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ORICO LTF-10 Apple Lightning Cable US $0.19 (AU $0.26) and Orico USB C 1.2 Flat Cable US $0.59 (AU $0.82) + 8 more JOYBUY


USB C Cables

Baseus 1.2m flat Type-C cable $0.59 USD https://www.joybuy.com/600121565.html (Thx BlitzFX)
ORICO 1m AC5-05 type-c Cable $0.59 USD https://www.joybuy.com/3291483.html (Thx BlitzFX)
Kiirie USB Type-C Cable, 3pcs (2 x 1M,1 x 2M) Nylon Braided US $1.50 https://www.joybuy.com/650885888.html
Kiirie C to C and A to C Combo US $1.50 https://www.joybuy.com/650884950.html
PISEN USB Type-C to Type-C Charging and data transferring cable US $0.59 https://www.joybuy.com/3291285.html

Other Lightning Cables:

Orico RED LTF-10 Lightning Cable US $0.59 https://www.joybuy.com/600121065.html#none
ORICO LTK-10 Lightning Cable Kevlar Braided US $0.59 https://www.joybuy.com/product/600166043.html
Orric (ORICO) LTW-10 Apple data 90 degree Right Angle Cable US $0.39 https://www.joybuy.com/product/600168747.html
Baseus 3m Red Lightning Cable 2A US $0.59 https://www.joybuy.com/600197820.html
Baseus 3m Brown Lightning Cable 2A US $0.79 https://www.joybuy.com/600193916.html
Baseus 1m White Lightning Cable US $0.59 https://www.joybuy.com/600121854.html

Combo Cables, adapters, OTG and other:

ROMOSS CB21 USB Type-C and Micro-USB Combo 2.1A $0.39 https://www.joybuy.com/600120904.html
Green Micro USB to Type-C adapter Android $0.39 https://www.joybuy.com/product/600089025.html
UGREEN Type-C OTG cable $0.59 https://www.joybuy.com/3291093.html
Type-c Headphone Adapter US $0.39 https://www.joybuy.com/product/600171413.html
Orico Kawaii AF Blue cat Phone Stand US $0.59 Was $4 https://www.joybuy.com/600196692.html

Micro USB

Ugreen Micro USB - Many Sizes (ie 2m US $0.59) https://www.joybuy.com/3291714.html
Micro USB Cable, Kiirie PowerLine 3.3ft/1m $0.28 https://www.joybuy.com/650906802.html

NOTE: Most cables are limited to one per user. Free shipping on all orders.

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