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Penrite HPR Diesel 10 Engine Oil - 10W-40, 10 Litre $88.99 with $40 Account Credit @ Supercheap Auto (Club Plus Members)


Good price I think. Club members only. Signup is $5 and you get $10 credit

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    it's $88.99 + $40 credit :)


    Note its for diesel cars, although you could sorta use it in petrol cars.

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      You most CERTAINLY can use it in petrol cars.
      If you're a numbers\certification guy;
      It meets SL certification. Which is basically all cars up to 2004.

      In addition to this, if you're a bit of an oil nerd like myself, or a chemical nerd, or even a car enthusiast.
      You'd know that about the only difference between SL and newer (SM and SN) oils, is that the levels of Zinc and Phosphorous were GREATLY reduced.
      ZDDP is about the longest running proven lubricating additive (extreme pressure additive) in oil, and the only reason it's being removed, is that as cars burn even a small amount of Oil, the Zinc takes Catalytic Converter efficiency down significantly (until it burns off).

      In other words, You (might! Only if you burn oil) pollute a little more.
      But in the event of a low oil scenario, you'd have more high pressure and dry film libricant remaining, to maybe save your engine.
      And of course there's a carbon footprint involved in replacing an engine.

      As a car enthusiast, I'm less of a greenie than is probably ideal, and as such, I like Zinc and Phosphorous protecting any minor metal to metal contact my engine may see.


    Had me up until not suitable for DPF fitted cars requiring low SAPS

    Still a great deal


      Yep, you need the Enviro version for that, it’s what I use with a nice low Sulphated Ash content of 0.99%.


        You're right, but what a joke huh?
        Thanks to the over-agressiveness of the DPF, we can't use the only additive we know keeps our internals clean, safely.
        So much short sightedness in the world, don't polute now, but also, throw it away sooner.
        It's just false economy.

        My mate runs 'medium SAPS' which we blend ourselves by mixing a low saps, with a normal saps oil of the same brand and weight.
        Stripping down his diesel engine shows it's doing what we hoped it would; clean clean clean.


    Could we buy this and then return it next week and still keep the credit?


    Is this a targeted offer? I can't see any mention of the 40% credit on the website and I am logged in.

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