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Post Workout Protein Shake 1kg $8 (Was $25) @ Supplements Online [Free Shipping Over $80]


we are offering our post workout shake for just $8.00 per kg, normally $25.00 per kg.
Packed with over 28g of protein from Whey Protein Isolate, 39g carbs from dextrose and maltodextrin and with the addition of L-Glutamine, Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, Tri-Creatine Malate, Leucine, Iso-Leucine, Valine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, all in an 82g serve.
comes in amazing dutch chocolate and mango flavours. LIMITED STOCK. Free shipping on all orders over $80.00

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  • shipping is $10

  • What's the expiry date?

  • Looks like a great price if the ingredients are legit

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      hey mate you can view protein content certificate on the product page.
      We are the manufacturers, we do not buy from other sources, so we can guarantee what is in our products.

  • vpa shipping is $4.99

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      i believe that is standard shipping and not express, but please correct me if im wrong.

      • How long does it it take to ship? You mentioned here express shipping, which should be 1-2 days.
        I ordered on the 30th and still haven’t received my parcel.

        • Hi DJ710, all orders were shipped express shipping, mostly via star track and couriers please. it is 1-2 business day shipping. We did have a huge amount of orders over 2 days, and there was a very small delay, for which we apologise, however, the delay was only a day.
          If you haven't received your order today, could you please give us a call on 02 8071 5864 or email at [email protected] and we will check on that for you.
          Unfortunately, the huge response to the deal made it impossible to add tracking details to every order (still yet to find an automated app for that).

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    the product has a 11 month best before on it

  • Mango is coming up $20

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    hey guys, we have decided to throw in a free shaker for every order of any order over $80. don't forget this will also get you free shipping.

  • This isn't just protein powder. It's 12 servers per 1kg pack (67c per 28g of protein server). 100% WPC protein powder is about 33 serves a pack and may be about 82c per serve in 1kg packs with no discount. I don't think they're misleading or being tricky but it may not be completely obvious.

    • Website actually lists ingredients as WPI… but here is WPC - rep can you confirm? WPI makes more sense for this product line

      • It looks like this is a Carb + Protein mix (not just protein); it has 39g carbs per serve and 33.5g protein per serve, of which 28 of those 33.5g are WPI…

        Still a good deal for those who want a carb and protein mix

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        hi mate, i made an error here by putting WPC, i tried to edit, but it wouldnt let me…. i can confirm it is WPI as the protein component.

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      I was just coming on to post something similar.

      You generally have 2 types of protein packages sold:

      • Pure Whey powders
      • "Mass gainer" powders

      Pure whey is 85-95% protein, mass gainers are much less and mixed with sugars (which is why they taste great).

      The way this is marketed is not false, however this product falls into the "mass gainer" category as it's only 40%~ protein. This may be confusing if you don't notice, as it's called a "post workout" protein rather than a "mass gainer" protein.

      In terms of prices:

      • Protein is generally $25-30 per kg.
      • Dextrose (sugar) is around $5 per kg.

      When comparing the price on this product, you need to do the following calculation:

      1kg x 0.4 x $30 = $12
      1kg x 0.6 x $5 = $3

      So the per-kg cost price is around $15.

      So at the price of $8 this is a good deal, at the price of $25 it is not value for money. At $25 it's better if you mix you own. Also don't get into the mistake of comparing this with pure (non gainer) proteins which retail in the $25-30 per kg range.

      Big Commercial suppliers price their gainers and proteins similar - they love selling the gainers as the profit margin is massively higher than pure proteins.

      • hi mate, i haven't claimed it to be pure protein, it is a post workout 'Blend' and is clearly stated here and in the description of the product.
        there is no way that pure protein could be sold for $8 per kg, or we would be broke in a day.
        this product has 44% protein as per the NMI protein content certificate.

        • Yep totally understand that.

          Was purely commenting as not everyone will be acutely aware of the difference between a carb+protein mix vs pure protein.

          Especially if they simply look at the name without checking the ingredients.

          The name on your site is a little bit more accurate calling it a "blend" compare to "shake" which is used on this post.

          Just making sure people do research instead of simply buying this on price due to comparing it to a 1kg pure protein product.

  • Thanks, just ordered 10.

  • +1 for the rep being upfront about composion and protein content.


    What are the origins of ingredients?

    Interesting podcast on supps on the ABC


    dextrose and maltodextrin are just sugar. I use them to make beer (dex is efficiently turned into alcohol with very little taste added. Maltodextrin partially is converted to alcohol, but also adds sweetness and a foamy head).

    I.wonder what the rest of the ingredients actually do (at the quantities used)?

    • hi mate, its a little more complex than that, you have really oversimplified it. but yes, the dextrose is very similar to sugar, maltodextrin not so, nor is maltodextrin sweet. also, the link you posted…. WOW…. not sure where you are trying to go with that. we manufacture sports supplements, we are not pushing steroids, nor are supplements a gateway drug contrary to what you may have read in these ridiculous uneducated stories.
      the origin of our ingredients are local and imported and all approved for human consumption and as a supplementary sports food by the NSW food authority, we also follow all legislation as per FSANZ.

  • guys, stock of this product is now getting low, we are just about to do a stock count of what is remaining then that will be the end of it at this price. we are about 90% sold.

  • Thanks. Ordered some. Looking forward to trying it.

    Always curious to see ingredients lists of ranges to see what goes through a manufacturer's mind.

    I like that you add probiotics and digestive enzymes to your PLUS isolate. Potentially add them to all?

    Also I haven't ever seen GABA added into a night protein which is great. Add some ZMA too!

    Any Pre-workout blends coming?

    Just a few things I noticed on the website:
    Your + quantity button in cart doesn't work for me in Chrome and IE.
    Check that product descriptions and ingredients list line up and also the serving size in the product label and description.

    • hi mate, the current products are just the first of many. We have been developing this range for some time now, and this is just the initial launch. Digestive enzymes and probiotics will be available in many products shortly. Pre workouts are in the works, set for the next release coming very soon.
      We will be releasing a range of wellbeing products, capsules, joint repair, anti stress, anti cortisol and many many more.
      We have a range of dessert products that taste amazing!!
      very soon we will also be releasing a range of superfoods, greens powders and of course tea's such as night tea, skinny tea, energy, weight loss and detox.
      A full range of nootropics is also on its way!
      i will look into the issue you mentioned, the site is new and we are still finding a few little problems.

  • Hi rep, did u start sending the items as you mentioned to do so for those who bought last night?

  • Hello rep. My Order looks to have not been shipped yet.

    • Likewise, this seems to be a recurring theme with Supplements-Online.com.au
      I've also emailed them multiple times regarding my order but have received no response thus far.

      • hi mate, please explain what you mean 'recurring theme'? of around 300 orders shipped, we have had advice by 4 customers that they have not received their orders, we have immediately reshipped the order.
        I have personally replied to every email i have received regarding orders, so if you could please advise your name or order number, i will be able to check the status, alternatively, you can contact us in 02 8071 5864.

    • Hi mate,
      can you please email me on [email protected] and i will find out what is going on. all orders have been shipped, but on a few hundred we have been advised by just 4 customers that they have not yet received there orders.

      • Hey rep, I have emailed you. Cheers.

      • I have been emailing that address since May 31st without receiving a single response. I have further tried other avenues of making contact such as your online chat (which is hardly ever online) alongside calling directly during business hours. All my attempts have resulted in zero responses from your company.

        I will follow your advice and send another email. I am, however, disappointed in the lack of customer service displayed by your company.

        • hi cherrypick, we are on chat most of the day Monday to Thursday, and as much as possible Fridays. if you send a chat these change over to an email that comes directly to me if the chat isn't responded to, as for the phones, they are monitored as much as possible during business hours, they also keep records of all missed calls. I'm not doubting that you have made attempts, however, I have absolutely no record of your chat attempts, nor emails from you.
          again, if you still haven't received your order, please email me at [email protected].

      • Order received today - thanks rep

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