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[SA] LG B7 - 55" OLED TV - $1995 at Radio Rentals


Cheapest this TV has been for a little while, seems like pick-up in store only, however I'm sure places will price match this.

Going to call around tomorrow to try get a price match.

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    $1995 at Radio Rentals

    So this is for an ex-rental ?


    I remember when this dropped in price not long ago, and I asked them to match, they wouldn't go near it, kept price $1k higher or more.

    Oh well. I bought it elsewhere.

    • How much did you get it for and where?


        It was as low as around $1700 from memory. The usual suspects had it under $2k. I paid around that.

      • I remember over the Boxing Day/New Year period HN/JB/TGG we’re listing it at ~$1888. The closest I’ve seen since myself is just under $2k with the eBay sales here and there.

  • Radio Rentals!? Now that brings back memories of my student days. I didn't know they still exist.

  • Considering the new models are already out surprised its not actually priced to clear like boxing day specials at $1699…

  • RT Edwards also has the 55" B7 for $1995. TGG said they can do $1994. Undecided if I shoul pull the trigger or hold out to see what EOFY sales will bring… 50" plasma died on the weekend so this is looking tempting (plus TGG have 30day price protection if it does drop for EOFY).

    • Thanks for that! Yeah I'm unsure too.. thinking of waiting a little more to see if it'll jump down to what it once was

      • I ended up getting the 58P5 from Betta this morning for $849 (bonus $100 gift card). The fear of image burn from the kids/wife leaving it on FTA all day scared me. Only time will tell how much I will regret not getting the OLED….