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Greetings everyone, for all the Udemy Course hoarders out there, some more new courses, heaps of courses on offer. This took quite a bit of time rummaging through all of the Udemy course websites to compile all of these courses into 1 easy to read list.

All are free at posting. Get in quick for the bestselling ones because they sell out fairly quickly. Most of these should be brand new courses that are free but there might be a couple of dupes. Make sure to point out or submit a report when a course in sold out so I can strike-through it.

Thanks to cbeard:

If you are having trouble with the "exceeded maximum number of requests" throttle, try using the cart instead. I did carts of about 10 courses at a time only waiting a few seconds between clicking "add to cart" for each, got a 90%+ success rate and made the process of adding another ~100 courses much faster. After loading the cart some courses may become non-free, just remove these and do them later manually (direct "enroll now" button).


10x Goal Setting: How To Live Your Dream Life
20 Days And Beyond To A Happier You!
Arabic Language | The Ultimate Arabic Course (Level 1)
Back to Basics ~ Health
CEO-level Presentation Skills - Slide Writing for Consulting
Chinese Characters You Must Know for HSK 1-2 Volume 8
Chinese Characters You Must Know for HSK 3-4 Volume 12
CONFIDENCE: 21 Days To Double Your Confidence & Potential
Complete Presentation Skills Masterclass for Every Occasion
Communicating in Colour
Credit Scores: How Personal Credit Works
Cryptocurrency: Complete Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins! (8 HR)
Cryptocurrency Simplified: Bitcoin & Altcoins for Beginners
Dealing With Difficult People In Life & Work - Powerful!
Forex Algorithmic Trading-Build Portfolios of EAs- No coding
Golden Lies: Be Creative and Get ANYTHING you want in life!
How to Influence and Persuade with Unconscious Rapport
How to be a great TEDx Speaker?
How to be a Highly Effective Learner?

How to Get Free Products for Life!
How To Influence & Persuade People - 30 Min Course
Intermediate Chinese Reading (First Language) Y5W005
Is cooking with children productive?
Launch Ethereum tokens & crowdsales without coding
Learn Chinese by Chinese Idiom Stories for HSK 4 - HSK 6
Learn Probability thoroughly
Make New Friends: Boost Your Communication & Social Skills
Meditation Series: Heal Your Inner Wounds
Meditation for Beginners: Boost Your Productivity in 5 Days
MIndful Meditation With Arthur Samuel Joseph
Mindfulness Meditation for Real Life
Mind Power - Change Your Thought Process To Change Your Life
NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming - The Ultimate NLP Guide
Oil Painting Technique Revealed. Use Layers In Your Painting
Parenting Tips To Make Your Life Easier
Personal Branding System: UNIQUE Secret for YOUR Success

Persuasion Machine: Master Persuasion Psychology & Influence
Podcasting - The Basics
Primer on Blockchain and Bitcoin: Fundamentals and Use Cases
MASTER NEW SAT MATH : 6 Realistic tests
REBT - The Science Of Programming Your Mind!
Six Sigma In Education
Teaching Skills for Teachers
The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Book Cover Design
The Secrets to Your Personal Development and Self-Growth
The Secrets to Weight Loss, Burn Fat and Gain Muscle Fast
The Secrets to Get Abs Fast: Abs Programs to Have 6 Pack Abs
Use Would in English
Ultimate Persuasion Strategies! - Influence Tools & Skills


30 Days of Python | Unlock your Python Potential
After Effects CC: Learn Lower Thirds Title & Motion Graphics
A-Frame Web VR Programming Tutorial Series (Virtual Reality)
Algorithm Trading Robots Without Programming (17 Hrs) MT5
Anyone can Design: Create Awesome Graphics For Social Media
Artificial Intelligence Website Creation 2018 (No Coding)
Artificial Intelligence Video Creation: Amazing Video Tools
Arm Yourself Against Cybercrime
Binary Options: The Bandit Strategy
Build an Advanced Keylogger using C++ for Ethical Hacking!
Bug Tracker and JIRA
ChatBots: How to Make a Facebook Messenger Chat Bot in 1hr
CISSP MasterClass : Become a CISSP Today! Domain 1 & 2, 2018
C Programming for Beginners

C++ For Absolute Beginners : The Starter Guide
Complete SQL Bootcamp with MySQL, PHP & Python
Day Trading Ninja: Complete DIY Day Trading Course (12 Hour)
Electronic Circuits Analysis by PSpice
Flappy Bird Clone - The Complete SFML C++ Game Course
Fast Video Curation: Create an online branded tv channel
GDPR Office 365 Readiness Course: Compliance & Data Security
GIMP for Amazon Merch
Git Going Fast: One Hour Git Crash Course
Google Advanced Search: Find Stuff Like a Boss
How to Create a Secure Website With WordPress
Iterative calculation in Excel
iOS 10 iPhone App Development: Learn the Basics in 2 hours
Leaflet for Beginners

Learn and Understand C++
Learn Android Development
Learn Ansible From Ground Up: The Devops Guide
Learn Bootstrap 4 Responsive Web Development
Learn DevOps with Jenkins All in One Guide
Learn Front-End Web Development
Learn JMeter
Learn to make your own Play Store App in Minutes
Learn 3ds max and vray : Making of House in the Forest
Learn Perl Programming
Learn R Programming
Microsoft Excel Training-Learn By Doing Approach.
Mobile App Marketing - The Complete Masterclass

Number Systems: Master of numbers conversion in 90 minutes
Pre-Programming: Everything you need to know before you code
Projects in Bootstrap 4: Learn by Building Apps
Projects in Electron: Learn Electron Framework Building Apps
Projects in jQuery Mobile: Learn by building Real World Apps
PYTHON - A to Z Full Course for Beginners
Rendering AutoCAD Drawings in Photoshop
Test Your C Programming Skills & Become Expert in C
Test your Knowledge in Advanced Accounting MCQs
The Essential Kotlin Programming Course (Android Developers)
The Complete iOS 11 & Swift Developer Course - Build Apps
Unity: Build A Complete 2D Game From Start to Finish
Unity Multiplayer 2017 -Build Online Shooter - code included
Unity Game Programming For Absolute Beginners
Unity 3D Course: No Coding, Build & Market Video Games Fast
Web Content Studio Mastery
Windows Service Programming in C# .Net For Coders & Students

Music & Video:

Artificial Intelligence Music Creation & Remixing 2018
Guitar Technique Fundamentals
How To Mixing Mastering Electronic Music In Logic Pro X
How To Make A DJ Mixtape in Ableton - Step By Step Course
How To Make EDX Style In Logic Pro X Music Production Course
Learn Ableton Live in a Day - Complete Production Course
Viralnomics: Creating YouTube video ideas that Go ‘Viral'


2018 Complete Marketing Masterclass - 6 Courses in 1
2018 Complete Marketing Masterclass #1 | Your Model
2018 Complete Marketing Masterclass #2 | Belief Framework
2018 Complete Marketing Masterclass #3 | CRO
2018 Complete Marketing Masterclass #4 | SEO
10 Ritz-Carlton Marketing Secrets to Guarantee…
Adsense Masterclass - 2018
Affiliate CPA Masterclass - 2018 Newbie Friendly
Affiliate Marketing Domination: Become A Super Affiliate
Alternative Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website
Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing
Autopilot Affiliate Method 2018
Build a Huge List of Email IDs in a Day: Ultimate Hacks
CAIIB Advanced Bank Management (Part I)
Candlestick Chart Trading - High Probability Pattern (10Hrs)

Complete Guide To Social Media Marketing
Create A Business From Home Day Trading Stocks Today In 2018
Dropshipping Made Easy: Newbies Guide to Drop Shipping
Entrepreneurship 101 - From Idea to Launch (And Beyond)
How To Convert Your Facebook Fans Into Buyers
How to Create a Marketing Video for Your Business or Product
How to Pick The Right Penny Stocks To Invest In June 2018
Instagram Automation Pro
Instagram Masterclass - Complete Instagram Marketing
Influencer Content Marketing: Killer Tactics for 2018
Kagi Chart Trading & Smiling Buddha Plan (Technical Series)
Learn to setup your Ecommerce website using WooCommerce
Local Phone Marketing: Beginner's Local Phone Blueprint
MBA Business Tools That Get Results—Free Workbooks Included
MBA Strategy: How to Succeed

Niche Marketing: Beginner's Niche Blueprint
Outstanding Customer Service - The Ultimate Guide!
Passive Income Mastery: Supercharge Your Online Profits
Point & Figure Chart Trading Course with P&F Chart Patterns
Product Review Marketing: Beginner's Reviewing Blueprint
Renko Chart Trading & Taj Mahal Strategy (Technical Series)
Social Media: Optimization & Marketing Tips for 2018
Social Media Marketing and Management Guide for Beginners
Swing Trading 101-Learn Technical Analysis& Day Trading-2018
The Complete YouTube Marketing & Video Marketing Course 2018
The One Model of Strategy You Need
The Principles Of CPA Marketing: How To Generate Profits
Trading Penny Stocks:A Guide for All Levels In 2018(June'18)
Twitter Marketing: Beginner's Twitter Traffic Blueprint
Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
Viral Content Buzz - Killer Tactics For Blog Promotions
YouTube Marketing: Beginner's YouTube Pro Blueprint

More Courses Here - There are a lot in here still working.

145x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
241x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
128x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
82x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
250 Free Udemy Course Coupons
100x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
66x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
7x Free Udemy Courses $0 @ Udemy Online
76x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
56x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
67x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
80x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
60x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
112x Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
48 Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)
22x $0 Udemy Courses (Links Inside)
92 Free $0 Courses @ Udemy Online Courses (All Links inside Post)

As always, enjoy :)

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