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Dunkirk iTunes Rental - $0.99


Fantastic movie. Highly recommend. Bare in mind this is heading to Netflix soon so personally I’m going to wait a couple of weeks.

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    Bare in mind


  • Yeah good movie. The Blu-ray is currently $15 at K-Mart.

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    This film needs to be viewed at high resolution, on big screen with big sound - it is its scale that makes it special.

    • I watched it at IMAX, it was epic!

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      I just love the audio detail that was included -e.g. when the dude in spitfire is about to ditch into the channel and you can just hear the canopy shaking/rattling. tiny detail that adds (in my opinion) depth to that particular situation.

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    Isn't this coming to Netflix catalogue this month?

    • Yes, June 20 I'm pretty sure

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      Isn't this coming to Netflix catalogue this month?

      You mean in exactly the same way that the OP mentioned?

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        Maybe Doogan did not get what "bare in mind" means? I am not too sure either

        • Meow.

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    This movie made me really glad not to be born 100 years ago.

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    I personally don’t find this a fantastic movie. Beautiful sceneries and cinematography, but little dialogue and at times boring. Not your usual action-packed war movies.

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      My exact opinion… good acting, good cinematography, good score but I was not entertained or thrilled at all. I was bored.

      • was not entertained or thrilled

        war isn’t that kind of movie.

        • War may not be entertaining (could be thrilling though) but movies about war does not have to be boring. I was entertained watching Full Metal Jacket, I was thrilled watching Enemy at the Gates and Saving Private Ryan.. so I'll just state that I disagree with you. I don't watch movies to be bored.

  • Bare in mind

    Bear in mind.

    • █▀███▀▀███▀▀███▀▀███▀▀███▀█

      • Apologies! I swear the bear was not that big when I copied it!

        • More love to go around

  • Is it coming to Netflix in 4K Dolby Vision? Almost all movies on Netflix aren’t.