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Pre Owned Nintendo Wii + Wii Mote & Nun Chuck, 12 Month Warranty, $134 @ EB Games


Hi this is my first bargain.

Saw this price the other day at Garden City EB Games and looked online to confirm that Pre Owned Wii consoles are only $134 with a Wiimote, Nunchuck and 12 month warranty. I think this is a pretty good price as most places are selling new Wii's for $240+, this is essentially the same thing minus wii sports and the 'brand new' console.

Hope someone finds this deal useful.


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    I worked at EB Games a few years ago, and I have to say; don't ever buy a 2nd hand console from them.

    The process is: someone brings in their console for a trade-in, EB Games sticks it in a warehouse for a few weeks until the WA Police stolen goods holding period is up, and then they put a sticker on it to sell to the next person. There's no testing to see it works, no check list to see that everything is there, and no guarantee at all about what kind of condition it is in. There's also revisions of hardware where you really could get anything.

    I bought a Wii (by coincidence) a few days ago for myself; my first console! I love it. I paid $250 to buy it new. Some of the differences from older hardware are that they have motion-plus built into the controllers, rubber controller guards, and a fixed version of the wrist straps that are less prone to break or slip off during gameplay. I also got Wii Sports and now all the consoles come with Wii Resort as well. It's great!

    2nd hand is one deal best left avoided :-(

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    Good information DoctorOwl. If I remember correctly Dick Smith was selling the newer version Wii brand new for $177 not long ago?


    Used and abused consoles are not the bargain .doctorowl is right. Please stay away from eb games


    the new wiis come with the motion plus controllers. this is a big deal!

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    One positive about these consoles is they will likely be on the older firmware making them easier and free to jailbreak.
    New ones need the Indiana Jones Lego game to jailbreak.
    Also the new controllers still work on the old consoles.


    $134 for an X hand wii, Plus $60 for a sport resorts game
    It's a nooooo deal.


    I dunno about a bargain but IMO not a bad deal, no other shop will give you 12 months warranty for a used console (except maybe GAME?). Usually if you ask nicely you can inspect a few and choose the one you prefer. They are not all from the warehouse, some are put out for sale 7 days after being traded into the store.


    Not condoning piracy or anything but you can play all the wii games on pc and still use a wiimote to play.
    Just something to consider…


    Cash Converters in WA seem to be selling them for either $99 or $100 (depending on store) with all the standard accessories and Wii Sports. There are heaps of white ones available in varying conditions but I managed to snag a Black one (so at least I know its a probably a bit newer than many White models) for $99 at the Albany HWY store near Vic Park.