hence filler action flicks predominate.

          Of course, if they blu ray and UHD owners saw that they had a ready stream of new disks, they'd think better of renting from them. But they don't, so they don't - a self fulfilling policy.

          They have scope to do a much better business model, but don't seem to have the management wit to realise it.

  • Worked on my local kiosk. Thanks.


    Yes, Thanks OP!! Might check out Molly's game later. :)

  • Hi, same problem as a few other ozbargainers, the code didn't work for me :(

  • Thanks is there an expiry date fie using it??

  • Remember Cheap Tuesdays, you can get 4 movies for the $10 code if you have the time
    I find it strange that when I have selected a DVD and also select a Blu-ray it removes the DVD that was selected…

  • +2 votes

    Code failed for me. I did use KN12394 that I was sure I had used previously and it worked!!
    Molly's Game wasn't available though, had to get 'The Monster' instead.

    • Thanks. Code didnt work for me and tried your trick and that code worked. Im also sure i used it but free movies are free no matter what code.

  • one big con job.
    the code doesn't work!
    no more videoezy for me.

  • OMG, my kiosk had the blurays I wanted, were not rented and the code works, what’s the chance of that!

  • Code still works.
    2 DVDs today. ($4each)

  • Love this, cheers OP

  • Here’s a code for a free rental expiring tomorrow:


  • Code still valid……