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Vegan Spicy Veg Trio or Vegan Margherita Pizza for $5 Pickup @ Domino's


Use link to get a single use code valid for a $5 vegan (no dairy) pizza, either Spicy Veg Trio or Margherita.
Not any cheaper than getting it with regular cheese, but to some people this option will be appealing.

Make sure to order using the Vegan Range menu instead of altering pizzas from other menus otherwise the discount won't apply.

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  • I'm confused, am I getting paid $5? What's the deal?

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        You can get $5 Domino's pizzas all the time

        You can't get the vegan, dairy-free pizzas for $5 all the time. So, yes, it is a deal.

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        Actually cows hate being artificially inseminated, having their calves taken from them and then be incessantly milked until they are killed… It's shit house..

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          Actually cows hate being artificially inseminated

          None of the cows that I've asked have complained about it.

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          They said artificially jv. Your cow lovin' doesn't count.

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          I retract my comment. To be kind.

        • @jv:

          Actually cows hate being artificially inseminated

          None of the cows that I've asked have complained about it.

          I hear some pay thousands for it!

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          Maybe it would be different if you were prepared to see your animal get killed

          That makes no sense. That's saying killing someone is justified if you can do it, but not if you need to hire a hit-man.

          If something's terrible then it's terrible regardless of who's doing it.

    • Nope not getting paid it seems that they are making the pizza cost $5 rather than probably $7 or whatever the extra amount is if you order the vegan option.

      Man if I was getting paid to eat pizza food problems for life solved haha lol but then rip to diabetes.

  • It's ridiculous they charge $2.95 for vegan cheese to begin with. That's 60% of the value of the $5 pizza. Anyone know what type of vegan cheese they use?

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      I think it's Follow Your Heart. I think $2.95 is too much but it is more expensive than dairy cheese. I think $1.50 is reasonable.

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        Vegan and bargain are an oxymoron. Vegan cheese at Woolworths is $40 kg. Non vegan cheese is $10 kg. $2.95 is a reasonable surcharge.

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          In the end it's up to your wallet. You don't need caviar which is ~$100/kg any more than you need vegan cheese. It's a luxury for those who want and can afford it.

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          Clearly you have no sympathy for those that are lactose intolerant

        • @arcticmonkey:

          Cheese basically has no lactose so can be eaten by people who are lactose intolerant

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          Clearly you have no sympathy for those that are lactose intolerant

          I have no sympathy for intolerant people in general!

        • Vegan and bargain are an oxymoron. Vegan cheese at Woolworths is $40 kg. Non vegan cheese is $10 kg. $2.95 is a reasonable surcharge.

          If I didn't wash, I could produce my own cheese!

          But I'm not sure it would count as vegan…

        • @Scrooge McDuck: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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        I wan't vegan bacon with my skinny decaf cap with a shot of caramel in almond milk

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        You're an oxymoron.

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          I guess vegans don't know how to use a dictionary too then…

          Or is that your attempt at an insult? If so, you're an amateur…

    • The vegan kind.

    • First of all it's not 'cheese'. Secondly don't eat it if don't like the price.

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        For someone that seems anti PC, you seem quite offended by the term it's called. I don't eat it when it's at that price. Doesn't mean I have to agree with it though.

    • Ask for no cheese.

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    What about the poor humans on minimum wage serving up vegan pizza?

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    Awesome, I don't have to pay the lactose intolerant tax for once!

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      All the anger towards vegan cheese, despite it allowing lactose intolerant peeps enjoy pizza finally..

      • Cheese doesn't contain lactose.

        • This hurts to read. Certain cheese may have trace amounts or if it's aged quite a lot, but I have a friend who can still get sick depending on the cheese.

    • You do know you can customise all pizzas and remove the cheese and add another topping. The pizza still taste great.

  • Has anyone actually tried these? I don't mind vegan food but find these pizzas almost inedible.

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      Has anyone actually tried these?


    • maybe that's the price you pay

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      Yep! Follow Your Heart is probably the best vegan cheese I’ve had. It melts quite a lot like regular cheese, doesn’t turn into chemically liquid, and has a slightly milder flavour.

      What did you find inedible?

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        Vegan cheese is still missing three things that cows'milk cheese has: good stretch, the cries of mothers. and the blood of their children. Food techs are still working on the first one.

    • taste better than the normal dominos tbh

    • Has anyone actually tried these? I don't mind vegan food but find these pizzas almost inedible.

      You're supposed to Instagram it, not eat it!

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      Definitely essential. Not essential to get from dairy/meat though. Tofu/legumes/nuts/seeds and certain grains all have sufficient protein.

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        Despite the trolling it's important people know that Follow Your Heart cheese is predominantly oil and starch. Many people assume because it's soy-free that it must use another legume but its legume content (and thus protein, mineral, vitamin and phytonutrient content) is almost negligible. Of course it's "just a treat" but the average idiot used to buy Ribena for the fruit content.

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    there's no real rebuttal against veganism. I eat meat sometimes and when I do I know it's a failure on my part

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      Same here, but for some people the fact that others are taking a stand against needless excess personally offends them

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        Some people struggle to respect the opinion of another when their own opinion is passive aggressively belittled or dismissed. I would assume this typically plays more of a part - I don't believe anyone is offended by someone avoiding needless excess.

        There's also individuals with personalities where they dislike people who think they're better or of higher status than themselves without clear, agreed merit. Some vegans think not eating meat makes them a better person than others - this can obviously create clashes at a personality level of the other person doesn't agree with said notion.

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          "Some people struggle to respect the opinion of another when their own opinion is passive aggressively belittled or dismissed."

          Opinions are often just plain wrong. In this case it's pretty much indisputable that the world would be better off without animal products, and that's ignoring the ethical side of it entirely.

        • @Georgevic:

          The world would be better place (environmentally) without humans in general, this is also scientifically proven. I don't propose we rid of humans though, even if that would in theory solve the issue.

          What I'm saying - when there's scientific facts it's still open to both different interpretations, as well as differing opinions surrounding possible responses to such issues. I feel as if you're still dismissing those opinions without even hearing or considering them, while expecting respect towards your own opinion.

          Note I understand some (it seems including yourself) don't feel as if it's a matter of opinion, but in this case a negative response should still be typically expected when the (wrong) view of another is dismissed.

        • @dyl:

          The world would be a better place for humans without animal products.

          Twist it whatever way you want, one position is correct and the other is wrong here.

        • @Georgevic:
          Is there other ways to address the issues that arise from humans consuming animal products? On what merits do you blindly dismiss other possible solutions? Why should individuals respect your view when theirs is dismissed and isn't heard respectfully? Etc

    • More for me then, cheers.

    • The problem I have with many vegans is their militant and inconsistent behaviour. Want to tell other people what to eat but are happy to wear leather shoes, leather wrist watch bands, drive cars with leather steering wheels etc.

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        If you know "vegans" that wear leather watch bands then be militant (you know, talk to them, because unlike paying for slaughter, that's militant) yourself and let them know their hypocrisy. Your problem is with them, not veganism.

        • The problem is that I do not know any vegan that is consistent. And they become even more militant when I do what you suggest so I just ignore them and do not take them seriously anymore.
          But of course this is not only happening with vegans. I also know a lot of environmentalists who drive 20 year old cars polluting the environment 20 times more than a new car. When I point this out, the "But I live in a rural area" or "I need a car" argument comes. In my opinion, if you cannot afford a modern car that is economical, has modern filters and technology etc. do not buy a car at all. Use a bike or public transport instead.
          Those people lose all credibility with me.

        • +4

          @Lysander: How sad for you. What's it like living in this perpetual stalemate?

        • @thevofa:

          I have fun as I do not try to convince them. They do but ruin all their chances with their BS. ;-)

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          with their BS.

          Ohh the irony in you saying this after the rest of your post in this deal.

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          I read your comments, and as a fellow meat eater, all I see are your own justification for eating meat in the form of cognitive dissonance.

          Obviously no one's perfect but any effort to stop helps

        • @aerona:

          I actually rarely eat meat, sometimes going 1 year or so without eating any.
          Plus, if I want to eat meat I eat meat. I do not need to justify it to you or anybody else.
          I am always surprised why people think one needs their approval for something that does not involve them at all. ???

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        Leather shoe will last for a long time. You don't buy a leather shoe everyday… Bit different than eating meat.

        • Not the point if the argument is death and animal cruelty and suffering.

        • @Lysander:
          Totally different. Shoes can be made from animals who have died of natural causes. Meat on the other hand…

        • @homersimpson:

          In many US states and in Canada roadkill meat is given to charities (check Alaska Troopers on Youtube). So that is the same and OK then?

          Plus, leather from animals who die of old age is not very nice and is not used. And, do you really believe that the leather industry is going around the world collecting leather from animals who died of natural causes? Hell, there are not nearly enough animals that die of natural causes to satisfy the leather industry.
          So, that is not really an argument.

          I mean I could say veganism is bad because some plants are ripped and killed.
          Let's just eat what is released by the plant voluntarily, and that is fair enough - it is called fruitarianism but really that is very different to veganism.

        • @Lysander:

          I mean I could say veganism is bad because some plants are ripped and killed.

          You could, but it would be moronic.

          I can't get over how many plants rights activists there are, but they only perk up when animal sufferings are mentioned.

        • @thevofa:

          I am not a plant rights activist. Far from it. I just like fairness in arguments. Vegans simply "forget" to mention that plants are living creatures as well and that to eat them, they are killed as well. Whether or not they suffer is really irrelevant to me as being killed is the ultimate outcome which - I think you would agree- is bad.

          I mean vegans would not stop advocating against eating meat if animals were nicely put to sleep before being killed so they would not feel anything so they cruelty aspect is gone.

          We could also introduce some other, religious-type or evolution-type arguments, here but I guarantee this would totally run wild and explode so we better leave it at that.

        • +1


          Vegans don't have issue with killing life - we do it every time we disinfect our hands, every time we (males) ejaculate, every time we pick a flower. We have issue with violating the interests of other sentient beings.

          You're equating mowing the lawn with killing a cow. Why would you expect anyone to take you seriously?

        • @thevofa:

          Plants react to music, for example. How do you know they are not sentient?
          Why is the definition we made now the only right one? Maybe in the future, with more research the definition changes.
          The definition vegans use is one of convenience as another definition would cause a problem for their arguments.
          Plus, the fact that you are no beginning to say that, just because I have a different opinion and question the validity of the definition, I cannot be taken seriously severely puts the ability of vegans to have a meaningful discussion into doubt if I take you as a representative for vegan thinking.
          Fortunately, some vegans do admit the fallacy of their arguments and I know some who left veganism again because of that.

          It really is simple: unless one can prove to me that plants do not feel and are not sentient (and not necessarily by our narrow definition), vegan and non-vegans to me do the same thing, just to different creatures. I think it is very narrow-minded to believe that our current research is the end all of everything.

          Let's just agree to disagree as you will simply not convince me with the same old tired arguments that have been put forward a million times (and disproved by some studies).

        • +1


          Deterministic reactions are different from sentient responses. Believing plants have feelings is as against the consensus is modern science as is believing the world is flat. The logical, scientific and moral contortions people accept to relieve their cognitive dissonance is astounding.

        • @thevofa:

          Read the studies, please. And then we can continue.

        • +1


          Yeah, I won't be continuing this. Ciao.

      • Your problem Lysander is that you have not spoken to them.. and only have assumed . How many have you spoken to on a human to human level and not online ?

        Here are reasons why you may see what you see..

        1) Don't assume leather with the leather look there is so much faux leather around, chairs, shoes, lounges.. its everywhere.
        2) Vegans didn't become vegans over night, of course before their switch they would have more than likely had leather goods and they are just wearing them out instead of just wasting it and throwing away…
        3) Since they have gone vegan they would not buy into NEW products with animal products.. ask them when did they buy the item in question ( before or after they changed ..

        Of course this also stretches into shampoos, beauty products, creams.. etc.. but it is about trying to be the best you can.

        • But I have spoken to them. I also have friends who are vegan or became vegan. I realise people have old leather products but all bar vegans I have talked to admitted buying new leather products. As I said, the car example is happening quite often. They buy nice cars with leather steering wheels and a leather knob on the manual shifting mechanism.
          Countless of times I have heard the argument that no animal dies for their products as it is killed already for people eating meat. Bit bullshit and hypocritical if you ask me.
          Also, please do not assume I don't talk to them. No idea where you got that but of course I base my experiences on real life interactions.

        • @Lysander:I don't know what "bar" vegans are and how many you spoke to. If they are buying new leather products they are NOT vegan. I agree with you completely that they are spewing out bullshit if they claim that no animals dies for their products as it is killed already . ( it is debatable if they are buying second hand goods as this does not create demand for new items.. )

          My conclusion is whoever you are speaking to I am afraid they are not True Vegans..

        • @wchau:

          I am sure they would disagree but that is them. They can do whatever they want as long as they leave me alone.

          Second hand good also create demand as if they are gone more new ones are created.

          I am happy for everyone to believe whatever they want (and act accordingly) and I also leave them alone - I do ask though that they afford me the same rights and do the same for me.

        • @Lysander: Like I said , second hand goods are debatable, they are recycled and hence new ones are not always created in all circumstances.

          What about the rights of the animals who have no say, why don't they be left alone too ? who stands up for them when they get tortured and butchered. ? They feel pain and suffering as we do… and thats why these people voice it out.

          You might think differently if you were the victim… put yourself in the eyes of the damned animal and its easy to agree that you too would want someone to fight for you to live and be free because you as the victim are helpless.

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