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[QLD] Yamaha YAS-107 Soundbar $99 @ Harvey Norman - Burleigh Waters, Bundall (Possible Price Match @ Good Guys & Betta)


Updated: unless you can negotiate a price match somewhere with stock, that's all folks! Well done to the eager OzB community who snapped up hundreds of these soundbars in record time!

Harvey Norman at Burleigh Waters has a bulk stack of these soundbars at $99. This speaker got 96 votes at $159 a couple of weeks ago, so at this price thought definitely worth sharing. Harvey Norman website still shows it $235 so assume this is in-store only.

If you find them in other stores please comment and I'll update the post

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • LOL I like the fact that someone bought it in Lutwyche store and posted on Gumtree immediately as unwanted gift again from Lutwyche! :)


    Kudos to you fellow OzBargainer!

  • Managed to put an order down for the next shipment at Bundall store.

    ETA is 2 weeks.

    • So the price will be the same for the next batch of stock?

      • Not too sure to be honest.

        My order was still on the $99 though.

  • Retravision in WA matched it for me this morning.

    • +1

      Care to share the receipt please? Thanks
      Which one?

    • yes branch and pic of receipt would be fantastic mate

  • Tired at HN and Officeworks Liverpool but no luck. The store rep at HN was almost about to yell at me when I mentioned that HN bondai price matched it.

    If anyone in Sydney is looking to sell one, I'm happy to pick it up.

  • No deal at Harvey Norman Morayfield.

  • Any luck in Vic???

  • Tried to price match at Springvale Harvey Norman and the guy just said no and walked off.

  • Went To Harvey Norman Townsville- the sales person said it’s older model so can’t price match. Useless.

    Walked across the road to The Good Guys, and they price matched. Needed only two , but ended up getting three cause the rep was so nice about it. :)
    Thanks for posting the offer OP!

    • Can you please upload receipt for matching. Thanks

  • Went to HN and showed them the OP photo, she said they would most probably price match and after looking on the computer she gave some strange looks. She said they are listed for $299 and asked a college about it. He said it was just HN Burleigh Waters and gave me their phone number to call.

    I went to TGG and showed them the photo and they were also hesitant due to the price difference and wanted to make sure it was the same model, they ended up knocking a dollar off and selling it to me for $98.

    • Which TGG was that??
      Receipt would be great.

      • +1

        That was Bundaberg, they might have 3 more in stock but the HN deal ended yesterday.


        • I got one there this morning because of you mate. Your a legand.

          PS. Tgg now think we are friends, I showed them my friends receipt and said can we do it? They rang hn who said not our store but this one and 14 in stock. Winning.

        • @Slippery Fish:
          haha, nice work. two of my friends wanted one, but they didn't bother going to the store to price match. was that Burleigh Waters with 14 in stock? I assume the price has tripled back to RRP.

        • +1

          @Little Wog: it was! Lol. HN guy told em they are still $99 so idk? Maybe he cottoned onto the fact was a price match and was just being a good guy :) either way I owe you a big thankyou.

  • No luck in Vic help me to get one people

    • Anyone successful in southeast Melbourne? Which store?

    • All goodguys and ow will price match

      • Not anymore knowing these are stores specific sale and out of stock.

      • When did you buy yours? Yesterday? Did you just show the photo?

        • Yeah, just showed the photo and bought them yesterday 10/6/18

  • I got some of them Saturday just by showing the picture they all said ok we match hn
    I’m going out soon to try again

    • The deal has expired now at HN but good luck

  • Tried good guys moorabbin and the best they could do was 235

    • Goodguys Thomas town doing $99 but must show pic
      Just got 2 now 3 left in store

      • Are you gonna sell them mate? You think I can score one? Tried Betta and TGG near Dfo Moorabbin, no luck. Guy told me price is ridiculous.

      • Which pic did you show? Unfortunately most places do not honor reciepts when price matching.

      • @Dex38313 so you want to palm one off? In Melbourne and tried just about every store with no luck :(

  • So many of these are now on gumtree. Some guy is selling 5 lol.

    Anybody that missed out can try their luck on gummas.

    • And they're the ones who ruin it for the rest of us.

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