expired Flights to San Francisco, USA Return from Melbourne $885, Brisbane $913, Sydney $930, Perth $992 on Qantas @ IWTF


Qantas is having a sale on flights to San Francisco, USA. Travel in Aug - Sep/18 and Oct - Dec/18. Flights are direct from Sydney.






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    Am I able to just not use my return leg flight?

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    Yo have to book with one of those dodgy booking agents. It's an extra $90 on Qantas website. Philippine airlines have flights for $750 return to San Fran currently, sounds like a way better deal with a stopover in Cebu or Manila.


      Or you can book directly with Qantas and submit Price Promise claim ;)

      The rule is the screenshot must be taken after you book with Qantas and the website you price match must have ABN


    I booked BNE - SFO in late nov on QF for 900. Pretty good deal.

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    This or fly Perth-Darwin return for $1020…

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      Darwin is beautiful in it's own right, but I enjoyed San Fransisco so much more, there's so much to do over there from the sights and attractions in the city to Yosemite national park in the east

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    This is quite dodgy, I don't know why you guys downvoted "qantas21" comment. It is clearly that click through link from IWTF cost more than going directly to the agent website like bestjet.

    OP who post this did not even mention about this. How is this unfair advantage allowed? IWTF has been heavily promoted via post on ozbargain and now they have sneaked in this charge. This is not different with kind of referral link.

    I am downvoting this post because OP has not disclose this and the deal can be obtained cheaper just simply by using skyscanner or go directly to bestjet website.

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      OP who post this did not even mention about this. I am downvoting this post because OP has not disclose this…

      Why are you laying blame on the OP? He’s not a rep for IWTF. He’s a regular contributor who appears to be posting deals found on IWTFs site.

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        Even though OP initially did not know about this, it has been raised in comment so he must already knew about this now. Moreover this has been brought up in previous deal.

        Not only that, I am downvoting not the qantas deal but iwtf site and it can be obtained cheaper elsewhere.

        And from the link until you click through has nowhere to indicate that higher cost. So unless you go directly to bestjet that you will find out about this.

        This is kind of unethical business practice and in a way taking advantage of ozbargain.

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          This is kind of unethical business practice and in a way taking advantage of ozbargain.

          nocure posted a deal on what he found to be a good deal and SOMEHOW it's an unethical business practice and taking advantage of OzBargain? He's just a regular user submitting deals to the website and in no way affiliated with IWTF.

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    Exactly. When will you disclose your price is more IWTF? You expressed confusion when you were called out on the last deal. You are being called out again… not being the cheapest. When will you be open about your click commissions?

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      Hi Qantas21,

      Sorry we did not respond to your earlier posts asking if we had followed up on the prices. We have, and in this case (and earlier about Aunt Betty) you are definitely correct. We have contacted both Aunt Betty and Bestjet about the price difference and hopefully we can get back to having the same prices.

      A bit about the prices that we show:
      We post the prices that the Online Travel Agents (OTAs) supply us with. We do not set the prices, or add any premium. For most OTAs (including Aunt Betty and BestJet) we are paid a percentage of the sale (for others we are paid a fixed amount on sale, no matter what the sale value is). This ranges between 1% - 1.5% of the sale value. So for the $2 increase we make an extra $0.02 - we would much prefer to have price parity than the extra 0.02, but the price is set by the OTAs not us so unfortunately we have no control over it.

      This doesn't change the fact that in this case you are being shown a higher price when going through IWTF rather than the OTA directly, but We thought you may be interested to know how it happens. This price difference did not used to happen, which is why we were surprised when it was first brought up.

      We say "in this case" because it is not always true that Bestjet has a cheaper price through their site than IWTF. The last time you queried this we went and checked several prices on Bestjet and through IWTF and IWTF was actually cheaper. However, for this route, sale etc you are definitely correct.

      This happens on all the other airfare comparison sites, and after checking We found that the prices can actually be different for the same supplier across skyscanner, Kayak, Flightscout (which is running on skyscanner) etc as well as different pricing on their own site directly.

      So to sum up - you are right (this time), and we are working to fix that :)

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