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Norton Antivirus 1 Year 2 PCs Global Key without Norton Account US $8.59 (AU $11.58) @ Cheapkeyoffer.com


US $8.59 (AU$11.58) NORTON ANTIVIRUS 1YEAR 2 PCS Global CDkey
It isn't norton security or norton security Premium, it's norton old version without norton account, you can download software at product page.

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  • If your after a decent Anti-Virus, try saveonit.com.au. I personally hate norton and find its not as accurate as other AV's and its a resource hog. Slows down your PC.

    • Yes, in 2003 it was a resource hog. Not anymore.

      • or have our pcs become too fast to notice these days?

        • No. Storage technology (which is what is mainly hit, in terms of resources) is only JUST reaching a point where you could speculate that.

          It's unrealistic to assume the majority of people are on NVME drives yet.

        • @MasterScythe:

          i disagree. any SSD device - even early generation OCZ Vertex ones from 2011 are miles ahead of any storage medium from 2003. the speed difference from rotational disk to any SSD is more noticeable than from sata SSD to NVMe. Half our PCs at home still have vertex 2 drives and study PC has 960EVO - sure the NVMe benchmarks faster but for everyday usage of Windows - no real noticeable difference.

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    The irony of a website that's not secure and selling Norton.

  • Decent anti virus is windows defender. Free with win10/8 and you can download security essentials if on win 7.

    Ample for almost anybody.

    Of course, if you'd like to use this bloat, go ahead.

    • i agree. been using defender since it was first released as "security essentials" back in the day. never had a problem on any of our machines at home

  • HTTPS already,
    kaspersky product key are cheap selling.