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Lebara Large Plan 180 Days – 16GB Data/Month + Unlimited Oz Talk/Text, Unlimited 18 Countries - $119


This deal is back again. Unfortunately, I have recharged with the 5GB, $99 deal just yesterday since it was expiring then. Damn, my bad luck! :(

It's similar to this deal a while ago: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/372085


Hurry, Price Discount Expires 17th June 2018 - See FAQ's below.

The Large Plan 180 Day Recharge Voucher now comes with Unlimited Standard Calls to 18 Selected Countries, Unlimited Talk, Text & MMS in Australia, $10 call credit to other countries + 16GB data. 

Selected countries; India, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States.

Starter pack comes with Standard/Micro/Nano SIMStay in touch with unlimited standard National Talk, Text and MMSUnlimited standard calls to 18 selected countries$10 international call credit every 30 days Check international rates16GB data in Australia every 30 daysPreviously known as Mega Plan


Can I buy more than one of these SIM's?
You can stack up to 24 months of Lebara recharges. We recommend you buy this SIM pack plus up to three 180 day vouchers. Remember if you are on an existing Medium or Large plan, you can stack further but only up to 24 months maximum.

What about my existing plan? 
If you are on Medium or Large Plan your current plan will still be active until its expiry.

What if I am on another plan? 
Extra Small, Small & Extra Large Plans will be overwritten. If you need assistance with your account please call us on 126 122.

What happens Next?
Once you make your purchase, we will send you an email with your new recharge PIN/s. Recharge is the same as always, i.e. sending an SMS to 126 172, logging in to My Lebara, or by calling us on 126 123.

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  • Are they using Vodafone network or Optus?

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      Vodafone network.

  • Damn I just recharge the $99 for six month. Luckily I only bought 1.

    • So did I. I was actually waiting for this deal (I am planning to go on an interstate trip soon and wanted the extra data), but thought if the $99 plan expires there won't be another discounted deal for a while. Right after that expired they released this one. Hating myself now for recharging yesterday. 😯

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        I was able to request Lebara to upgrade my 5GB plan to this 16GB plan by paying them another $20. Try and ring them up if you haven't activate the $99 plan you bought yesterday.

        I am now waiting for Lebara confirmation they have added the 16GB plan from my current expiry date. Once done, I will go and buy more 16GB plans

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          Plan upgraded. Cheers :)

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          Glad to hear that

          I thought i should share as well about another discovery when I spoke to lebara customer service. They said they have technical issue whereby they can only stack a maximum of 16 months. So don't buy more that 2 lots of this 16gb plan.

          The customer service also told me they are working on addressing this technical issue. Hopefully in the next few weeks or months. Once fixed then you buy more of similar offer which will occur every so often. So now i plan to buy one more 180 days pack only

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          @wiltonson: Thanks, wiltonson. I've only bought one voucher yesterday, so I might go ahead and get another one before this one expires. A year's worth of credit is more than enough. I am sure Lebara will introduce other great plans about 12 months from now, hopefully.

  • When is the due date to recharge the voucher?

    My wife's current plan ends in August, I want to switch to this one.

    • The due date, as in how long before the voucher expires if you don't recharge? I am not really sure, but I guess it's usually a month? You might be better off to visit the Lebara chat and ask them about that. Or hopefully a rep (Outthere?) will answer your question here.

    • You should be able to add the recharge voucher now to your wife's account. The voucher would kick in once the current credit expires in August.

      • Did anyone try this?

        • Yes, you may stack it up to 4 vouchers. I used 2, and now the plans expires in July next year.

    • This comment has the answer you're looking for (60 days before it expires, according to the comment): https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/384824#comment-6054473

  • Is there an activation time limit for this Lebara sim?
    And just to let anyone know - these are the speed figures I am getting on Ookla for my 180 day Vodafone 35GB sim.
    41.43 Mbs down and 10.05 up. (Lake Munmorah)
    I was only getting 11.52/.96 with NBN. (Sure, bottom tier but much more expensive than Vodafone sim)

    • I usually use the 6-month recharge vouchers when I run out of credit, so I have no idea if there's an activation time limit for this or not. I hope the store rep to show up soon to answer your questions.

    • 11.52 for 12 mbps plan is great in my opinion

      • Sure, but I was only 20 meters from the node.

    • Wonder if Lebara gives you the same/similar speeds..?

  • How is Lebara guys? Any issues with network - calls / data, or customer care?

    • I've found them much better than Vodafones customer care. No network issues in major cities. Overall, a very good deal.

      • dont go to TAS…

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      I am in Adelaide and have been with Lebara since early last year, and so far no issues at all. I don't usually use the phone that much, but I haven't encountered any network or calls/data problems since I switched from Optus to Lebara.

      • I recently this similar plan and had no issues except one.
        International to NZ to mobile was always delayed and made it difficult to easily converse. But to a landline it was spot on.

      • Same as AussieDaddy, been with them 2 years, never needed to call customer service (hopefully never)

    • I'm from Melbourne metro. I found lebara network really slow compared to any other network I've ever been on (telstra, Voda, optus). But it's still very much usable and really good value

      • which 'burbs / area onecentaday?

    • I trialled them last month and found the network better than telstra (wollongong), couldnt make calls at home before now can use anywhere in the house! Trialling vodafone themselves now then kogan thanks to all the cheap deals going..

  • You can activate as soon as you receive it, from the date the order was placed you have 60 days to activate - Chat with Lebara.

    • Thanks because I have two months left with my Catchmobile $15 plan

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    Thanks OP. I have been looking for this. Need to recharge two numbers.

  • The 30 day 16GB Large Plan is currently reduced to only $9.90.
    If you can stack up to 24 months, couldn't you say buy 12 of these and get a whole year of 16GB/month for approx $120? The same price as the 180 day plan costs?

    • Now 26 GB (16 + 10 GB bonus) starter pack is for $9.90.

      These are for new connections only. You will not be able to keep your existing mobile number after the first month. These could be good for using as data sims. Although, these sim cards have a limited activation expiry dates. Check the T & Cs before you buy these.

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      Slightly different approach, how about doing it this way

      get this https://www.lebaraonline.com.au/prepaid-large-30day-sim.html for 26GB for 1 month for $9.90

      add the recharge voucher equivalent of this post https://www.lebaraonline.com.au/lebara-mobile/lebara-recharg... $119 for 6 months

      Works out (9.9+119)/7=$18.28/30 days which a slight improvement over 119/6=$19.83/30 days

    • Hi Wallyworld, The $9.90 offer is only valid on SIM Packs. You can only stack recharge vouchers.

      • Thanks for clarifying. I'm already a customer and will definitely top up my plan with this deal.

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    Thank you op. Ordered for my wife.

  • When does the code expires after I buy it as my plan from some other provider expires next month

      • I was just about to look for an answer as I wasn't 100% sure re the expiry date after you purchase a voucher. Ta :)

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          You must use the voucher within 60 days of purchase. Considering these stack up to 24 months, if anyone wants to buy multiple vouchers, they can recharge it in one go.

        • @Outthere: Thanks for clearing that up, rep. Ta

        • @Outthere: lebara stopped stacking of recharge to 12 months ?
          I m hearing they don’t support 24 months stacking

  • Can I Keep my old number? im with Vodafone right now

    • You sure can. Lebara is also on Voda network, so either go on their chatline, or give them a call, and they would help you with the switch. Just make sure to let them know you want to keep your current number.

  • Any chance to upgrade my Medium plan to this? I've got credit until Feb next year. Lesson leaned - don't reload too much at once in case a better deal comes up.

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      What about my existing plan?
      If you are on Medium or Large Plan your current plan will still be active until its expiry.

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        Hi Snvl,

        Yes, your recharge voucher will only start working once your current plan is expired.

        However, if you are on a Extra Small or a Small Plan, (which is not the case here) the offer will be activated right after you recharge, no matter how long your plan is valid for.

        • I have bought a sim pack and trying to activate since 1 week…!!! Mobile number given on the pack and ICC id number doesn’t match ….! Customer service of no help…..!!!!! Could you help …???? Sick of Lebarra already….!!!

  • any info in international roaming?

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      No international roaming.

  • Finally , lucky I waited.

  • I talked to them the day before yesterday saying so many people are waiting for large plan deal, plz hand over my suggestion. LOL

  • how to port from vodafone to lebara?

  • I went for this 365 day plan instead this time…https://catchconnect.com.au/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwx43ZBRCeARIsANzpzb-qEsw94MaPGbkNq3rtPf86TLJG_Md8rZAb__H32a5XAyt_J6na3A8aAm8lEALw_wcB

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      Well, the biggest plan of the three 12-months plans listed there costs $238 a year, and has 180GB of data. Price-wise, it is exactly the same as this one ($119X2), but you get 15GB of data a month, rather than 16GB in this Lebara plan. What's more, you miss out on the international calls. If you don't care for the extra 1GB, and the international calls, then that's fine.

    • catchconnect able to receive sms when roaming is a +

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    People are worried that they recharged earlier and therefore missed out? That means they need more phone numbers!

    I recharged a work one yesterday with the $99 deal, my main number is on that 3 month intro Catch deal, and being on Catch has proved again how spotty the floptus network can be, so I can ditch that early and return to Vodafone with this excellent deal

    Thanks to the OP

  • Hi I'm currently with Telstra. Can I port over to this and keep my number? It wasn't clear on the site. Help is greatly appreciated.

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      From Lebara's T&Cs:

      2.2.5 You may only Port Your existing MSN when You first activate Your SIM card via the Website. Alternatively, You may call Us on 126 122 from Your Lebara Mobile or 1300 126 122 from any other phone during Lebara’s standard hours of operation.

      So, yeah. Get this plan with the SIM (the starter pack plan instead of the recharge voucher) and activate that new SIM first. You then port your existing number over to the activated SIM (or at least that's how I've understood it). Alternatively, you can always go to their chatline and get the 411.

      I was with Optus for more than 12 years before I switched to Lebara early last year, so I kept my old number. It's just that I can't remember exactly the steps I took to port, i.e. whether I contacted them before I activated the SIM I received from them or after. It won't hurt to contact them, just to be sure.

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    This deal is the best at the moment…! Kogan is expensive by $14 and no international calls…

  • Yes I won't be surprised to see Kogan charge upper end plans with about 336, 480 GB, automatically, in August. Market leader, fits its pattern only. And moreover, the competitive climate. Got the smart apps to handle VoLT (IDD) accordingly.

    ^Pattern evidenced by progressive service upgrades, from E.g 8->10GB 15 months ago https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/295129, 10GB became 16GB last Dec., 28GB (75c/GB before discounts 336GB/yr?) due shortly.

  • Can I buy this recharge voucher from coles?

    • Hi VSIN001,

      No, this offer is online exclusive.

      You can only purchase these through the links above.

  • Can anyone confirm whether Lebara throttle data speeds compared to a regular Vodafone customer?

    • Have never been with the regular Vodafone before, so I hope someone else will answer your question. Also, I don't use my phone a lot, so I never paid close attention to, or measured, the speeds before.

  • I’m on the same plan which expires about in 2 months can you please tell me how to extend my plan with this voucher:)

  • +1

    Bought Large Plan 180 Days

  • How to stack this with my existing plan when this is a Starter Pack? 180 day voucher isn't $119.

  • In case anyone had difficulty to locate the link to the recharge voucher, here it's (plus, I've updated the deal link). And the deal expires today: https://www.lebaraonline.com.au/lebara-mobile/lebara-recharg...

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    Awesome! Thanks. Bought the starter pack and two 6 month recharges. Don't have to worry about the mobile phone for the next 13 months :)

  • Would i be able to purchase the $9.90 starter pack and 2 180 day recharges, port my vodafone number over and have the same number for these 13 months? Also how does stacking the recharges work? Do i recharge them all together and they run one after the other?

    • Hi CloudyCluster,

      Yes you can provided you are not on a contract with the other provider.

      Yes, we recommend to recharge all vouchers at once, however they only stack up to 24 months.


  • Any chance of this deal coming back? Need to sign up 4 people. Completely forgot about the deal expiration date… :(

    • Not really sure. Send a message to the rep, Outthere, above.

  • Be careful when buying i was sent a sim i tried activating online didnt work , called rep they said they have sent a wrong sim , the number is not available and asked me to purchase another sim What ???/

    • Yes they are having issues my voucher didn't work as they had sent non working vouchers out then they reactived it but it was also sent to someone else took over a week to fix . Must say there phone reps are really good to deal with better than other telcos