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SanDisk Ultra 128GB MicroSD - US $28.99 (~AU $38.99) @ Joybuy


Also Available in other sizes;

32GB - $13.43 AUD
64GB - $21.50 AUD
200GB - $76.64 AUD

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  • +1

    That's a bloody good price for the 128gb

    • Yes, for both the Sandisk or Sammy alike :-)

    • And the 200 …

      • Better to get at Amazon.au with new user code for 200gb $67

        • -1

          It's not an amazon seller.. So no discount..

        • You can only use that code once.

        • +1

          open another account different email

        • +1

          @hippyhippy: yeah it is.
          “shipped and sold by Amazon AU”

    • There was a Samsung EVO+ (128GB) for $42 on eBay the other week, that was the better deal.
      Was about to buy three, hesitated because of Warranty/Dashcam reasons.

      I'm on the outlook for 128GB either the Silicon Power Elite, or Transcend Endurance… but haven't been able to find them close to the $40 mark.

  • +2

    OP - post has Sandisk image and link points to Sandisk cards

    • +2

      Thanks have updated title :)

  • I don't suppose there's any further codes for a first order or something?

    • I think $5 off

      • Any details or links. Thanks :-)

      • +1

        Appears to be a $5 code for new users, but it isn't working for this deal :(

        Guys to get the $5 coupon first create a new account -> if you are signed in there should be a link on the main joybuy.com page to get a unique code for your account -> use that link, enter the CAPTCHA and the code should appear in your account within 5 minutes. It can then be applied during checkout using the drop down menu of 'available coupons' when going through the checkout.

        I can't paste the link here as it contains a unique URL for my account, but if you are logged in with a new account there should be a $5 welcome bonus link on the main joybuy.com page on the right hand side.

        However it's USD $5 off when ordering over USD $35, so you will need to add ~$8 AUD of stuff to the cart to get the discount.

  • +1

    If someone gets this, please test with H2testw and report the results

    • +3

      Going to buy it and will test

  • This is such a great price. It is equivalent to the price Chinese consumer pays at JD (Joybuy's main site).

  • Showing as Au$49.80 for the 128 for me.

    • Oops, the cheaper price only applies if ordering one, not two.

      • you can get 2 for $85 delivered at amazon with $20 off

        • Bugger! Just ordered 1 128 at the lower price. Thanks anyway.

        • @Grange Hermit:

          Just make another account and order another one?

  • -3

    These have to be fake, no way do these get this cheap.

  • -3

    is this site legit, any chance of them being fake?

    • +1

      mine arrived today, code verified on sandisk site ✓

  • 200Gb is now AU$ 64.70 reduced

  • damn I bought a samsung evo plus for ~$52 last month.
    admittedly the samsung is UHS-3 where as this is only 1.

    damn just looked and it's now only $45.02 with the pull5 code, same seller, I tested this card and the speed and capacity seem to check out (didn't have time to run the full test with h2wtest but a similar programs quick check passed it and failed another card I tried that was only 150mb)

  • +1

    Thanks OP, mine arrived today!

    • +1

      Wow! That's pretty quick postage.

    • +1

      only got it today. Verified the code OK. Havent tested it with H2testw yet

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