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Seagate 2TB Portable HDD $67.22, Xbox One X 1TB $519.20, JBL Flip 4 $78.40, Amazon Echo $94.40 / Dot $39.20 @ The Good Guys eBay

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    Lol I pree much had the exact same post lined up, great deals lyl :)

  • Good post(thanks) but personally, damnit! ..just spent $20 extra for the flip 4 from officeworks ebay a week ago.. I wonder if price change at competitor stores count as a reason to change your mind and get a refund :P

    • Just say that a family member already purchased one and make a refund

    • I can get the flip 4 for $50 new is it any good.

      • How? Show us pls

      • Yep, love ours. Sound is great for the size and price.

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    the 2TB HDD can be removed and put into a laptop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCLfHCq_794

    • I believe you get a ST2000LM003, but not 100% sure.

      • Is there any way to confirm it's a ST2000LM003 inside, I want to put it in my PS4.

        • I just use extended storage with this hdd. I did have another that I bashed out and put in my pc.

        • @fratzhaus: Yeah I have a 1TB extended but would rather convert to 2TB internal.

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          I just picked up mine and can confirm the drive inside is ST2000LM007

        • @npnp: What does this mean in terms of using this drive inside a PS4?

        • @mekktor: nothing. You can use any 2.5" 2TB drive inside a PS4.

        • @Agret: This wiki says that HDDs over 9.5mm thick don't fit. It also says that the 7mm version of the ST2000LM007 is compatible, implying there is a version which isn't.

          @npnp: What is the thickness of the drive you got?

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          @mekktor: it'd be pretty weird to find a 2tb drive over 9.5mm these days. Only the first generations of them had to be taller. The 2tb portable drives have been slim for ages and now it's the 4tb portable drives that are too big.

    • Probably a ps4 also

  • cant use voucher on flip4

  • -3

    “You’ve entered this code too many times”

    • Got the same message as I tried to purchase one item from TGG. Oops! How many is too many LOL

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    Doesn't this shit start in ~7 hours? Why are you people already complaining?

    • Back to the future trolling!

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    So many thick people "starts 10am".

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    Go portugal!

    • Helps when DDG has a shocker

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    Xbox one x seems to be a pretty deal.

    • Yeah I just need a 4k TV! Though I don't see a compelling reason to upgrade when MS's best offerings are Far Cry 5 and "games from 2016".

      • -4

        They also have their exclusive "Flogging a dead horse" game series

      • upgrade is the key word …..if people don’t have an xbox then the X is a good way to get started and be futureproof ….if you already have an xbox one s or xbox one there aren’t enough new titles to justify the upgrade if the old unit is still running fine and the games you want run on it.

        you get 2 year warranty on xbox ….so whatever you buy assume it will be working for min 2 years before you need to buy a new one because old one died ….

        took 2weeks for my xbox to be fixed from lodging request and sending in old one for a new unit to delivered.

  • Guys do you rate Seagate or wester digital hard drives? I've always had problems with sea gate?

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      It’s a hit or miss with both hdd’s. I’ve never had problems with seagate before and have been using their hard drives in my pc, Xbox one and PS4 for about 4 years. Never used wd before because I’ve never had problems with seagate though.

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      depends which model seagate and which model WD ….they each make lots of different drives for different applications …..i’ve never had an issue when i picked the drive for the intended purpose ..

      bit like ford vs holden …..which models for which purposes ……

    • They're pretty much the same to be honest.
      Hitachi are generally more reliable.

    • As garage sale suggests, it really depends on the model.

      Backblaze (a cloud storage provider) are kind enough to publish their HDD failure rates, e.g.:

      As you can see, there can be massive variance between models. It's hard to generalise this to brand, although Seagate more often has model lines that have high rates of failure for Backblaze.

      Personally I haven't had any drive failures since 2008. I use both Seagate and WD depending on what is best priced. I don't search by the model number myself when considering a purchase, although I could.

    • I've had issues with any brand but also had lots from Hitachi Toshiba WD Seagate that are totally fine years later. Really depends on the batch you get. Any important data should exist in more than one place. Please don't come to a computer store saying all my photos were moved off my computer into this HDD and it started clicking a week later and I don't have any copies of my baby photos.

  • +2

    great price on the xbox 1x

    • pretty sure its going to sell out quickly.

    • if you don’t have an xbox it’s a good time to get one …..

  • Anyone else getting the error:
    You have used that code too many times
    Not used the code at all before today.

    • I got the same error and then second trial it worked.

    • Still getting this error constantly. Anyone else?

  • Thanks OP. Got the 2TB after amazon cancelled on my WD!

  • Thanks OP, got the 2tb click and collect :)

  • Thanks OP, going for the 2tb C&C :)

  • Thanks OP finally bought a one x. Now to sell my original off :)

  • Trying to buy seagates but keeps saying something went wrong when trying to pay

    • I had the same problem the with Xbox One X. Error: "Something went wrong. Try again" Tried again, same thing.

      Checked with eBay Chat. Ebay reply: "I am seeing here that there was a report about this and was already sent to our Technical Team since this was an intermittent issue on the site." I think it may have something to do with C&C at a specific store due to stock.

      Ebay told me to try again. My selected store wasn't available anymore, so I changed stores and it worked.

  • Are this shuckable?

    • Yes

  • +2

    Finally bit the bullet on the Echo Dot - got a couple of Home Minis in the share house already but I'm interested to see how they compare. Am I right in saying if I already have some pretty good speakers I should stick with the Dot rather than the full-size Echo?

    • Correct. Use the line out

  • Great work OP, I was just thinking I needed a backup drive. Was about to buy one for $89 at OfficeWorks.

  • Limited to 3HDD's :/

  • So I've purchase 3HDD's with this code. Went to the store, told the manager about the code and showed my email from eBay and said I would like to purchase some more. He said he will price match. I purchased the rest of the stock (1 left). Also had a $0.5 discount.

    Good on him, good on TGG!

  • Portable HDD's are back up to 129 dollars.

    • I was just about to buy and that saying about the quick and the dead popped in my head. I bought from Officeworks for $84 instead.

  • +1

    what should i do after i collected it in store and found some one used it 290 hours?

    • Post about it on OzB?

      Return it, obviously.

  • I am still getting this message when I apply the promocode: We ran into a problem. Please try again later.

  • Just wanted to share the features and specs of the drive.

  • Is this likely to be the best price on the xbox one x, considering they've just been RRP'd down to $599 from $649.

    Considering pulling the trigger, been watching these deals for a while & had been hoping for something better since the price reduction is all.

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