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[QLD] Yamaha YAS-107 Soundbar $99 @ Harvey Norman - Burleigh Waters, Bundall (Possible Price Match @ Good Guys & Betta)


Updated: unless you can negotiate a price match somewhere with stock, that's all folks! Well done to the eager OzB community who snapped up hundreds of these soundbars in record time!

Harvey Norman at Burleigh Waters has a bulk stack of these soundbars at $99. This speaker got 96 votes at $159 a couple of weeks ago, so at this price thought definitely worth sharing. Harvey Norman website still shows it $235 so assume this is in-store only.

If you find them in other stores please comment and I'll update the post

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Aspley and Everton Park are a no, saying they won't honor their price match policy because they will lose money…

    • But the guy at Aspley told me they were a good price this week at $240.

  • North Ryde and Auburn wont do it for 99. They say they are losing money on it

  • I want to fly there and buy one but air is not free. Pass it to people living there. Sad…

  • +1

    Is there anyone kind enough to buy me one please? :)

  • No love from HN Campbeltown. Guy said he knew about Bundall price and lied that they had only 6 left. Gave me a counter offer of 180 lol

  • Good guys pay less

  • any luck around WA ?

  • +2

    Some greedy (profanity) at Bondi Westfield took the last 3. I was offered the display set and took it on the spot :)

  • +1

    Woohoo got the last 2 HN BUNDALL, thanks Op

  • +4

    Called HN nunawading, talked to an 'Adrian Cook' for half a second about this and he hung up on me. At least have the decency to explain

    • +7

      Sounds like a ‘Richard Head’ answered the phone

    • I’d been in there earlier and had the same experience

    • That's probably the worst HN store around. I avoid shopping there at all costs (or bargains). Next door home HQ has Good Guys and JB Hi Fi. I've had TGG beat a HN Nunawading price by 25% difference before on a dryer.

  • +2

    Betta Electrical were very helpful with price matching after the local Harvey Norman wouldn't have a bar of it.


  • I spoke to the electrical manager at bundall store and was told strictly 1 per customer…

  • +1

    No luck anywhere my area. Been roaming around for 3 hours but no one wanna match it. Anyone kind enough to get me one and send it to Vic?

  • Report no love from HN Richmond Vic. The sales rep there said they're aware of "printing error" at the Bundall store and dismissed the discount. :(

  • I was the Bundall store and stocks on the floor had sold out. They're doing back order but payment needs to be made upfront with estimated pick up date of around 2 weeks.

  • Managed to price beat at Officeworks in WA for $94.05

    • whoo which branch?
      edit: care to post the receipt?

      • Subiaco

        • can you share the receipt?

        • @Paligu:
          I'm not good with uploading pics. I used Tweed Heads store for stock after Bundall sold out. TH had 2 left at that time.

        • @ESPLTD: so you just ask from Officeworks for a price match showing Harveynorman price?

    • Haha damn forgot about OW

      • TRIED ow no use

  • Wonder if any Adelaide stores will match it?

  • Good guys oxenford did a price match for me.

    • How did you do it? What did you show or tell them?

      • They already new already did 7 for that price before me.

  • +2

    1 left at harvey norman tweed heads. Thanks

  • Checked in TGG hoppers crossing VIC, they say can't do it. They can only pricematch if it's on HN website

    • Same at OW hopper xng Victoria…no luck

  • +6

    Got it done finally done at TGG Lutwyche store Brisbane. After 4 hours trying all different stores all said no! Office works did price match but don’t have any stock they realised later and failed due to that! Finally worth TGG at Lutwyche store did it for me on the phone.

    • +1

      Any chance you could post a pic of the receipt? thanks :)

    • A receipt would be great to try get Carseldine to do price match too

    • Thanks! Down there with the ozbargain crew this morning and got one :) the staff member was great considering he just got pounced on. Also thanks to the others for not being a 'broden'and getting two per couple.

    • TGG Lutwyche out of stock 10/06/18 11:50 am

  • I tried to price match at the HN Auburn store but they turned me down saying that three store might be doing a stock clearance. Any other stores in Sydney accepting a price match?

    • +2

      Only 8? Weak, thought you had a min of 10.

  • +1

    I just grabbed one from Lakehaven branch.
    They told me they only had 1 left.
    And only done it as a good will thing.
    Thanks everyone.

  • +1

    Just grab obe from TGG Cannington

    • How did you do it? I tried Malaga and Osborne Park with no luck

      • +1

        Show the avatar and threaten paranormal activity is happening at the store tonight if not price matching?

      • +1
      • i just showed them this image and others purchased receipts and they gave me the item right away

    • what did you say? interesting as others before you had no luck

    • @Paligu: Receipt please?

      • +2
        • Cheers mate, will give it a go tomorrow

        • Hey mate, can you please help me to grab one more from TGG Cannington?
          I’ll be working whole day today, so I’ll be meeting up with you after I finished my job.
          Can you please help?

        • @yeoyeo95: Just show them THIS and my receipt or other receipts from this post, they will put one on you

        • Mate, can you send me a PM? Just need help so i can pricematch :) thanks!!

  • +4

    Just got one from Officeworks O'Connor in WA for $94.05 with 5% pricebeat guarantee.

    There is only one left and its out of reach on top of the cupboard. They will need a ladder to get it down. HN O'connor and TGG O'Connor refused to sell at $99.

    Here is a copy of the receipt. Good Luck.


    • i tried Officeworks and they refused, i think it depends on the person

      • same tried Officeworks and The Good Guys in Cockburn, no go they wanted to price match from website and not receipt :(

    • I went to two officeworks first one didn’t have any stock and they checked the other store which had 4 left. So went to that store and had no issues getting 2 of them for $188.10!

      • Hi can you please help me to buy another one? Pleaseeee
        I’ll go and pick it up from you later, after I finished work.

        Please mate.:(

  • +1

    Hey Guys,

    Lutwyche store in Brisbane is doing them at $99 limited to 1 per customer, they still had 5 left as of 4:55 Saturday afternoon, I'd go there first thing Sunday morning and call up and reserve

    • Was that a price match price? or their regular price but 1 per customer?

    • A receipt would be great to try get Carseldine to do price match too

    • Just called and they aren’t doing it any more

  • +1

    Hey guys, Lutwyche store was doing it, not sure of today, when the store opens you can ask them! They also said you can buy it online! They will give you a special link, which will have 99$ price. Once i get hold of receipt, i will post it for people who wants to price try and price match, but just depends on the person who is serving you, most are saying NO. Otherwise just order online if they still do from Lutwyche store and get it delivered or pick up from store. Hope it helps! All the best.
    Worst are other Harvey Norman stores, they wouldn’t do it! They will laugh at you they are so rude at Harvey Norman!

    • How do you get the link? do you ring them?

  • Tried online this morning, they wouldnt' move on it.

  • Just called burleigh waters and Bundall and neither are doing anymore back orders.

  • Informal oz bargain meetup out the front of the lutwyche store this morning, all 5 units sold

  • No luck at Belrose HN this morning. Best was 199. Excuse was it was exdisplay or clearance. Bugger

    • Thanks. Saved me a trip to that store. $199. Same price at Bing Lee.

  • Can someone from QLD post a receipt if they bought from the good guys or anywhere else in QLD. TGG tweed heads are on the fence on doing it for me and the receipts posted in here are from WA.

  • Tried price matching online. This is the response i got.

    "No sorry this offer is exclusive to the store and we could not offer this price online"

    When asked if they would honor the price in store.

    "Its up to the store franchisee
    As this offers are only exclusive to the 3 Stores in QLD"

    Oh well, if anyone wants to offload one in the northern beaches area let me know.

    Looks like they have clued in on ozbargainers

  • Called quite a number of officeworks here in sydney that shows some stock but still no luck.

    If anyone has a spare, happy to take it! Thanks!

  • Been chasing everywhere for one around Perth with no luck… if anyone picks up a spare id be happy to come pick up and pay to take it off their hands.

    • +1

      malaga tgg?

      • Tried.. they were having none of it said they hadnt been honoring it at all

  • Whoever bought one don't forget to update the firmware to include DTS Virtual:X which is supposed to improve the sound a lot. Get it here….


  • Harvey Norman fortitude valley refused price match.

  • The good guys mount gravat have stock, stated they received notification NOT to price match this.

    Giving up.

  • If anyone got one extra from Perth, WA. I’m happy pick it up from you after I finished work today.
    Sorry that I’m working whole day today, so if anyone could help, will deeply appreciate your help much.

    Thanks guys!

  • tried HM and binglee balgowlah. no luck. the sale from HM said this price from QLD is becausu the product has some package issue, like a factory second hand, so they not matching.bullshit.

    And the first binglee sale told me they don't have stock cant match, but I saw the product is in stock in their system. ask another sale, he told me it is really good price but they cannot match.

    people who had got this price is really good buy.

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