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1/2 Price Heat Beads Original BBQ Briquettes 4kg for $4.74 @ Coles


Seen someone taking a trolley full of these. Didn’t need any but thought to check the price anyways. Could not find on coles website hence the photo

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    Charcoal is healthier and makes the meat taste better.

    • Definitely tastes better but how is meat healthier on charcoal than on a gas bbq?

      • i think the charcoal vs heat beads more than gas bbq.

        heatbeads make a few bbq fuels, some use coal to make the bead/ briquette and some use charcoal from wood or coconut husks, supposedly the coal ones have a few volatile compounds , and the charcoal ones don’t …..you are supposed to heat the beads till they ash over and by that time they should burn clean … i personally can’t taste the difference though they do burn at different rates.

        you don’t actually get a charcoal flavour, charcoal provides heat so you get flavour due to the heat if you directly cook over the charcoal, you add wood if you want smoke flavour.

        this is cheap fuel,for a weber or smoker so will pick some up.

        two of the ingredients in heat beads is sand as a binding agent along with starch … as opposed to pure wood charcoal which you use on the smaller japanese bbqs.

  • Bunnings usually changes their price to match these if you are going to bunnings instead of coles.

  • Wood Charcoal> Briquettes> Gas

  • Scanned at full price at Coles Camberwell on Friday Night. Which Coles had the Heat Beads @ 1/2 price?

  • They are $7 in Vic

  • Just left greenacre Coles can confirm they just received 3 pallets of new stock

  • Plenty of stock Roxburgh park Vic