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Team T-Force Night Hawk 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3200 for AUD $210 Delivered @ Newegg AU


Create new account if account is not working and enter code NEW18AUS on checkout screen .The white one is also on sale,but no free shipping!

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  • tempting

    should we wait a lil longer ?

    • buy now, your pc can thank me later

    • This is a great deal. I wouldn't be waiting. You wont find cheaper DDR4 RGB ram at this capacity and speed.

      • They were referring to the current pricing of RAM coming down to a more reasonable amount.

      • 3200mhz @ Timing 16-18-18-38 which is pretty bad, price is decent tho

        most Hynix/Samsung kits will hit this speed/timing if you do some manual overclocking, these kits are basically pre-overclocked, they're not that great - my Kingston HyperX 2133mhz(Hynix) kit will hit this speed/timing @ 1.35v.

        This is still ~2x the price of when DDR4 first released, I'm not upgrading until prices are sane again, it might be a few years but I'm in no hurry…

        • You can overclock ram?

        • @ufsta:

          sure.. you can control the frequency and timings of RAM, the details of how RAM works is complicated, but overclocking is much easier as you simply set the frequency, 4 major timings, and the voltage at which it operates.

          The major timing CAS is just as important as frequency when it comes to how fast memory is, whilst frequency is often used as a marketing gimmick, CAS is just as important. For example, the 2800/14CAS is similar in speed to 3200/16CAS(and these kits are very average), whilst the best kits can hit 3200/14CAS or faster.

        • @abctoz:
          You will pay a lot more than the asking price of this for 3200/14CAS . The law of diminishing returns is very applicable to high end ram .

        • @troyww:
          Not as much as you would think, i mean check this out:


          I just did a quick search and you could probably find it a bit cheaper


          3200/14CAS is potentially 10% faster, now your system won't be 10% faster, but it is noticeable certain scenarios - like minimum FPS in a CPU intensive game

          and if you calculate the cost in a ~1KAUD system, the extra $50 may be worth it - depending on your use case

    • I don't think the prices are coming down anytime soon. The server, GPU and phone markets are buying batches of RAM so fast and at such inflated prices that consumer desktop memory supply is an afterthought for the 3 memory manufacturers. It's probably going to be a long while yet before the prices come down.

      Gamers Nexus on youtube did a lot of research on RAM prices, and their sources from the manufacturers laughed when he asked if prices were likely to come down this year. Also, one of them didn't even know who Corsair were, because they're so small time compared to the enterprise/server market.

      • So the class action lawsuit is BS ?

        • There may be something to the price collusion allegations, but that'll be hard to prove. Fact is that only 3 companies produce almost all of the world's RAM, and there's enormous demand for it at the moment which is driving up prices.

        • @Jorkus: Why is there enormous demand though? Is it related to mobile devices?

  • I'm glad I bought 16GB DDR3 laptop ram early last year. Will only use DDR3 laptop/PC until RAM price becomes normal.

  • Latency is not bad for 3200 .
    DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600)
    Timing 16-18-18-38
    CAS Latency 16
    I reckon prices will start going down slowly but who knows .

  • Damn son!
    This is an incredible deal!
    should be fine with ryzen?

  • Great deal. Wish I had the money to buy more. Cheaper than the cheapest budget ram I could find and that is 2133mhz, not including shipping.