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Free 1 Year VIP Coffee Club Membership (Was $25)


Free membership- gives 2 for 1 coffees. Not sure when it expires!


For those who came through the process but forgot to screenshot, visit this: https://www.theclub.com.au/success and it will still show the code (mine does).
- nkahoang

19/6: Mod - From comments it appears most or all memberships were cancelled for new customers, however some users who renewed have reported success.

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    For those who came through the process but forgot to screenshot, visit this: https://www.theclub.com.au/success and it will still show the code (mine does).

    Good luck

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    • You are the real MVP.

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      The membership number from the screenshot has been cancelled anyway its invalid. ive rang them and spoke to 2 different people.
      I've already visited the coffee club this morning to try and get the free drink and the number from my screenshot is not accepted- it was kinda embarrassing actually

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      • According to their terms and conditions:

        "17. The Coffee Club reserves the right to terminate The Coffee Club VIP Club Program at any time by giving you at least 30 days prior written notice in which case you will cease to be able to use and/or participate within The Coffee Club VIP Program and The Coffee Club shall have no further liability to you."

        If they haven't given you at least 30 days prior written notice, can they cancel your membership legally?


        • That is to terminate the entire The Coffee Club VIP Club Program, not individual membership as in this case!

        • @Infidel: You are right! thanks.

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    invalid code for me

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      Whoops - wrong code, I fixed it now

      • Cheers!

        CAPS works

      • Worked for my wife, but now not for me. Maybe it's expired already. Thanks though!

      • Thx for the sweet deal OP. Where did you get the code from? Will there be another? TA

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    Worked! It's actually LIONSDEN18 :)

    Thanks so much OP, I literally just walked past a CC as I saw this offer lol

    • what was your personalised message Doweyy¿

      • There was a personalised message lol?

        • lol yep on the page you entered the Promo Code and it shows up under your membership number….tried to think up some quirky things, but ended with a lame: ✓ Small Latte - 1 Raw Sugar

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          @andrgram: I put "Coffee solves a latte problems"

        • @super_sayam: I hope I wasn't a mocha by also putting that on my card :D

    • What a croc. They should be reported to the ACCC for false advertising and email harvesting. Hopefully no one gets spam mail from them.

  • Caps worked. thanks

    • I found if I copied and pasted it didn't work. But I typed it out in all caps and it went through.

  • Is it free for 1 year only?

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      expires 2/7/19

  • Thanks OP for the post and doweyy for the correct code, it worked like a charm.

  • Worked for me thanks OP.

  • Regular price is $25

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    Worked for me too. I am an existing member with membership expiring in October. Entered all my details without any problems, and got an extra 8-9 months.

  • Cheers OP.

  • OzBargained the website.

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      Website updated to one that works

      • Thanks!

  • Website not working now haha

  • Website is down, which sucks

  • gigidity!!

  • wella… she works :) :) :)

  • no trouble getting in this time

  • nice one. just got one!

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    Someones gonna get fired at Coffee Club.

    • I guess they wont be in the 'club' much longer.

    • Why?

  • Yupp just got one myself :) finally!! :)

  • Sweet. My previous card expired last month!

    They must be needing the business…

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP signed up :)

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    Says it worked but didn't get an email…

    • the same is here, has anyone received a confirmation email?

      • Not yet, but I did take a screenshot of the success email which includes the digital card.

        • I wasn't smart enough to do this…Let's see what is going to be…

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          @Ametric: I also wasn’t smart enough to do it at first however I went through my history and clicked on the the page that showed I was successful, it worked. Took a screenshot of it. Might be worth a try

        • @sinisterdrake:
          Thanks, I tried that but from the success page it redirects to the main page…

    • So in this case what do we do now? No confirmation email =/

  • Thank's OP!

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    Thanks OP.

    Probably a Brisbane Roar membership promotion. Coffee Club sponsor them and their active support area is called the Feb.

  • Thanks just got one, Now I can trade the entertainment book vouchers 👍

    • Nice one. I need Langham vouchers ;)

  • This is an awesome deal. Hopefully they don't void everyone's signups as with the previous deal for Go Catch. Hopefully it's not a specific user-inteded promo code.

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      Annndd they just voided everyone's membership. Boycott the coffee club.

  • Nice one Jamm!

  • Thanks got one!

  • Thank's OP!

  • Damn just renewed for $15 ;(

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    They did say.

    "Welcome to the VIP Club,XXXXX.

    We'll have your membership card in the mail to you soon, in the meantime you can start using your membership today. Simply show a copy of this screen or your welcome email at any of our stores."

    So make sure you get a screen capture.. and show it.. it is VALID according to this.

  • This is awesome even though I never go there lol! Thanks OP

  • Oh OP, this is awesome. Thanks so much

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    Thanks OP! Worked for renewal….

  • Excellent deal. I just ordered one :)

  • Worked perfectly.. thanks!

  • Thanks OP, got it.

  • Only 2 stores in TAS - Northgate & Eastlands.
    Was sending card to a friend in Hobart CBD & realised that's a long way to go for a free coffee☕


    • But its free

      • Free sometimes costs more…
        Still works out cheaper to buy full price locally - supporting owner operated cafe & getting better coffee, than pay the return transport costs & waste so much time going to this chain. And then need to find someone who wants to join you on that journey… for a coffee that can be found better nearby.

        My card might get used - when close to a store if other person doesn't mind this store's coffee - most do. Wouldn't go out of my way for this coffee.

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    i think their stuff is overpriced as hell

  • Works For Me

  • Awesome! Just worked for me too… Cheers Op!

  • wow, nice deal, thanks :)

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    Free coffee for whole county :) ??

    • +1

      Half of it only😁

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    Thanks OP, registered

    Is anyone else not getting the confirmation email though? probably because the site is getting ozbargained

    • I was just thinking the same thing….

  • Thanks OP!

  • So this works by purchasing one coffee and getting another free? How often can we make use of this free coffee, is it capped or just once off?

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      It's for the whole year! 2 for 1

    • Also, 10% discount on other stuff you from them from Mon - Wed (with some exclusions):

      (b) the 10% discount off all other food and cold beverages purchases benefit applies on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to the relevant Member’s total bill, excluding any alcohol and retail merchandise, specials/discounted goods, promotional items from the value range (“full on flavour, light on price” range), free beverages given in the buy one beverage get one free benefit; and

  • Thanks got 1 too.

  • Thank you OP

  • Thank you OP!!

    Less Monday More Coffee please !! :D

  • Perfect timing, my membership was due to expire in 10 days. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP.

  • Works for me, thank you OP!

  • Got one!!! Thanks OP :)

    I put "Professional procaffeinator" in my message. Could be better I know, but they only allowed 30 characters.

    What did everyone else put?

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      Medium latte with 2 raw sugars. :)

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      "Coffee solves a latte problems"

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      "Three Hundred Big Boys"

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      VIP - Everything half price

  • Wow, been wanting to get a membership, now it's FREE? Woohoo!

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    Thanks OP. Pity the coffee isn't great. At least one of them will be free.

  • Thanks OP. Code worked. Hopefully I get my card. Cheers. At least something good has come out of Brisbane's season so far! Printed a PDF of the web page confirmation with digital card just in case.

  • Thanks OP! Does this deal work for other hot drinks like hot chocolate or just coffees?

  • Thanks OP

  • It shows me two spots in Melbourne (Waterfront City and DFO Spencer - like if it was for the entire shopping malls) and one spot in Sydney.

    Is that true or is it one poor store locator slash my skills?

    EDIT: Yeah, looks like there are whole two spots in Vic and one in Sydney.

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      There are over 30 coffee clubs in Melbourne and Victoria

      • The map showed two in Docklands and none elsewhere. I searched by suburbs around the CBD.

        Oh well, hope they are better at providing you 2 coffees for 1 : )

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    Damn I paid $15 for this, signed up again just for the extra month..

  • Works on renewals too.

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