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SHARP Aquos S2 Mobile Phone Blue 4GB+64GB, 5.5", Android 8.0, NFC, B28, USD $163 (~AUD $216) Shipped (China) @ Joybuy


It's US$163 if apply the $5 off $35 coupon (for new members). If the triangular screen corners bother you:

This app is perfect for rounding the corners. It's custom made for the Aquos S2, and makes the screen look so much better.

A shameless edit of the previous deal but now with a slightly better price and white color option.

This is a mid range, dual SIM handset with better than midrange features such as 87.5% screen/body ratio (5.5 inch display in a body that would previously had a 5 inch display), power efficient Snapdragon SD630, NFC, Nice bright IGZO display, F1.75 camera and very good battery life. 140g and the small size make it easy to use one handed.

As a bonus you get Android Nougat 7.1.1 (and can update to Android 8.0 Oreo (third tab)) microSD support, Band 5 and Band 28 LTE support!

Downsides are that it has "the notch", Smile UX is not the best launcher, the 630 models have a plastic back, it is shipped with Chinese firmware, you need to install Taiwan firmware for Google Services, which seems straightforward and is explained on the Joybuy page.

Other models available
Snapdragon 660 6GB+128GB Black glass/Black alloy US$238/AU$315
Snapdragon 630 6GB+64GB US$196/AU$258 AQUOS S3 mini, no cutouts, no NFC, better selfie cam


Detailed review video (in Russian, in youtube, turn on auto caption, then click on the settings gear and select auto-translate to English)
There is a review of the camera from 25:07

Great close up images showing detail of the 6/128 glass and 4/64 plastic backs, as well as the anodised (for non-white models) alluminium frame

Whirlpool thread

xda developers thread

additional info in Russian
Check out the (huge) 4pda forum thread where the Aquos S2 4/64 appears to be very popular.

Protective case? Phone ships with one. Here's some alternatives

Shockproof cases:
* US$5.00 grippy matte black case
* US$1.60 clear case
* US$2.20 grey translucent case
* US$4.40 grippy case - several colors

Or as from whirlpool**

I ordered this cheap case (grey) which is suprisingly a perfect tight fit, accurate cutouts for buttons, mic holes etc, as well as having a frosted surface (fingerprint resistant) on the back, smooth (more grippy) around the sides. The downsides – there is a very faint moulding seam where the frosted joins the smooth surface around the perimter, the frosting seems to get smoothed/polished over time, maybe another colour would have been a better match with the blue. IMO it is lighter and much better in the hand than the included hard case, and around $2.



Q: When if ever is the black model likely to go on sale?

-Black only appeared briefly in the 4GB/64GB but was being sold in the pricier SD660 6GB/128GB model. Both are sold out.
-White had discounted stock released during this sale and is sold out. It doesn't use anodized paint so will wear the best.
-Blue was discounted during previous sales and is the only color with remaining stock.

Suggest install a black grippy case and all you'll see is the blue outline around the camera & ports.

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  • +1

    How good is the camera on this?

    • experiences from our fellow Ozbargainers would be much appreciated too!

      • It's a pretty good camera. Others have rated on whirlpool pretty highly.

    • The Mister Techs Malaysian review shows it has promising hardware but is held back by a lack of any kind of stabilisation. If this is wrong I'd love to hear it, because it's my main concern with the phone (don't have the steadiest of hands).

      • The video footage that I saw from this phone was shocking, most likely due to the absence of any stabilisation. I wouldn't want to use it for recording videos, but the stills seem ok.

        • I hear gimbals work better with cameras with no image stabilisers. Dont have a gimbal to test this out though.

    • it's a good camera for the price. Def better than my g5 plus. Very responsive.

    • i would say its better then my nexus5x , still not as good as S9 or Iphone10

  • +1

    If this phone has little to no third party ROM support I don't know if I would bother.

    • +1

      Someone ported AICP on XDA, but I haven't been game enough to try. I'm pretty happy with the rooted stock based ROM.

  • +2

    Had this is cart for $199usd yesterday, at at $153 - 5 = 148 I'm sold, bought 1, thanks OP.

  • I cannot believe it was more than double this price nine months ago.
    How much lower will it go?

    • That was the version that didn't need any adjustments.
      If this was a phone with the taiwanese firmware it would more likely be $100 more.

  • Appears to be sold out

  • Looks like the white model is out of stock for now. Blue is still available.

  • This or the g5s plus?

    • i have both g5 plus and s2, s2 win on NFC and weight

  • +1

    Very good price for a very good phone.

    However no IR blaster, no FM radio, no 3.5mm headphone jack is the only real killer for me as well as smaller battery compared to a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (more than 1000mah difference over 25% capacity smaller) but it has quick charging 3.0, NFC, Band 28, better or same cpu, better gpu, 25g lighter, WiFi ac, Bluetooth 4.2 so there are some minor changes.

    Personally while I love type c usb most of my devices are still micro usb so the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4/4X suits me. Also no 3.5mm headphone jack is a pet peeve for me, adapters are bogus to play with imho unless you really have no other idea or choice.

    • The quick charge is my favourite feature. I generally only charge for 30 minutes per day which gets it from around 50% to 100%

  • Interesting review

  • Does anyone have the Aquos s3 mini? Is the extra $45 ish worth it for the slightly worse real camera but way better selfie mode??

    • Appears to lack interest given the higher price & no NFC. The next tier after the SD630 S2 mini is the SD660 S2 mini (sold out) then S3 (not mini, not sold on joybuy). Though you might consider then an Essential Phone instead.

  • Anyone know where I can buy a couple of spare headphone dongles for this phone… I've bought a couple and they don't work..


  • When if ever is the black model likely to go on sale?

    • -Black only appeared briefly in the 4GB/64GB but was being sold in the pricier SD660 6GB/128GB model. Both are sold out.
      -White had discounted stock released during this sale and is sold out. It didn't use anodised paint so will wear the best.
      -Blue was discounted during previous sales and is the only color with remaining stock. Install a black grippy case and all you'll see is the blue outline around the camera & ports.

      A small phone that manages a 5.5" screen, NFC, B28 & long battery life from IGZO LCD tech. Nothing comes close at ~AU$200. Grab one while you can.

      • Damn. Sounds like I'll have to wait for the black models to be restocked.

        • As mentioned, black was sold at a higher price when stock was available. Wait? We'll pay + 10% GST for purchases < $1000 after Jul-2018 (and may complicate o/s buying). Is black worth the hassle? ~$200 now for a blue mid-ranger is good buying. Other phone models will trickle into the market and this one's specs (particularly being a rare small unit inc B28) should give good resale.

  • Can anyone comment on how difficult/easy the Root/Flash mentioned by the poster and on the website (Chinese Version need Root and Flash by yourself) is to do?

    • If you're talking about changing it to the Taiwanese firmware, it's easy and nothing too complicated although a little stressful if you've never done anything like it before.

      • Stressful? How so?

        • Well I a few things didn't work straight away so I panicked. For example I couldn't upload the file onto my phone at first, this was because I didn't confirm file transfer from USB at first. Typing in the code to install the firmware didn't work at first either, this was because I wasn't typing it in correctly. I was also not receiving texts at first, this was because I was using at 3rd party app which it didn't like.

        • @treeman: So overall, would you recommend the phone to someone relatively new to these sorts of things, or just to people more experienced?

        • @Jec:

          See I wouldn't call myself experienced but I could figure it out. It was a little daunting but I handled it fine.

  • Is it just me or does the activation link not get sent to hotmail addresses when signing up?

  • So essentially there's only 3 custom roms we can flash on this?

    • Which 3 are you referring to?

  • Just a word of caution, I was thinking of buying this as a backup phone as I am having some minor issues my with current phone.

    Went through as far as adding it to my cart and then onto payment info, but decided against it.

    I then got an email saying my order had been confirmed and that I have to pay within 6 hours. I was a little shocked. There's a Cancel Order button but they way they write it somewhat makes you think you need to pay.

    Slightly dodgy.

    • Surely they can't deduct money from your account/card.

      • They hadn't but it was confronting to see order confirmed.

    • doesnt ship to Australia

      • It did for an hour or so. So out of stock for white again.

  • Do you guys trust the English ROMs for these enough that you use mobile banking apps on the device?

    • I'm using a banking app on my Sharp Aquos S2

      • thanks.

        Do you reckon this is an upgrade over a Samsung Galaxy S4?

        • My Wife uses a Samsung Galaxy S7 and I feel it's better than hers. Camera on hers might be a little better though.

        • @treeman:

          alright i'll get this.

          which brand USB-C/Headphone jack dongle do you have?

        • @bisaya:

          It came with one.

          I haven't used it yet.

  • +2

    Bought one, thank you for sharing

  • +1

    bought a white one, thanks!

  • Price dropped by 1USD for the 64GB blue one to 161USD -5USD Coupon = 156USD

    Still deciding between this or Redmi Note 5 3GB RAM 32GB SD636 Gold Which is currently at 170.99USD in Aliexpress (+ 8% Cashreward)


    Opinions guys, faster phone with premium body and better camera OR +1GB RAR & 2X Storage, NFC and B28

    One thing I like about Joybuy over Aliexpress is the availability of Paypal… Can't see paypal as a payment option in Aliexpress

    • B28 is pretty good. Nfc useful for bank cards

  • +1

    Can anyone please recommend a USB-C headphone adapter that will actually work/won't sound terrible?

    • Have you tried the Xiaomi original, reviews were pretty good. I've just ordered it and will let you know how it goes.

  • my htc 10's power button has shat itself. does this deal really expire tomorrow? thinking of ordering. help?

    • i'm not sure man but I noticed it doesn't seem to end. Every time I checked it had like 13hrs to go and then i check back 24hrs later and it hasn't expired.

      • ahaha thanks. ill wait and see if htc will cover my phone for warranty

        • It might not be here tomorrow, but should be back sooner or later.

        • @treeman: still here

  • Cannot apply coupon. Is the coupon code $5 off $35? Any idea?

    Edit, got it.

    • +1

      wow thanks

      so excited for this. hurry up post man plz

  • Just wondering if anyone has received the phone yet. Tracking on mine shows "SHENZHEN CN,Processed through facility[Despatched]" since 7th June and no update since then. I wonder how long it generally takes for the phone to arrive after the current status.

    • Ordered June 7.

      2 Updates
      * Sorted on June 10
      * Received by overseas carrier on June 12.

      Hoping it's almost in Aust

      • Thanks, i ordered mine on 2nd June and all I see is:

        Processed through facility 09:14am Thu 07 Jun
        Received by overseas carrier 09:04pm Tue 05 Jun

        I read number of people received the phone in 10 days during the last deal, so hoping to receive it in next 2 days, fingers crossed!!

        • +1

          Mine took around 20ish days so dont

  • I suggest do not count on the $5 new user discount. I signed up yesterday and used the emailed link offering an extra $5 new user discount…. but did not get any further discount. Tried a couple of times and cleared the browser cahce but no go.

    The phone went through at AU$268.99 which still sounds like good value.

    I did contact Joyboy online chat today and was told that the discount does not apply to mobiles. Following chat log edited a little for brevity:

    ept_5cced2e51243e Joybuy CS Agent
    we suggest you could please notice about the limition on the coupon
    maybe the item which you will buy could not use the coupon

    Does Platform restrictions: PC Joybuy,Mobile Joybuy ……
    Mean restricted "to" these categories, …. or restricted "from" these categories? My Australian English would have me believe these are what you can choose from.

    means that

    Sorry, but means that it DOES work with mobiles or it DOES NOT?
    according to the link which you sent to us

    dose not work

    then later …

    you item is the flash deal
    so you could not use the coupon

    Correct - it was a "flash deal". So perhaps you are now saying the coupon was OK for mobiles, but not > ok for "flash deal" mobiles?

    Joybuy CS Agent

    Thank you. The coupon made no mention of any such restriction. Noted and will post to Ozbargain so
    that no other purchasers make the same mistake with "flash deals"

    About the coupon , there is sure dose some limition My pleasure for service to you

  • Do we have to pay gst or parcel tax for this?

  • Anyone having problems with the Joybuy website? Using AUD I successfully added the phone to cart and applied the coupon giving $A220.94. But when I try to add my address the New Address panel is blank …. no cells visible to enter details. Chat was no help … "internet problem, refresh, log out and in, try later, try different browser". Anyone successfully using Firefox on Windows?

    I am also interested in Wai's question … do we pay tax on this? What happens if the parcel reaches Australia after 30 June?

    EDIT: Now solved. I don't know what fixed it but I was just now able to enter my address in the ordering phase despite multiple attempts before. Did not try entering my address in the Account section again. So I successfully placed the order via Paypal for a final amount of $220.95.

  • Using the tracking number on Auspost it says It's on its way, Processed through facility 7 June. so hopefully not much longer

  • joybuy says the sale expires in 4 hours but op says it expires in 4 days. how much longer would this deal be on?

  • If really want a black or white model, they are being sold on Taobao for the same sort of money. That's not adding shipping costs.


  • it says shipping to aus is not available on the product page. what am i missing?

  • Anyone recieved it yet? I ordered on 11th. This is what i got.

    2018-6-16 11:09:00 SHENZHEN CN,Processed through facility[Despatched]
    2018-6-15 00:30:00 CN518021 CHINA,Received by overseas carrier[In transit]
    2018-6-13 22:27:00 SHENZHEN,Packet Arrived EWS Sorting Centre

    • Nope but I can atleast track it on a austPost now

    • 2018-6-16 11:00:00Chullora NSW,Processed through Australia Post facility[In transit]

      Ordered on the 08th June.

      • good to know, it shouldnt take long now.

    • getting closer now

      Processed through Australia Post facility
      Mon 18 Jun • 07:58am

    • mine arrived yesterday.

      awesome phone for $200 lol.

      screen is so nice, phone is snappy!
      camera quality is a bit meh but still does the job.

      • This is the bit that I'm most interested in- camera.
        I wanted to get a phone that ticks all my boxes, but at the same time, I'd like a decent camera. I'm using a Redmi 4x atm, and find the camera underwhelming. I rooted it just to install google camera apk, but it was painfully slow to use, albeit quite impressive.
        Decided I wanted a bit better phone, but couldn't bring myself to spend mid-level or even flagship money for a good camera phone…. I bought my wife a Moto G5+ and I personally dislike it a lot. I've also forked out for offerings from Oppo and Sony (with reasonable reviews) and wasn't impressed. It between I've had a few iphone 6 variants, but the android entry level looked most likely next time. Seemed like the next step up was going to be $600 or so, but at around 200, I couldn't resist the plunge on the Aquos.
        I hope I'm not dissapointed, but for the money, I doubt it.
        I'm incessantly checking the tracking, but to no avail so far lol.

    • Recieved mine yesterday, 10 days extact.

  • Can anyone kindly explain simple terms how to best prepare my phone for use in Australia? It seems that I need to do something regarding a 'Taiwan ROM'. The XDA and Whirlpool forums make no sense for lay people like me and the 'Tips' on the JoyBuy website aren't terribly helpful either.

    • +3

      I used the instruction from ajoesmith on whirlpool

      Use google chrome

      1 – go here http://www.sharpmobile.com.tw/%E6%9C%8D%E5%8B%99%E6%94%AF%E6...
      2 – click on translate
      3 – Click software download
      4 – download the file (should be the top one) to your pc called "AQUOS S2 card brush complete upgrade package
      00WW_1_35F" NOT the file called higher version!!!!
      5 – After downloaded, change the name of the file to 'SS2-136F-0-00CN-B01-update.zip'
      6 – turn your phone on and make sure it's english language (otherwise you will have to muck around trying to navigate in chinese)
      7 – Copy the downloaded file to your phone.
      8 – On phone dialer (call app) - dial ##874## and click update at bottom
      9 – Sit back and enjoy as it installs and restarts

      • 4.5 Make sure you have file-extensions visible if using Windows otherwise you will rename the file SS2-136F-0-00CN-B01-update.zip.zip

        • ah good pickup. I always have extensions visible lol

        • @bisaya: Me too - but that step tripped a lot of people up :)

      • For step 8 i had to type in ##874## and then it worked.

        All the other steps worked. Thanks bisaya.

        • +4

          I just realied stars dont show up for some reason. Anyways it should