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SYD/MEL to Berlin (TXL) from $678 Return on Scoot


It may not be a full service airline, but for this price, you can spend your savings on Paulaner beer or a nice hotel…

To book, go to the Scoot website, put in the dates and choose ‘see whole month’ to see the dates in a grid.

Dates: Oct/Nov
Airline: Scoot
Out of: Sydney and Melbourne

Note that no bags are included, so you'd want to be a light packer, or pay their extra costs for luggage. Or buy stuff in Europe! :)

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    $106 for just bags each way bring the fare to $890. Bags & Meals $173 each way or $1,024 total.

    Unless you only plan to stay only in Berlin, best to get a full service flight to somewhere nearby for cheaper that you are planning to travel to.

    • Agreed, although my last few overseas trips (NZ, Japan, Thailand, India) I've travelled with carry-on only, and don't mind buying a sandwich and a drink onboard. I presume some others are similar.

    • I recommend you bring food instead of spending $67 on bad airline food ;)

      $1024 is still pretty good for Europe via one of the shortest routes.

      Also, Scoot has in-flight wifi, at least on the MEL-SIN leg. Makes a flight a lot less boring

      • Not sure if you are allowed to bring food through international security/immigration?

        • Food yes, drinks not so much. And you need to finish it / throw it out before you land.

        • @beatthatflight:
          Scoot doest not allow passengers to consume food or drink bought elsewhere. I've been told to stop eating a sandwich that I took on board. I was nearly done, so I just finished anyway. But if you had anything bigger than a snack they might try and enforce the rule.

        • @mister_snrub: >I've been told to stop eating a sandwich that I took on board

          Or what? They will throw you out of the plane? Good luck with them on enforcing that!

        • Their policy is that you're not allowed to consume outside food and drink on board. It can't be enforced though. I saw several others eating their own food and I was asked to finish what I had then no more. I don't believe they are too strict about it though. I have no problem with eating my own food on board, especially after trying their lasagne which was really poor.

        • @mister_snrub:

          I've brought KFC onboard and they havn't said anything and even if they did WTF are they going to do.

          Scoot food is over-priced and excretable.

    • Hm, one could always get 29 Euro train tickets to anywhere in Germany. Or even cheaper by car.
      If I travelled on this deal, that is what I would do. 3 hours by train to the other side or Germany. Cannot beat that. And not to the airport, to the actual destination town.

    • Good calculation! It shows it is only worth it if you don't have bag and meals. I paid around $50 more than $1024 to fly Qatar to Berlin which was great but with transfer times a couple hours longer. It is better to use a better airline for more comfortable seats and fully serviced (including drinks and snacks) for a long haul flight like this.

    • many people fly with less luggage now. Who wants to pay for 46kgs ? That's more than twice what I even need.

  • Wow, epic deal. If you're backpacking and don't need much, just wear your warm clothes while checking in and boarding and travel with carry on only. Pack a sandwich or three.

  • Paulaner definitely wouldn't be the beer of preference in Berlin! :P

  • Killer deal for those without fragile sensibilities. The pampered crew neg these pretty hard though.

    • "Pampered" lol what, bringing checked luggage and wanting something to watch is unimaginable luxury now? Do you live in a dog house because proper houses are for fragile pampered babies?

      • Even masochists like to bragmake a virtue of necessity.

      • @Georgevic. Illogical comment. Not everybody needs those things.

        For some people, staying at a backpackers is the perfect solution and affords an opportunity to travel that mightn't otherwise be available. It's a legit option and very few people would cast derision on backpacker hotel deal simply on account of it not being their type of hotel. They would just look elsewhere.

        And yet with these low cost flight options there are always a handful of superficial Ozbargainers who are so thoroughly wrapped up in a cocoon of their own self relevance and importance that they feel it necessary to deride the deal for no other reason than it's not optimised specifically for their unique wants/needs. Which really is pretty weak all things considered.

        • C'mon, admit it, it's all about the money. If you could get full service at these prices, you wouldn't hesitate to join the pampered crew as you call it. So why the need to deride people with different wants, as you started this labelling. Why isn't the satisfaction of saving money enough for you that you are thin-skinned about some people pointing out that these are carry-on only fares? Though Scoot is better at 10kg compared to the usual 7kg.

          I do fly carry-on fares when it suits me for domestic or Asia. But for a trip to Europe I can afford the time and the money to enjoy my vacation. So I would go for a full service airline rather than supplement this fare, and also avoid the Scoot attendants' attitudes.

        • @greenpossum: See this is where logic makes an appearance. It's a no-luggage deal, hence the description: "Note that no bags are included."

          It's great that you can "afford the time and money" for whatever extravagances you desire, but it's also ok that there are options out there for those less fortunate. Not everyone has a spare half grand to throw around because they want a sandwich on the flight over. Not everyone needs more than 10kg of luggage.

          People complaining on a no-bags deal about the lack of bags is just plain silly. That's why it's cheap!

        • @soothslayer: Sure, it's a redundancy, but why does it bother you that much to make an unprompted top level post? That's what stands out.

    • Scoot are a pretty good low cost carrier. I think the main issue people have is once you add in checked baggage the price is comparable to a full service airline, so why not just go with them. I'm a pretty experienced traveller and wouldn't consider going to Europe with just carry-on, unless it was just for a weekend.

      Scoot are my pick for a semi-business class trip out of AUS to Europe tho, even tho it's more comparable to premium economy.

      • It's under $2k in Scootbiz to Berlin return. That's an absolute steal. Their scootbiz seat is very good. Qantas PE seat is better, but the seat is more comparable to the 737 Businness Class seat which is more than tolerable.

  • 10kg carry-on allowance is enough for me without needing to paying extra for check-in baggage.

    Just buy a little food for onboard before you leave Australia and once again in Singapore if needed.

    • Boeing 787 aircraft all the way, nice. From my quick reading, the A350 is considered the current best aircraft to be a passenger aboard (highest cabin pressure and humidity, and most modern aircraft, only operating commercially for 3 years), followed by the 787 and A380 as the equal second-best choice (which are modern aircraft, both ~10 years old, with better pressure and humidity than most, but not up to the A350 level).

      • The 787 is one of the worst planes to fly. It is very cramped due to the narrow body and 9 across seating that most airliners seem to love. The A350 is slightly wider but has the same seat-count across which makes it significantly more comfortable.

        • The 787 is one of the worst planes to fly.

          Love it. Fantastic plane. The JAL 787 gets my vote for one of the most comfortable flights in any class.

        • i agree, it generally doesn't live up to the hype, but the head rests are very comfortable. i'm very particular about head rests!

        • @Cyphar:

          JAL are the exception though as I believe they are the only airline running the much more spacious 2-4-2 layout instead of the 3-3-3 every other airline runs. Give me an A350 3-3-3 over the 787 3-3-3 any day and give me the A380 over both.

        • @Cyphar:

          JAL is just about the only carrier running the 'wide' 8-across configuration (as it was originally designed). Just about everyone else runs 9-across including Scoot.

  • If there was only a cheap flight like this to the UK!

  • The best thing I found about Scoot when they launched is that you could pay a fairly nominal fee (it was about $40 each way I think) to get upgraded to their 'Super' seats, which were economy seats but in their own section of about 12 rows and with about 34 inch pitch. Like premium economy but without the price tag. Not sure if they still do that, but if they do it would make this flight a much more comfortable bargain.

    • Yep, they still do it. I've also paid $90 to move in to Scootbiz almost every time I've flown them to Singapore. It's almost always empty so getting a seat is easy given most that fly Scoot are doing so to save as much as possible.

  • Great deal, although Tegel airport is one of the grimmest I have been too (it's the old East Berlin airport).

  • Comes with 4 nights free accomodation and free extended stop-overs in Singapore! (return from Sydney)

  • Wonderful! I've always wanted to visit the middle east.

  • thanks just booked flights

  • Had to change the travel dates a few times because they only have a few available flights to Berlin now from Melbourne and the stop over is 18hours. But super cheap!

  • Thanks OP, travelling return from Sydney to Berlin for only $900 with checked baggage and a meal each way on the Singapore-Athens leg (which I've already pre-ordered) :)
    That $5 in seat power add-on is also looking enticing though.

    Don't think I can't see what they are doing though…

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