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50 Complimentary Nespresso Pods When You Buy Exactly 350 @ Nespresso


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Mine was………
Buy exactly 350 Nespresso pods and get 50 free. 10 each of Arpeggio, Ristretto, Roma, Fortissio Lungo and Kazaar.

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  • When You Buy Exactly 350

    So if you buy over 350, you don't get the free ones?

    • +3

      No and they take 50 from your order.

    • You still receive offer - the terms i got were;

      Purchase a minimum of 260 or 350 capsules

  • This should be marked as targeted offer.

  • Got buy 130 get 20 complimentary in my offer.

  • My offer was to buy 130 to get 20 free

  • Mine was a double offer, with a choice of 90 to get 10 free or 130 to get 20 free. Wonder how that works if purchased multiple times…

  • I don't see any offers on my account.

    Possibly targeted.

    Or i just don't know where to look.

  • I got buy 220 get 30. Might do it, I just emptied a box the other day so I've only got about 150 capsules rn including a bunch of decaf for the preggas wife

  • There is a generic offer in Sydney CBD store, buy 8 sleeves and get one free.

  • +5

    At ~70c a pod I've found them overpriced to begin with, let alone having to buy 350!

    I'm happy with price:quality of l'or for 40c a pod when on special, and their range continues to grow.

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    For anyone looking for a Nespresso pod alternative, try Lor from woolies/coles. Was on special for $4.50 for 10 pods few weeks ago. They go on special every now and then and they're aluminum pods.

    • Flavour is not too bad either

      • Lavazza is on sale this week - 10 capsules for $3.50 at Woolies

    • Oh they're not plastic any more?

      • No, have been aluminium for a few months now. Fresher coffee (I'd imagine), but I do miss that coffee burst when opening the packets.

    • +1

      Good to know about the aluminum pods, recycling was keeping me away from the rest.

      • LOL I wonder what Nespresso would do if most people started putting L'Or pods through their recycling program.

        • Good question. Recycle or bin? Nespresso is a short walk from my house, so a pretty easy and lazy option for recycling. L'or sounds like more work, I'd have to post stuff somewhere, and I'd have to wait for ~200 pods to build up before I can recycle them…

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    I got buy 130 get 20.
    Can also 2nd the LOR comment above, they are the best nespresso compatible alternative in my opinion

    • Yeah I've tried a lot of brands, and baring a couple of independent roasters (which are more expensive than nespresso but good on the odd occasion) L'or are my everyday.

      Currently enjoying Columbian and Papua New Guinea through the day but supremo or sublime to get my 5am mornings started.

  • I got buy 20 get 3 free

    Or buy 26 get 4 free

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