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[QLD] Yamaha YAS-107 Soundbar $99 @ Harvey Norman - Burleigh Waters, Bundall (Possible Price Match @ Good Guys & Betta)


Updated: unless you can negotiate a price match somewhere with stock, that's all folks! Well done to the eager OzB community who snapped up hundreds of these soundbars in record time!

Harvey Norman at Burleigh Waters has a bulk stack of these soundbars at $99. This speaker got 96 votes at $159 a couple of weeks ago, so at this price thought definitely worth sharing. Harvey Norman website still shows it $235 so assume this is in-store only.

If you find them in other stores please comment and I'll update the post

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • wow

  • Jesus what a price!

    • +1

      at this price I almost want to get another one just as backup lol

      • +2

        I'm considering spending $15 in fuel to go to Burleigh waters lol

        • +1

          Get two if you go.
          Will share the fuel cost or at this price even pay it all.

        • @Bippz01:
          I got 3. Staff all said they bought them too

        • @first:
          Surely a5 this price, i would buy a few.
          If someone if driving dowm from Brisbane can pick from them.

        • @TheLurker: Would you consider selling one of the 3?

  • Well spotted OP.

  • +3

    No deal at Castle Hill, NSW. Has it at $235.

    Should try price match at Officeworks but terms say photo of the deal accepted but not for clearance items.

  • +4

    someone please let me know if this is in SA too!

  • +6

    Where are all the people hating on Harvey Norman haha? A deal is a deal I guess, regardless of where it comes from.

    • +2

      capitalism baby

    • Only at a single store and could be an error.

      • Better buy quick before they discover the error lol

    • +2

      they have discovered the price of their integrity.

    • we are stopping them from getting more profit from others and owing more tax

  • Called a few stores here in WA - no deal :(

  • Vic?

    • Tried Nunawadinf HN and TGG no joy. Was told they have been advised not to match price. Same with officeworks

  • +1

    Called Marion SA and he said it must be a pricing error haha.

    • +1

      I was just about to call them myself. Cheers!

  • Called two stores in Vic 235.00. Even the Burleigh Waters site says 235.00. So looks like in store only.

  • +1

    Great product! Have had one for a year now.. love it

  • May get there tomorrow as I am down the coast. BUT I just purchased it for $179 (inc $20 postag). Love this sound bar,.

    • Looks to be about 20 in the picture. Will be gone in 20 minutes.

      • I waited in store for last half hour shopping elsewhere. I was still the only one getting any so loads left.

  • +3


  • +2

    Can someone share a receipt?
    We might be able to price match then ?

    • +3
      • Do harvey norman price match to receipt?

        • Go down and try and let us know.

      • +1

        Am I reading it wrong, or did they end up charging you $297 for the soundbar?

        Edit: oh, obvious, you bought 3…

        • Quantity of 3

      • Thanks mate

      • Nice leg OP.

      • Tried using your receipt at TGG Mt Gravatt and they refused, said they only match online advertised prices…

  • +1

    Online chat wont price match elsewhere - "Exclusive in store offer".

  • +2

    Bought one of these for $240 like a month ago. Fk.

  • Anyone tried it in auburn store?

  • broden this.

  • Got last 2 none left thks Ozbargain

  • Shouldn't HN price-match their own store?

    • +2

      They might be franchise. Some don't like that.

      It is at Officeworks. They'll probably match it.

  • +7

    HN Bundall doing it as well. Just bought one. At least 20 on the floor at 12:40pm

    • Thanks, I just grabbed one from here at 1:20. I'd estimate there is closer to 30 or 40 available here.

  • +1

    Take your well deserved 97th vote

  • Not discounted at Aspley either, was told it’s actually a discontinued product so that specific franchise store might had got a unbelievable offer from Yamaha supplier to flash sale product

  • SOLD OUT at Burleigh, just got my mate to try and get me one. Last one walked out the door as he got there.
    Edit: ….unless he kept it for himself

  • -1

    Ozbargained. All gone.

  • Cheers op

  • +1

    wonder if the good guys 30 day price guarantee would apply to prices in other states

  • $235 in TAS at Harvey Norman Hobart and Cambridge

  • -1

    1 and half hour all gone jesus

  • +4

    Just called Bundall store 1:15pm

    They still have about 150 in stock

    • are you going to the store by any chance?

      plz let me know thanks

  • Still several (3 or so that I could see) available in Tweed Heads, just grabbed on now.

  • +3

    Thanks, Op
    don't forget you can update the YAS-107 Firmware for Support for DTS Virtual:X
    please read the instructions so you don't brick the soundbar.

    • Mine had it installed already.

      • I just saw that too, was going by the info from Yamaha's website as an update feature.

  • Just got one from Bundall store. They still have a fair few left

  • +3

    Price matched at TGG in WA by showing the photo only. Mentioned Harvey Norman and showed the offer validity dates i.e. 06 June to 10 June. Not sure why I need this (as my Samsung TV has good native sound) but got one regardless. Thanks OP!

    • +1

      Can you post the receipt ?

    • +1

      pls post ty

    • Thirded, please could you post?

    • Receipt or it didn't happen

    • which TGG?

      • Malaga

    • Got tired of waiting here's a receipt guys


    • For those who are keen, no harm in getting out and having a go at your closest store. Good luck! https://imgur.com/a/TunlJiB

      • Any more left at the Sunbury store?

    • +4

      Just got one from Officeworks O'Connor WA for $94.05 with 5% pricebeat guarantee. There is only one left and its out of reach on top of the cupboard. They will need a ladder to get it down. HN Oconnor and TGG O'Connor refused to sell at $99.

      Here is a copy of the receipt


  • no dice at Ballina store and laughed when I asked for price matching!

  • I have just purchased 1 at Harvey Norman Bundall. They have 42 left on the system.

  • Any luck with stores in NSW? I am in Sydney and my car is raring to go.

  • is anyone able to buy for me and do the postage? I will be more than happy to pay for it.

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Wow great price - just bought mine for $168 delivered to Perth :-/

  • +2

    I just picked up two from the Bondi Junction store in the Westfield. They still have $260-something on the sticker price, but I showed them this post and they price matched it for $99 each. Still have half a dozen or so on the floor available.

  • Damn thats a good deal.

  • No go at Oxley and Booval QLD

    • +1

      Even Macgregor declined.

  • They have 10 left, not willing to hold.

  • I was able to get an extra one. If anyone would like one in Brisbane can deliver for a fee. Pm me

  • Great Deal ! Got one myself….Thanks TheLurker…:)

  • Thanks everyone. Got one at Bundall at 14:52

  • Anyone have any luck in SA?

  • Expect to see these on gumtree soon

  • Guy i spoke to at HN maribyrnong said the deal is not real and the image is photoshoped. What a joke.

    • Haha.. They could give a call to confirm, right.

      • I got at goodguys as there pricematching guy at hn marrabinong
        Getting bombarded with calls he’s very upset

      • Nah he was just bullshitting, people were calling earlier and he knew about this.

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