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Panasonic UB300 4K Blu-Ray Player $129.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Just found this 4K blu ray player @ Costco Casula NSW and would like to share to fellow member

Panasonic UB300 GNK Ultra HD Premium
4k HDR UHD Blu Ray Player Spec

4K Ultra HD with HDR high dynamic range
4K Direct Chroma Upscaling
High Resolution Audio Playback
Internet Apps, Netflix, USB Playback
4K/HDR TV required for 4K/HDR Picture Quality
Manufacture's Warranty 1 Year - ACL Rights

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    Can confirm this is also available at Costco Docklands (Vic), so this may not be limited to the NSW stores.

    • Thanks updated in the title (removed NSW)

  • all states without Costco will be excluded.

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  • Does anyone know if this can play region a and b blu ray discs?

    • Will be normal Blu Ray region locked but I am 99% sure that 4K Blu Rays are region free

      • No Blue Ray 4k are not region free

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          For clarity, they are not currently coded to a region, as they are somewhat rare, but the standard allows it, and you would assume will happen in the future (so they are not region free, just current discs not encoded)

    • You can unlock all regions with firmware from https://www.regionfreedom.com/index.php/enhanced-firmware/pa...

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      I have hundreds, they appeal to movie and theatre buffs who want the best picture and audio possible

      You just don’t get the same audio quality etc with Netflix and other streaming sites

  • Good reviews too. I hope there is still one sitting there when I visit the store tomorrow..


    Thanks OP..

  • Is there much difference to this (aside from Wi-Fi) from the UB400? Are new models due out soon?